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Fallback Guy
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« on: 01-20-2006 03:41 »
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I've gone back and done some revisions on this. I tried to clean up the use of cool/clool, so only Amy, the Cliquers, and their 'bots say "clool" while everyone else generally says "cool." Also added a bit of explanation of cool vs clool, and made some other minor changes/additions. Whole story in one mammoth segment now!


Episode 1GOP01: Fifteen Minutes of Fry

[opening credits. Caption: Close eyes for a classic radio show experience!]

[scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry, Amy, and Bender are sitting on the couch watching TV.]

Linda: [on TV] In entertainment news, fans are outraged over the apparent cancellation of the hit series Apocalypse Wow!.

Amy: Gleesh! They cancel every show I like!

Linda: [on TV] Representatives 30th Century Fox, when we asked for comments, deny having ever heard of the popular program.

Morbo: [on TV] Industry insiders predict they will wait for the fan riots to peak before releasing new episodes. Pathetic humans! You pave the way for your own destruction! Unfortunately, no casualties have been reported.

Bender: Those guys at Fox are my heros. Imagine getting rich by torturing people.

[Leela walks in, followed by Farnsworth. Leela looks irritated.]

Farnsworth: Good News, everyone! We've been hired to make a delivery to Clique 3.

Amy: Clool!

Fry: (looking confused, to Amy) What's so great about Clique 3?

Amy: (shocked) Spluh! It's only the cloolest planet in the entire universe!

Leela: (scowling) It's just the headquarters of Trendsetters. They're the ones who officially define what's "Clool." (said with a sneer)

Amy: Leela! Gleesh! With that attitude you'll never be clool!

Leela: (defensive) I've got better things to do than listen to some self-important jerkwads.

Amy: (muttering) You're just upset because they said purple hair is out of style this week.

Farnsworth: Yes, yes, anyway, We've been contracted to deliver their weekly supplies. If we manage to impress them, it could mean a fortune in work in the future!.

Leela: What kind of supplies are we delivering?

Farnsworth: Food.

Amy: A few years ago they declared farming to be criminally unclool, and they paved over all of their farms to build nightclubs and coffee shops.

Fry: How are we supposed to carry enough food to feed an entire planet?

Leela: On Cilque 3, if anyone sees you doing anything uncool, you're immediately exiled, so the population is only 30 people.

Farnsworth: That's why it is vitally important that you all act as cool as possible while on this mission. Otherwise, we'll be listed on next week's "uncool" list. If that happens, no one will ever hire Planet Express again, and you'll all be out of jobs.

Amy: Leela, you HAVE to let me come with you on this mission! I'll never have another chance to go there!

Leela: No way. We're making a delivery, not going sightseeing.

Farnsworth: Amy is going! We have to impress them, and according to my cool-o-meter, only Amy and Bender are cool enough to deliver the package. The rest of you will stay on the ship!

[Leela starts to object, then sighs and frowns at Amy.]

Amy: (ecstatic) Woo-hoo! Clique 3, here I come!

[Scene: Planet Express exterior, roof opens and the PE ship takes off. Ship dissappears into the distance]

[Scene: View of a planet from orbit, identified as Clique 3. View pans to reveal PE ship, which dives towards the surface.]

[Scene: PE Ship interior. Leela is sitting at the helm, Fry and Bender are sitting on the couch. Amy is pacing excitedly.]

Amy: I can't believe I'm actually here!

Leela: Yeah, yeah. Just deliver the crate and come right back.

Bender: C'mon, Amy, forget these losers, lets go mingle with the elite!

Amy: Yeah!

[Under Leela's angry glare, Amy and Bender leave, Bender pushing a hover-dolly loaded with crates, leaving Fry and Leela alone on the bridge. After they're gone, Leela sighs and looks dejected.]

Fry: Don't let it get to you, Leela. Back in the 20th century, everybody used to say I was a loser, but I got through it ok.

Leela: Really? How did you deal with it?

Fry: I froze myself for a thousand years. Now they're all dead. (chuckling) Who's the loser now?

Leela: [scowls at fry] That's just great advice, Fry. But thanks for trying.

[Scene: Amy and Bender approach a massive, ultra-modern house. Before they reach the door, a series of mechanical arms extend from the door frame.]

Sentrybot: Please stop where you are and await scan.

[one of the arms begins emitting an orange beam, which focuses on Amy]

sentrybot: Cloolness level: 88%. Accepted.

Amy: (excited) Awesome! Did you hear that, Bender?

sentrybot: (beeps frenticly) Warning! Unclool comments! Recomputing... cloolness level 84%, still within acceptable range.

[the beam pans over to Bender]

Sentrybot: Cloolness level: 82%. Warning! Cloolness rating dangerously low!

Amy: (chuckles)

Bender: Oh yeah? Bite my shiny metal ass.

Sentrybot: Recomputing... cloolness level 90%.

[Amy looks shocked. She starts to say something, but the sentry beam centers on her again, and she stops herself, looking worried.  After a few tense seconds, the sentrybot arms retract and the front door slides open. Amy mutters indistinctly in cantonese. Amy and Bender walk inside, followed by the hover dolly]

[Scene: PE ship, rec room. Fry and Leela are sitting on the couch.]

Fry: I don't see why we have to sit around in the ship waiting while Amy and Bender deliver the package. I'm cool, and you're one of the coolest people I know! I'm a thousand-year-old delivery boy, and you're a cyclops! If that's not cool, then I don't know what cool is!

Leela: That's sweet. Stupid, but sweet. Face it, Fry. We're not cool, and we never will be.

Fry: Hey, I'm cool! Screw this, we should go out and take a look around. Why should Bender and Amy have all the fun?

Leela: But what if we get caught?

Fry: Who's gonna see us? You said there's only 30 people on the whole planet!

[Leela looks thoughtful for a moment, then stands up.]

Leela: You're right, Fry. Screw those self-righteous jerks! Lets go!

[cut to exterior ship, Fry is coming down the stairs and Leela is waiting at the bottom, looking nervous.]

Leela: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Fry: Stop worrying. Hey, what's that?

[camera turns to show a small building. A neon sign in the front flickers, and reads "Club '99"]

Leela: It looks like a nightclub.

Fry: Lets check it out!

[before Leela can object, Fry heads off for the club. Leela hesitates, looking anxious.]

Leela: Oh, what the hell.

[Leela follows Fry]

[Cut to front of the club. As Leela catches up, Fry is trying to peer through the windowed front door of the club.]

Leela: It's probably closed, trendy nightclubs are never open at this time of day.

[Fry reaches for the door handle and tries to open it, but it is locked and doesn't budge. As at the house, another sentrybot emerges from beside the door.]

Leela: Great, you've done it now!

Sentrybot: Please halt and await scanning!

[the beam centers on Leela.]

Sentrybot: Mutant. Purple Hair. Cloolness level: 30%. Alerting Bouncerbots. Please remain where you are until you have been ejected from the planet.

[Fry runs and stands between Leela and the sentrybot.]

Fry: Hey! Leave Leela alone! She's plenty cool!

[the beam focuses on Fry. A frentic flurry of beeping occurs, and the beam begins a more intensive scan than before, running over Fry from head to toe.]

sentrybot: Scanning.. scanning... cloolness level 100%. Perfect being detected. Repeat, cloolness 100%.

[the sentrybot withdraws and lowers, as if bowing.]

sentrybot: Perfect cloolness detected, permissions to maximum. Awaiting your command.

Leela: 100%! NOBODY gets a coolness rating of 100%! What the hell is going on?!

[the sentrybot extends another sensor, quickly scans Leela again, then turns to "face" fry]

sentrybot: Query: Is this unclool woman bothering you, sir?

Fry: No way! She's with me! And she's plenty cool, so watch it!

[the beam focuses on Leela again]

sentrybot:  Recalculating based on endorsement of the perfect one. Cloolness level 75%.

[the sentrybot retracts completely, leaving Fry and Leela alone again.]

Leela: Screwy machine must be broken.

Fry: (sounding hurt) Why? I'm cool!

Leela: You don't understand, fry, nobody is 100% cool! It's unheard of! Besides, you're so...

Fry: So what?

Leela: ... so you!

Fry: (stares blankly for a moment, and smiles.) Thanks. (The smile fades, and Fry looks confused) I think.

[She trains her wristlojakomator on Fry, and presses a button, then inspects the screen.]

Leela:  I'm only registering 50 MilliFonzies from you. That shouldn't translate to a cloolness level of even 1%!

Fry: Wait, aren't cool and clool the same thing?

Leela: Not exactly. Cool is a technical term from the Brainwashing Sciences. Once cool-o-meters were invented, anyone could be cool, so the trendy snobs had to invent Clool. The standards for Clool are arbitrary and constantly changing.

[Fry stares blankly at Leela.]

Fry: Say what now?

Leela: (sighs) Yes, they are the same.

Fry: I thought so. Lets go in!

[Before Leela can object, Fry reaches for the door again; this time it opens for him, and after looking around nervously Leela follows.]

[Commercial Break]

Fry: Well, c'mon!

[Fry disappears inside, and Leela reluctantly follows him inside.]

[Scene: interior of house from before. Amy and Bender are standing in a huge room. All around the room are holographic projections of incredibly cool people from throughout history. Amy gapes, while Bender puffs on a cigar indifferently.]

Amy: Wow, look at all this. It's like a museum to cloolness. All the past trends and fads are represented. [stops in front of one particular hologram, which has a pink flamingo perched on it's head] Look! This one's wearing one of those faux-flamingo hats that was in style last year! And wow! [runs over to another] I had forgotten all about Gooeys! Those were the cloolest back when I was in middle school!

Bender: So what, it's all stupid holograms, not a single thing to steal.

[As Amy wanders around looking at the other holograms, a man enters the room. He's wearing a grey "Members Only" jacket, Jams shorts, and a pair of pink Jellies]

Man: You must be the delivery company. I'm Dean.

[Dean walks over to Bender and the hover dolly. He begins to look over the crates. Amy comes over and appraises Dean]

Amy: What're you wearing? I've never seen an outfit like that.

Dean: (sneering) Nothing but the latest fashions! [looks over Amy] But I forget, you're from the outside. We keep the rest of you at least a week behind on the trends, so I guess you don't know any better. The next big thing is 20th century retro. We won't be announcing it until tomorrow.

[A 1X robot flies into the room and hovers next to Dean.]

1X: Sir, there is a report from the sentrybots. A perfect being has been detected.

Dean: (shocked) What! Who?

1X: The identity of the perfect being is unknown. He is currently in Club '99 with a mutant sidekick.

Dean: Show me!

[the 1X begins projecting a holographic image. It shows Fry in the middle of a dance floor breakdancing, while Leela stands to the side looking nervous.]

Bender: Hey! That's Fry and Leela!

Dean: You know these two? Who is this Fry?

Amy: Just a delivery boy we work with. (excited) Hey, he's actually from the 20th century!

Dean: (awed) I must meet this man.

Bender: What, Fry? Yeah, he's ok. For a human.

Amy: I'll introduce you! We're really close! We even dated for a while!

[Dean heads for the door, followed by Amy and Bender]

[Scene: interior of Club '99. Hiphop is playing, and Fry is just finishing up his dance routine on the floor, basically the same routine he did in "Luck of the Fryrish"]

Leela: I'm impressed, Fry, I didn't know you could breakdance!

Fry: (nonchalant) Yeah, just something I picked up back in the 20th.

[Dean, Amy, and Bender enter the club. Dean runs over to Fry, followed closely by Amy. Bender heads for the bar.]

Bender: Finally, something to steal.

[bender begins grabbing bottles off the shelves. Some he drinks, others he shoves in his compartment.]

[At this point more Cliquers in bizzarely mismatched 20th century styles start coming in, a few at a time, and gathering around the dance floor]

Amy: Hey, Fry, man! I want you to meet Dean. Dean, this is my hyperclool friend from the 20th, Fry.

Fry: 'sup? [he looks over Dean] Hey, wow! A Members Only jacket! And Jams! I haven't seen those since grade school! [he looks down at Dean's shoes] but, uhm, why are you wearing Jellies? Those are girls' shoes!

[A sentrybot springs down from the ceiling and scans Dean]

sentrybot: Wearing womens' shoes, recalculating cloolness: 40% Alerting bouncerbots...

[Dean yelps and jumps out of the shoes. Several of the other Cliquers do the same.]

sentrybot: Barefoot, 20th century hippie style, cloolness at 85%.

[the sentrybot retracts back into the ceiling, and Dean sighs with relief. Amy pounces on the abandoned shoes, and puts them on. Leela rolls her eye.]

Dean: Fry, I am honored. You are the definition of cloolness this week.

Leela: This is just too wierd. Come on, guys, lets go.

[By this point bender has competely emptied the entire bar. He drinks the last bottle and tosses the empty aside]

Bender: Yeah, I'm about full now. C'mon, meatbags.

Dean: Wait! You can't go, you must stay here with us!

Amy: (ecstatic) No way! You want us to stay on Clique 3?

Dean: (sneering) Not you.  I want Fry to stay. The rest of you stylistically challenged losers can get lost!

Leela: That's it, come on, guys.

Amy: Awwww...

[Leela heads towards the exit. Bender follows, with the sound of glass rattling as he walks. Amy, looking miserable, follows reluctantly. At the door, Leela stops and turns back. The crowd of Cliquers begins to converge on Fry, speaking in hushed tones]

Male Cliquer #1: Look at his jacket!

Female Cliquer #1: ...his hair!

Leela: Well, are you coming or not, Fry?

[Fry looks back and forth between Leela and the crowd of Cliquers, seeming torn]

Fry: Wait, I...

Male Cliquer #2: Are those jeans vintage?! I'll give you a thousand bucks for them!

Male Cliquer #1: Two thousand!

Female Cliquer #2: He's so cute!

Male Cliquer #2: Three thousand!

Female Cliquer #1: I saw him first!

[The mob of cliquers overwhelm Fry. Fem. #1 & #2 latch onto his arms and begin tugging this way and that. Male #1 drops to his knees and begins closely studying a hole in Fry's jeans. At the door, Leela looks increasingly irritated.]

Leela: Fry, are you coming or not?

Fry: I ... [he is cut off by the cliquers]

Female #2: Who did your hair?

Male #3: Where did you buy those clothes?

Male #1: How did you make these holes? They don't look like they're cut or burned...

Fry:  ... huh? I dunno, they just happened. I've been wearing them for 4 years straight, so they're almost broken in.

[the questions continue, all the Cliquers speaking over eachother and swarming more thickly around Fry, until you can't even see him anymore. Leela frowns, then with a "hrumph!" she leaves.]

[Scene: PE ship. Bender is sitting on the couch with a cigar, while Amy is pouting in a corner. Leela enters, fuming.]

Bender: Where's Fry?

Leela: Forget him, he's with his new friends. We're leaving.

Bender: Whatever. Dibs on his stuff!

Amy: Why does Fry get to stay and I don't! I'm much cuter than him, and he'd never even HEARD of Clique 3 until today! It's not fair!

[Leela glares at Amy, then storms off towards the bridge.]

[Scene: exterior ship. The ship lifts off, retracts it's landing gear, and zooms off into the distance.]

[Scene: PE building, exterior]

[Cut to: PE building, interior: Lounge. Bender and Amy are on the couch. Bender is drinking a 40 of Old Fortran, while Amy is still pouting.  All My Circuits is playing on TV.]

Calculon: [on TV] But Monique! I told you, it wasn't me who said those things! It was my 4th evil identical cousin!

Monique: [on TV] I want to believe you, but I can't. You see, I'm not Monique. I'm her stunt-double. And I'm engaged to your son!

Bender: I just can't get into this show anymore. They really jumped the shark when they replaced me. I should've been engaged to Monique's stunt double!

[Bender picks up the remote and changes the channel. At the same time, Leela enters the lounge.]

Leela: Bender, have you heard from Fry yet?

Bender: Nope.

Leela: That's strange. He's had more than enough time to ruin things by now.

Amy: (jealously) He's probably having a great time without us. Eating in the cloolest resturaunts, dancing in the hippest clubs...

Bender: I found Fry!

[bender points to the TV. TV shows Morbo and Linda, running a clip of Fry and a group of Cliquers getting out of a hoverlimo in front of Elzar's. Leela and Amy watch, shocked]

Linda: [on TV] The delegation from Clique 3 arrived yesterday, in anticipation of today's announcement of this week's definition of Clool.

Morbo: [on TV] A total of seven puny humans arrived with the delegation, including their leader Dean Neutron and a particurlarly puny unidentified male.

Linda: [on TV] We will provide live coverage of their press conference this afternoon.

Morbo: [on TV] If you miss it, I will destroy you!

Leela: I don't believe him! How selfish can you be?

Amy: Leela, don't be jealous. Lets go mooch off his fame!

Leela: You're right! Lets go.

Bender: You guys have fun, I'm gonna go pawn his stuff and find the nearest floozie-bot.

Amy: Bender! He's been gone for one day!

Bender: You're right. Tell him I said "Hi."

[Bender leaves. Amy looks shocked, and turns to Leela, who simply shrugs.]

[scene: Cliquers press conference. A large crowd is gathered around an outdoor stage. On stage sit the 7 members of the delegation, including Fry. Leela and Amy approach from the back and proceed to push their way to the front of the crowd.]

[Dean stands and walks up to the microphone.]

Dean: [into mic] Once again, it's time for us to enlighten the common world about the trends we've made up this week. The epitome of clool this week is the 20th century. Rather than waste time with our usual tiresome explanations, this week we can show you a perfect example. (he turns to fry) Mr. Fry, please step forward.

[Fry, looking both pleased and nervous, stands up and walks to the podium]

Fry: Uhm, hi.

Dean: Ahem... anyway, This is Phillip Fry. If you'll focus your clool-o-meters on him, you will understand for yourselves.

[ throng of reporters in the front row bustle forwards and train their Clool-o-meters on him. Excited murmuring follows.]

Dean: As your instruments are telling you, Fry is the first person in history to attain a cloolness level of 100%. I'm sure you've all got a lot of questions. In order to be fair, I won't answer any of them.

[Dean turns and walks away from the podium. Fry follows, and the entire party walks off the back of the stage towards a waiting line of hoverlimos. Leela knocks down a reporter and reaches the edge of the stage.]

Leela: (shouting) Fry! Over here! Fry!

[Fry doesn't hear Leela over the crowd, and climbs into the limo with Dean. Amy catches up with Leela.]

Leela: Shoot! He didn't see us. We have to follow them.

Amy: No way! We're stuck in this crowd, they'll be gone before we can get back to the ship!

Leela: (sighs) You're right. We'll have to think this out. (frowning, intense thought) Where will they be going tonight... (excited) Amy, what's the coolest new nightclub on Earth?

Amy: Well spluh! Club Spades, of course. They open tonight.

Leela: That's got to be where they're going! Come on!

[Leela starts fighting her way back through the crowd, kicks flying at anyone who gets in he way. Amy follows along in the wake of destruction.]

[Scene: Hover limo, Interior. Fry and Dean are alone, sitting opposite each other.]

[Dean opens a concealed fridge]

Dean: Want a drink? This baby's stocked with 20th century beverages. Soda? Snapple? Gatorade?

Fry: Wow, do you have CC-Cola? I haven't had a CC-Cola in a thousand years!

Dean: Absolutely!

[Dean pulls out two cans of CC-Cola and hands one to Fry. Fry opens it and takes a drink.]

Fry: Aaah! I can feel my teeth rotting already! (takes another sip) So where are we going tonight?

Dean: Opening night at Club Spades.We told this guy last week that Bridge was going to be cloolest this week, and he rushed into building the club. (laughs evily) I wish I could've seen his face when we made the announcement.

Fry: (laughs uncertainly) Yeah... hey, can my friends come?

Dean: Oh, of course. All the Cliquers will be there.

Fry: No, I mean my old friends, from Planet Express!

[Dean chokes on his drink]

Dean: Good lord, no! They'd never get past the doorman. What do you want them for anyway?

Fry: They're my friends!

Dean: You've got to look at the big picture. You're the walking embodiment of clool, you can't be seen walking around with common people!

Fry: Hey! Those common people are the best friends I've ever had! I can't just turn my back on them!

Dean: Fine, have it your way.  I'll make sure they're on the list.

[Cut to: limo exterior. The limo has landed in front of Club Spades. The door opens, revealing Fry sitting inside. A huge crowd pushs against each other trying to get a look at the passengers. Fry's jaw drops. Dean smiles and climbs out. A group of police act to hold the crowd back to clear a path down the red carpet. Among the crowd, raging fans call out to Fry. In the limo, Fry sits dumbfounded and just stares for a moment before shaking it off.]

Dean: Come on!

Fry: [as he climbs out of the limo] Well, I guess I can hook up with them later...

[Camera backs out back as Fry and Dean up the carpet and disappear inside the club]

[Scene: Leela and Amy arrive at the club and stand in line waiting to get in. Leela taps her foot impatiently.]

Amy: How are we gonna get in? I mean, I'm really cute and all, but what are you gonna do?

Leela: (glares at Amy) If necessary, I'll just have to kick their butts!

Amy: Leela, you can't! The place has the toughest bouncerbots around! You'll be killed!

Leela: We'll worry about it when we get there.

[Shot pulls back to a wider view. crossfade to later that night, the moon and stars have drifted noticably across the sky. The line is longer, but otherwise hasn't moved at all. Caption: four hours later]

Leela: (frustrated) This is ridiculous! I'm not waiting one second longer!

[Leela steps out of line and makes her way to the door, where she is confronted by the doorbot. Amy stands beside her.]

Leela: I demand to be let in!

[The doorbot looks over Leela.]

Doorbot: Access denied.

Leela:  But my friend is in there!

Doorbot: Your name?

Leela: Turanga Leela.

Doorbot: Not on the list. Access denied!

Amy: What about me? Amy Wong.

Doorbot: Not on the list. Access denied.

Amy: It's no use, Leela, we're never getting in.

Leela: You're right. Lets just go.

[Scene: morning, PE building exterior]

[cut to; Interior, Lounge. Leela, Amy, Hermes, Farnsworth, and Zoidberg are sitting around the table for the morning meeting.]

Hermes: ... and that's why we won't be payin'  Zoidberg anymore.

Zoidberg: What!

Amy: Ok.

Farnsworth: Sounds good

Leela: Fine with me

[Zoidberg runs from the room sobbing. A minute later Bender enters.]

Bender: Morning, meatbags. What happened to Zoidberg?

Hermes:  That selfish shellfish just won't take one for the team. Why are you late?

Bender: Fry threw a party at the appartment last night. All the coolest people were there.

Leela: What! Fry threw a party and he didn't invite us?

Bender: Oh, that reminds me. He told me to tell you something.

Leela: What?

Bender: That you're all invited to his party last night.

[Bender walks past the meeting and takes his usual seat on the sofa.]

Amy: I missed the chance to party with the Cliquers? Bender! Why didn't you call us last night!

Bender: Well, I meant to, but the music was loud, the drinks were free, and the wallets were thick.

Leela: Still, you should have told us!

Bender: If you're that upset, you can go over there now. They're still partying.

Amy: Really! Clool!

[Amy runs out the door.]

Hermes: People, we're in the middle of a meeting here!

Leela: If they're still partying, why did you leave to come to work?

Bender: All My Circuits. Couldn't hear the TV over the party.

Leela: Well, I'm going over there right now to give Fry a piece of my mind!

[Leela heads out the door]

Hermes: Fine, but I'm dockin' all of your time cards accordingly!

[Hermes and Farnsworth are left sitting at the table alone in silence for a minute. Finally Farnsworth looks around.]

Farnsworth: Wha? Where did everybody go?

Bender: Shhh! People are trying to watch TV! (whispering) Some people are just so selfish...

[Scene: Fry & Bender's Appartment. Rap music is playing loudly on the stereo. Fry is sitting on the couch, flanked by a pair of female Cliquers who seem enthralled with his every word. A few Cliquers are dancing (badly), and more are passed out around the room. Leela and Amy enter, only to be intercepted by Dean.]

Dean: What are you doing here?

[Leela glares at Dean.]

Leela: (coldly) We're Fry's friends. We're here to see Fry. He invited us.

Dean: Well, Fry's busy right now, and this party is full. You'll have to go somewhere else.

[Leela points a finger at Dean and appears on the verge of tackling him when Fry notices them]

Fry: Leela! And Amy. You're here! I didn't think you were coming!

[The girls sitting with Fry frown disdainfully at Leela and Amy.]

Female Cliquer #1: Who're those two losers?

Amy:(near tears) I'm not a loser!

Leela: (icily) We're Fry's real friends. Y'know, the people who've actually known him longer than 5 minutes?

Female Cliquer #2: No way! Fry is way too clool to be friends with a couple of commoners like you!

Fry: Ladies, calm down, there's plenty of Fry for everyone!

Leela: (shouting) That's it! I don't have to put up with this.

[Leela starts to leave. Fry jumps up from the couch.]

Fry: Wait! Don't go!

[Leela stops in the door and looks back]

Female Cliquer #2: Let 'em go!

Female Cliquer #1: Yeah, you don't need them!

[Fry shakes the women off]

Fry: You're wrong! They're my friends, they've always been there for me. And just because I've finally been recognized as the coolest person in the universe, it doesn't mean I can turn my back on them now!

Female Cliquer #2: Ugh, so much loyalty to your friends. I didn't know you could be so... unclool.

Female Cliquer #1: Yeah.

Dean: Really, Fry. You can't have it both ways, you know. You're either with us, or you're not, and they're not with us!

Fry: But.. but...

[Fry looks back and forth between Leela and his new friends. He seems torn, then he looks at Leela. Her expression softens, and she smiles sweetly at him.]

Fry: That's it! I don't need you people to be cool! I'm the perfect one, I decide what's cool, and I say my friends are cool. You cliquers can just get lost!

[Leela smiles. The conscious cliquers, exhasperated, begin to file out of the appartment, casting dirty looks at Leela and Amy as they pass them by. After they're gone, Fry sits back down on the couch. Amy runs out after them.]

Amy: (fading into the distance) Wait! I'd choose you! Please, wait! aaww, c'mon!

[Fry sighs, and looks sad. Leela, concerned, walks over and sits next to him.]

Leela: Thanks, Fry. You don't need them, they didn't really care about you like your real friends.

Fry: I know... but it nice being popular for a change.

Leela: Well, you are still the coolest person in the universe.

Fry: (perks up) Hey, yeah! Wanna go to Club Spades with me tonight?

Leela: Yeah! I can't wait to see the look on that Doorbot's face!

[Cut to Club Spades. As before, the line is long and not moving at all. Fry and Leela bypass the line and head directly to the doorbot.]

Fry: We'll be going in to party tonight, my good robot.

Doorbot: Access denied.

Fry: What! But I'm Phillip J Fry, the coolest person in the universe!

Doorbot: Access denied.

Man in Line: Didn't you hear? Before they left for Clique 3, the Cliquers made another announcement. The 20th isn't cool any more.

Fry: What! They can't do that!

Leela: It's all right, Fry. I didn't want to go to that stupid club anyway.

Fry: Yeah, I guess. [he turns to Leela, and they smile at eachother.] At least I still have my real friends.

Leela: And you always will.

[A group of mutants walk up, including Leg Mutant, Raoul, Dwayne, and Vyolet.The doorbot immediately steps aside, and they begin to file into the club. Vyolet spots Leela and stops to talk to her.]

Vyolet: Hey, Leela. You coming in?

Leela: They wouldn't let us in. Hey, wait, how are you guys getting in?

Vyolet: You didn't hear? Mutants are clool now!

[cut to closeup of Fry]

Fry: No thanks. We don't need that stupid club, we have each other. Right, Leela? ... Leela?

[Fry turns around. The camera moves back and you see Leela and Vyolet running into the club. Right before she disappears, Leela turns back to fry]

Leela: Sorry! See you at work tomorrow!

[Leela disappears into the club and we are left with Fry standing, slack-jawed in shock.]

[Closing Credits]

[If you think the ending is a downer, I maintain that Fry deserved it, and personally think the humor of it balances the sad. And for those of you who were hoping for a shippier ending - sorry!)

[edit - fixed 2 typos, 2 misspellings, and tweaked 2 lines to read better]

[edit again - noticed an egregious paste-fail I made at some point. Fixed.

Urban Legend
« Reply #1 on: 01-20-2006 04:34 »

I actually really do like this. Everyone is in character and i can see it all playing in my head like an actual episode.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #2 on: 01-20-2006 11:24 »

Thanks, Venus! If I'd just stayed up 10 more minutes I could've heard that BEFORE I went to bed last night, heheheheh.

Nice thing to wake up to too, though  wink
Looking over it again, I feel like it's a bit dialog-heavy, and the pacing seems a bit slow to me. Also, while it is funny (imo) it's not nearly as chock-full-of-gags as a good Futurama episode should be.

But I'm hyper-critical, which is why I don't give much feedback to other people's stories - I always end up sounding like a killjoy, even when I really like something.

Bending Unit
« Reply #3 on: 01-20-2006 11:49 »

Fry: Don't let it get to you, Leela. Back in the 20th century, everybody used to say I was a loser, but I got through it ok.

Leela: Really? How did you deal with it?

Fry: I froze myself for a thousand years. Now they're all dead. (chuckling) Who's the loser now?

Great line if I do say so myself.  Aside from that, it's actually a pretty good story so far - especially since you wrote it in the middle of the night.  Keep it up, Gopher.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #4 on: 01-20-2006 12:23 »
« Last Edit on: 07-23-2010 00:21 »

Well, I wrote it last night but I'd had the core idea for a while and it had plenty of time to percolate around in the back of my head before I sat down to write it. Besides, I do my best work at 2am with no sleep. (I am a programmer first, after all!  smile Sleep is for those who don't have enough caffeine!)

Thanks, though, that was probably my favorite line as well.  I'll finish it up just as soon as I figure out how to avoid the corner I wrote myself into last night.

Bending Unit
« Reply #5 on: 01-20-2006 14:04 »

Wow, this is pretty cool, Gopher. I just spotted a couple of minor grammatical errors but it's really well written and very enjoyable to read. I'm looking forward to the next part!  smile Oh yeah, and I liked that line that Jensor quoted, too.  smile

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #6 on: 01-20-2006 14:17 »

Thanks for the feedback  smile Looking over it again this morning I was surprised how few grammar errors there were, concidering that it's basically a first draft, I just sat down and wrote it in one sitting without proof-reading or anything. I still expect someone will come along and point them all out for me sooner or later, which will be helpful. I'm still writing now, though I don't seem to have quite the momentum I had last night. I decided to give up on finding a way around the corner, I'm just gonna blaze on through, and if it's too long, so be it. Not like it has to fit into 22 minutes. Besides, I think it's better to write first and edit later. For all I know, the later parts might end up being much shorter than I expect. At this point I'm guessing I'll post it in 2 more installments, expect the 2nd by morning.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #7 on: 01-20-2006 20:43 »
« Last Edit on: 12-06-2006 00:00 »

<2nd draft combined into first post above>

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 01-21-2006 01:04 »

I noticed the following mistakes for your proof reading:
Leela: (glares at Amy) If nessicary, I'll just have to kick their butts!
Leela: If they're sitll partying, why did you leave?
Fry: No thanks. We don't need that stupid club, we have eachother. Right, Leela? ... Leela?

Actually, I was hoping for a shippier ending, but oh well, it was still a pretty good story.

Bending Unit
« Reply #9 on: 01-21-2006 07:53 »

That was cool! Uh, I mean, clool...  big grin
But, yeah, I really liked it. I was hoping for a shippier ending too, but hey, it was good. I might pick out some mistakes later but I don't have time now. Have you got another one planned?

« Reply #10 on: 01-21-2006 08:55 »

Good storyline! i'm suprised that no-one noticed that gap before! I mean, Fry can be cool!

Got to agree though. I would have liked a bit more shippy.

Bloody hell Leela was moody wasn't she!

Bending Unit
« Reply #11 on: 01-21-2006 10:01 »

Nice one, a very good story and it was nothing wrong with the ending. We all know that Leela would very much do such at thing, right?
Originally posted by Gopher:
The rest of you stylistically challenged losers can get lost!
That one REALLY made me laugh.  smile

Originally posted by Arkan:
Have you got another one planned?

I second that. More please!  big grin

"Finding your true love is like winning the lottery, it always happens to someone else."

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #12 on: 01-21-2006 10:42 »

Thanks everyone, for all the positive feedback! I've noticed a LOT of typos and misspellings in the second part too, apparently my spelling/typing are better between midnight and 4 am than in the afternoon, heheh. Ah well.

Jensor & Arkan: Thanks, and any help finding the typos will be appreciated. Gotta download Open Office this weekend. Is it my imagination or didn't WordPad used to have a spell checker? Apparently Microsoft decided that's one of the main features people are willing to pay for.

THJ: Heh, yeah, I sat and brainstormed about ideas for over an hour a couple of weeks ago, before this idea finally hit me. And I didn't think Leela was that moody, at least, no more than you would expect given the circumstances  wink Now Amy, I actually felt bad writing some of the Amy lines, she was acting pretty pathetic at some points, but I stand by it - I can completely picture her acting that way. She's too used to being the coolest/cutest person around.

Corvus: Thanks for the comments! I liked that line too, the phrase "stylistically challenged" always makes me smile. (truthfully, it most definately applies to me  smile )

As for more, I haven't thought of another idea that I really feel is worth writing yet. I'm rying to think of something involving Bender, he had some decent lines in this one but for the most part he was pushed to the background. Or possibly Zoidberg, who hardly appeared in this one at all.

And as for all the people who felt it should have been shippier - Sorry, but that's not my style. This one is probably about as shippy as you can ever expect to get from me. Don't get me wrong, the shippy eps of the show were great, but you can expect my scripts not to really CHANGE anything in the relationships between any of the characters. I just like throwing them in different situations and working out how they would react. Even though futurama isn't a show where everything's always back to normal by the end, in my fanscripts it will be. It's up to MG&Co to progress the greater stories, I'm just gonna write some funny stuff while we wait for them to do so.  smile

- I have no legs - No tengo ninguna pierna - Δεν έχω κανένα πόδι - Non ho piedini - 私は足を有しない。-
- 나는아무다리도 없다 - Eu não tenho nenhum pé - Я не имею никакие ноги - Ich habe keine Beine -
- Je n'ai aucune jambe - Ik heb geen benen - 我沒有腿。- Actually, I do have legs

« Reply #13 on: 01-21-2006 11:16 »
« Last Edit on: 01-21-2006 11:16 »

still, an episode can be shippy as hell and still end up normal by the end.

think "time keeps on slippin'". that couldn't have been shippier but all turned out fine.

same with my writing. i don't want to change anything beyond reason but i enjoy stretching Fry and Leela's relationship.

if i sound angry, i don't mean to be!

oh and by the way. a nuclear technician from springfield? seriously? thats just to good!

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #14 on: 01-21-2006 11:31 »
« Last Edit on: 01-21-2006 11:31 »

Maybe I'm missing the subtler nuances of "shippy" but I thought all the really shippy stuff in "time keeps on slipping" happened durring the slips, where we never really saw it   smile Seriously, I get what you're saying, but... still not my style. It's just too much fun writing Leela mad at fry (which usually happens because of their relationship, so really even the fights can be kindof shippy)

And it's just your evil Lincoln avatar that makes you seem angry.   smile

[edit]I'm not really a nuclear technician from Springfield. :P I'm a software engineer from Atlanta.[/edit]

« Reply #15 on: 01-21-2006 11:56 »

didn't think you were!

damn, i'll have to change my avatar. i'm probably the least angry person you could meet.

« Reply #16 on: 01-21-2006 12:01 »


« Reply #17 on: 01-22-2006 11:25 »

Sensors register story at 93% Cloolness. 

Very well done.  I have only one suggestion, actually.  This one transition....

Amy: Leela, don't be jealous. Lets go mooch off his fame!

Leela: You're right! Lets go.

...seems way too fast.  I think you need to insert a line or two of Futurama-logic to have Leela's attitude shift seem less abrupt.

Otherwise... [Fonzie]Aaaayyyyyyyyyy![/Fonzie]

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #18 on: 01-22-2006 12:59 »
« Last Edit on: 01-22-2006 12:59 »

yeah, I see what you're saying. I might try to tweak that a bit, there's actually several things in the second part that I felt like I rushed through. I spent so much longer than I intended on Planet Clique I was worried about running on too long. Ended up coming out about the right length, if anything a little short, so I guess I was worried for nothing (or I overcompensated)

I'm going to give it at least a week before I do anything more substantial than correct typos and make minor tweaks, though. Important, for me to gain some perspective on it.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #19 on: 01-22-2006 13:16 »

just read the first part of the story-I liked it a lot!

well done  big grin

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #20 on: 01-22-2006 15:27 »

mook: thanks!

It has been brought to my attention that the ending of this story is not as original and clever as I initially thought. It's actually stolen from inspired by an episode of That 70s show when Donna did the same thing to Eric. Sigh...

« Reply #21 on: 01-22-2006 15:59 »

i know i wouldn't have noticed.

if you thought that up without initially knowing about the TV program's plot then its still your idea so far as i'm concerned.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #22 on: 01-22-2006 16:09 »

No, I have seen the episode. I was a fan until the last couple of seasons. I definately remember the episode, though I was not consciously aware of the similarity until a friend pointed it out earlier. I'm still sure that's where my brain got the idea, even if I didn't realise it at the time. Ah well. Not a big deal, really.

« Reply #23 on: 01-24-2006 00:27 »

"Immature artists imitate.  Mature artists steal outright." - Pablo Picasso

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #24 on: 01-24-2006 01:01 »
« Last Edit on: 01-24-2006 01:01 »

Horray! someone bumped my thread for me!   smile
I'm sure there are people who haven't read it yet, some of whom may give me useful and insiteful feedback. Bumping it myself would have been bad form, though, at least until I start another script, and god knows when that'll happen. After all, writing fan fiction is just one of my many hobbies, and not the one I place the highest priority on. (#1 would be programming, followed by Anime.)
[edit]fixed typo[/edit]

Delivery Boy
« Reply #25 on: 01-24-2006 06:54 »
« Last Edit on: 01-24-2006 06:54 »

I've read a couple of lines and it looks very nice. I'll try and give you some feedback later.

EDIT:You should stick to either "cool" or "clool" not both randomly (it kinda looks like that)

« Reply #26 on: 01-24-2006 08:24 »

I kinda liked the "cool/clool" thing...

Delivery Boy
« Reply #27 on: 01-24-2006 09:36 »

Yeah, it's okay when Leela says "cool" and the trensetters "clool", only the robots were saying "cool" at one point too. unless I've misread it.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #28 on: 01-24-2006 17:11 »

I meant to be consistent with amy and the trendsetters saying "clool" while pretty much everyone else just said "cool" but after a while I think I started getting lazy about it, looking back I became very inconsistent and started saying "cool" pretty much all the time...

Urban Legend
« Reply #29 on: 01-24-2006 18:02 »

Nice work, Gopher.  I especially liked Fry and Leela's conversations in the first part.  The jokes were good, characters were in- (we haven't really seen Amy's sycophantic side before, but it fits with the whole "popular" image.)  The second half seemed a little rushed and disconnected, like you were trying to fit in more scenes then you felt you had "time" for...or something.  I could easily be imagining things.

And I do like the ending (second-seasonish though it is,) though I have to nitpick that not even a declaration of "cloolness" could probably get around Earthican anti-mutant laws.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #30 on: 01-24-2006 18:27 »

Nerdo: yer exactly right ab out the second half, I was trying to cram a lot of ideas in and I felt like I was running long (though in the end I really didn't, so I was worried for nothing)

not sure what you mean calling the ending "second-seasonish," but I'll respond to the objection by saying 3 things: 1) it's only until they decided to change it again, and 2) it's funny, and 3) it sounds like the kind of nit-picking objections you read about real episodes more than the kind of complaints/criticisms more common to fanfic to me, so I'm taking it as a compliment

Urban Legend
« Reply #31 on: 01-25-2006 01:54 »

Good.  And as an explanation, I meant several elements that were common in the first and particularly second seasons of Futurama, specifically a rapid reversal of situation for humorous effect, usually at the very end after the audience has already assumed a different outcome.  It usually involves at least one character being a jerk and is somewhat of a causal non sequitur.  Examples:

I Second That Emotion
A Head in the Polls
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? used a similar device at the end of the arena scene, though that probably shouldn't count.
The Deep South (only for Bender's C-plot with the fishing award)
Cryonic Woman

Outside 2ACV, Fry and the Slurm Factory used it somewhat, as did 30% Iron Chef.

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #32 on: 01-25-2006 03:08 »

Hmm. Good stuff. More things to keep in mind next time. Still haven't come up with another plot idea I like enough to write; next time I want to try to avoid having too much explanatory story (even though the longish introductory sequence did end up having some of the best jokes in this case) and that leaves time to be woven with a subplot. I think next time I'll do at least a rough outline before I start writing, rather than just diving in and pushing on through like I did with this one. That should help reduce the pacing issues, and by fleshing it out hierarchically instead of sequentially I can hopefully pack in the jokes a little more densely and evenly.

now if only I can come up with another plot idea to get excited about writing...

Starship Captain
« Reply #33 on: 01-25-2006 04:04 »

that's cool, just like the show

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #34 on: 03-17-2006 13:29 »
« Last Edit on: 03-17-2006 13:29 »

Ok, every time I thought about another script idea I ended up getting nowhere. So I've decided to commit myself to an idea right now. I think it's a pretty good one. Not much so far, just a short pre-credits Act I.

Futurama Fanscript
Writer: Gopher
Title: “Run, Leela, Run!”
Production Code; 1GOP02

[scene: Planet Express Headquarters, Professor's Lab. Fry, Leela, Hermes, and Bender are standing in the room watching the Professor. The professor is standing by his light-board.]

Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! I've called you here to show you my latest invention. I used the extra chronotons I had lying around to build the Futurescope. By looking through it, it allows you to see 5 minutes into the future.

Leela: But that's impossible!

Hermes: Yah, what about free will?

Farnsworth I found a way around that! It's very simple, allow me to explain.
[view changes to the Professor writing a series of incredibly complex formula on the lightboard]
Farnsworth You see, prediction is just a matter of solving a few simple 7th-order equations. The variables are filtered...
[audio fade-out, caption: “1 hour later” lightboard is now filled with an indecipherable scrawl of pseudo-mathematical gibberish]
Farnsworth ..so in the final solution, free will is cancelled out!

[As he speaks he turns around, and the camera pulls back to show the rest of the room again. Leela and Hermes are slumped into the couch, looking dazed.]

Farnsworth Which leads me to the most important part. If the chronoton field the futurescope emits was to intersect with another focused beam of quantum particles, such as the one emitted by a scanning electron microscope, the uncertainty contained will create a feedback loop which will cause free will to be squared, disrupting causality. Time itself could be torn to shreds! Say, where did Bender and Fry get off to?

Hermes They took the Futurescope to the horse track. Wait a minute, don't they use an electron microscope to determine the winner at the track?

Farnsworth Good lord! If they use the futurescope to watch the outcome of the race while it is being measured, the universe as we know it could be destroyed! We have to stop them!

[silence for a moment, and Hermes and Farnsworth both stare pointedly at Leela.

Leela [sighs] All right, I'll go stop them. But I'm really getting tired of saving the universe from those two idiots.

[opening credits. Caption: Your lucky numbers are 3, 3, 3, 3, and 3.]


That's it for now, I'm afraid; you'll have to wait for the story to really begin in Act II. I'll try not to leave you waiting too long.

Bending Unit
« Reply #35 on: 03-17-2006 17:25 »

Cool, looks like a promising start. I'll be waiting to see where you go with this.  smile

Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #36 on: 03-17-2006 17:31 »
« Last Edit on: 03-17-2006 17:31 »

Yeah, that was the idea. Not much to comment on now, I know, but I'm publicly committed now to finding time to finish this one.   smile

Another short installment, ending at the first commercial break. I've written a bit more but this is the only good stopping-poit I've gotten to so far; my next post will run through to the SECOND commercial break, so it'll be a bit longer.

[PE Exterior, Leela comes out the door and sprints down the sidewalk. Music plays reminiscent of same from “Run, Lola, Run.”  At the corner, she stops and waits in line for the tube transport. Music halts with a scratch, and she waits tapping her foot impatiently.]
[scene: Bender and Fry at the track. Fry is putting on the Futurescope, while Bender looks at a race schedule]
Bender The first race is supposed to start in 7 minutes. What do you see?
Fry I dunno. Nothing looks different.Wait, the horses are just coming out.
Bender Man, this is gonna be great! We're gonna be rich!
Fry The horses are in the starting-thingy. It'll be starting soon.
Bender Man, I hope Lame Duck wins it, his odds are 1000 to 1.
Fry What's his number?
Bender He's #5
Fry He just collapsed.
Bender Aw, crap.

[Back to Leela, her turn comes up and she dives into the tube (and the music resumes); we follow her through as she zips through the line across town before being deposited outside the horse track. She sprints about 10 feet, and stops to stand in line again (music scratches to a stop again)]
[scene back to Bender and Fry inside]

Fry The race just started. [Fry's head turns as if he's watching horses run around the track, but all we see is the horses being led into the gates.] Number 3 is way out front.
Bender Aw, crap. He's favored to win.
Fry They're going through the last turn. Number 6 is catching up fast!
Bender [studying schedule] Number 6, that's Snowball in Hell! He pays out at 40:1! C'mon, Snowball!

[Back to Leela. Music resumes as she finally gets through the door and runs through into the stadium proper. A race is underway. She spots Bender and Fry, and runs over towards them. Focus returns to Fry and Bender.]
Fry  #6 closed the gap but it's close. I can't tell who's ahead.
Bender Aw, crap, Leela's coming to spoil our fun.
Leela [yelling as she pushes through the crowd] Fry, Bender, stop!
[Leela finaly gets to them and jumps in front of Fry]
Fry It's going to a photo-finish! I...
[Time slows down to a crawl. We see the horses closing the last inches of the race, neck and neck, and a flash as they cross the line. Time stops completely, and the flash lights up a cone from the Futurescope beam, which begins to expand and envelop the stadium.  Leela, at the center of the beam, loses color becoming monochromatic, then dissappears. An instant later the scene fades to white, and silence.]

[Commercial Break!]

Bending Unit
« Reply #37 on: 03-18-2006 04:28 »

Ooh! It's very enjoyable reading, and it looks like the plot's gonna be a good'un. Some really good humor in there too:

At the corner, she stops and waits in line for the tube transport. Music halts with a scratch, and she waits tapping her foot impatiently.


Fallback Guy
Space Pope
« Reply #38 on: 03-18-2006 08:22 »

Yeah, only problem is I think it's gonna be WAY too short, and the storyline isn't exactly conducive to adding a b-story. In retrospect it probably would've made a good length for an Anthology ep (ironic since I decided to write this INSTEAD of an anthology - because I couldn't think of 3 good anthology ideas!) If worst comes to worst, I might have to pull an Everyone-Loves-Flanders thing at the end, heheh.

Urban Legend
« Reply #39 on: 03-18-2006 19:34 »

looks good! 

Bender Man, I hope Lame Duck wins it, his odds are 1000 to 1.
Fry What's his number?
Bender He's #5
Fry He just collapsed.
Bender Aw, crap.

hilarious  big grin
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