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Author Topic: First (Complete) Futurama Fan Fic.  (Read 637 times)
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« on: 10-21-2005 17:14 »

This is my first complete Futurama fan fic. I'm in the middle of making like 5 or 6 more. I don't know if I'll ever finish them. But if I do finish at least one of them, I'll post it here! So, please tell me what you think of my first(complete) Futurama fan fic!                   

Futurama opening theme starts
                          Episode title: Groborge 11 by: Stephen K.

[Scene: Planet Express we see Fry and Bender drinking beer and watching TV]

Fry: (Burps)

Bender: Hey, pass me another beer!

Fry throws Bender another beer bottle!

Bender: (Crushing the beer can) Hey, this one's empty!

Fry looks at the cooler.

Fry: (Yelps) We're out of beers!

Bender: (Yelps)

Leela comes into the room.

Fry: Leela, it's urgent!

Leela: What's urgent?

Fry: We're out of beers!

Leela: (Moans) Then go get some!

Fry: But if I go to the store then I'll miss TV!

Leela: Fry-

Bender: Hey, TV and beer are the two greatest things in the world!

Fry: He's got a point, Leela!

Leela: No he doesn't. He's just saying what you two like!

Fry: Yeah, but what I like, is what um, uh...Bender, where am I going with this?

Bender: With what?

Leela: Well, at least scoot over! I need to watch the news.

Leela looks over at Fry and Bender, they are sleeping. She then shoves them over and they both fall off the couch. Then they wake up shocked. They go back on to the couch and fall back asleep.

Leela: (Moans)

The camera then moves to see the TV.

Linda: And so when the cave collapsed millions were injured but none were killed!

Morbo: Morbo laughs at this tiny planet and all it's fault, but Morbo is displeased with this non-human killing!

Linda: (Chuckles) Oh Morbo, you will always crack me up (wipes away tear). But on a more important news 10 robots were killed in a train wreck!

We see the couch again where Bender and Fry are sleeping! Bender and Fry wake up gasping and Bender spits out a bunch of beer.

Bender: (Mad) That's an insult to robots everywhere!

Leela: Bender, I'm so sorry!

We see the TV again.

Linda: Here is a picture of the train wreck.

We see a picture of the train wreck and we see little pieces of robots.

We see Bender, Fry and Leela again.

Bender: And you know what's worse? They actually have the nerve to show the picture! And the only way to cure this problem is...is...

Leela: Is what?

Bender: (Looks at Leela) Is for you (points to Leela) to get us more beer!

Leela: Ok, I'll be right back!

Leela leaves the room to get the beer. Fry and Bender start to giggle and high-five each other. The rest of the gang enters the room.

Prof: Good news everybody!

Fry: You say that everytime Leela, Bender and I have to make a deliever!

Prof: I know! It's bad news for you three but I've got good news for everyone else!

Zoidberg: Oh, what's the good news?

Prof: You guys get to goof off while Bender, Fry and Leela make a deliver!

Bender: Oh no! You're not fooling us this time!

Bender runs to the window and jumps out.

Prof: Ok, you won't get to go to Candy Land!

We see Bender's head rise towards the window; his antenna is broken.

Bender: Candy Land? I call shotgun!

Fry: Oh...da**!

Commercial Break #1

[Scene: Bender, Fry and Leela are on Planet Express Ship.]

Bender: Oh, can I steer?

Leela: No Bender!

Bender: (Groans) I hate you, you're not my real mom!

Leela: Just shut up and go to Fry!

Bender enters a room where we see Fry sitting on a chair and spinning around in circles!

Bender: (Looks at Fry) Hey, you're drunk, without me!

Fry: Isn't life great Bender?

Bender: Yeah, it would be, if Leela would let me drive!

Fry throws Bender a beer.

Fry: Come join me!

Bender: Why?

Fry: It'll make you forget everything!

Bender: Well, ok...

Bender and Fry feel the ship start shaking and they hear a loud noise coming from the driver's place. Fry gets knocked forward and gets sober instantly. Fry opens up the door.

Fry: Leela, what's going on here?

Leela: We're running out of gas! I don't think we're going to make it to Candy Land!

Fry: (Yelps)

Bender: What the he**'s going on here?

Fry: We're not going to make it to Candy Land!

Bender: (Yelps)

Fry: Well where are we going?

Leela: I'm not sure but if my calculations are correct then-

Fry: Cut the hard math stuffs and just get on with it!

Leela: Planet Groborge 11!

Fry: What kind of planet is that?

Leela: A planet made out of gas!

Back at Planet Express we see the Professor using the smell-o-scope, following the ship.

Prof: (Takes a big whiff of Groborge 11) Whew, that smells terrible!

Hermes: Well Professor are they going to Candy Land?

Prof: Um, uh..oh ye-no, they're actually heading to Groborge 11!

Everyone then gasps except Zoidberg who isn't even in the room. Zoidberg then enters the room with a bag full of popcorn.

Zoidberg: So, what's going on?

They all look at Zoidberg like they dispise him.

Zoidberg: (Yelps then squirts everyone with ink.) Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop! (Runs away.)

[Scene: We see the Planet Express Ship.]

Fry: (Coming from the ship) Well maybe if you jiggle it a little!

We then see inside the ship where Fry, Bender and Leela are.

Leela: Fry, will you shut up! We're out of gas, there is nothing wrong with the steering wheel!

Bender: Ohh, maybe you should move the keys around!

Leela: Ohh, maybe you two should SHUT UP!

Fry: (Starts crying) You don't have to be so mean about it! (Runs into another room.)

[Scene: We see that Planet Express Ship has landed on Planet Groborge 11.]

Fry and Leela come out of the ship with space suits on. Then Bender comes out of the ship and steps on to the planet. He starts sinking into the gas.

Bender: What the, I'm sinking!

Fry and Leela: So am I!

We then see all of them on the planet, Fry, Bender and Leela are sinking very slowly, then the ships just falls into the planet.

Fry: Oh no, what are we going to do now? We don't have a ship...

Leela: And we're sinking very, very, very...very, very slowly!

Bender: And the worst part is, we left all the beer on the ship!

Fry: What? Oh well, at least I still have this one!

Fry pulls out a can of beer, he was about to open it when Bender stops him.

Bender: (Yelling) You back stabbing bas****!

They start fighting over the can of beer. 10 minutes go by and Bender and Fry are still fighting over the beer.
The camera shows that they've sunk so much that the gas is up to they're stomach. Then the camera shows that Fry and Leela's oxygen tank has deplied half way.

Leela: (Moans) If you guys will get back to reality you'll notice that we've sunk half way!

Bender and Fry: (They both notice that they're sinking faster then they thought. Then they both start screaming.)

Commercial break #2

Fry opens the beer can and continues screaming, he's then about to take a sip when Bender yanks Fry's hand and drinks the beer.

Fry: HEY! What are we going to do?

Bender: I know, let's watch TV!

Bender then pulls a TV out of his compartment on his stomach. He then turns it on, but nothing happens.

Bender: What the? Piece of crap! Who forgot to replace the batteries?

Fry: I-

Bender: Nevermind!

Bender throws the TV away!


Fry tries to move towards the TV but realizes he can't move.

Fry: Oh well, at least when I die, I'll be reunited with my loved ones! The TV with dead batteries and Planet Express Ship!

Bender and Leela: Hey! What about me!

Fry: What about you..s?

Bender and Leela: Don't you care about me!

Fry: Well of course I do, I just love TV and the beer inside the Planet Express Ship more!

Bender and Leela: Let's get him!

Fry: (Yelps)

Bender and Leela realize they can't move, and that the gas is up to they're necks already!


[Scene: Planet Express we see the gang buliding another spaceship to save Leela, Bender and Fry.]

Prof: Come on you ninnies! Work harder, think faster!

Amy: Professor! We can't bulid this exact replica of the Planet Express Ship in time, especially not with (points to Zoidberg) Zoidberg-

Zoidberg: Hooray I'm noticed!

Amy: -eating all the bolts and nuts and screws!

We see Zoidberg eating the nuts, bolts and screws.

Zoidberg: (Sprays amy with his ink) Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop! (He runs away!)

Prof: (Wipes a bit of ink off Amy's face with his finger and licks it) Yum, lemony fresh!

[Scene: We see planet Groborge 11, we see Bender, Fry and Leela are up to their chins in the gas.]

Bender: Ok, that's it, this is so boring!

Bender just makes himself sink into the gas right away.

Leela: Wait a minute, how can we be drowning in gas? And why didn't we just use this gas to refill our ship and go to Candy Land.

Fry: I'm with Bender on this one! I'm outta here!

Fry then makes himself sink faster like Bender did, Leela follows shortly after.

[Scene: Planet Express, we see the gang working on the ship again.]

Prof: Come on lazies! This ship isn't going to build itself you know!

We see that the Professor is whipping everone.

Hermes: Professor, whipping us isn't going to make us go faster!

Prof: Shut up you ninny! (Whips Hermes.)

Hermes: (Yelps)

[Scene: Groborge 11]

We see inside the planet Bender, Fry and Leela are pushing the ship up to the surface. We then see that Fry and Leela are almost out of oxygen. They finally get the ship to the surface; Fry and Leela are holding up the ship while Bender takes some of the gas and puts it in the ship. They all run into the ship.

Leela: Gas...

Fry: Full!

Leela: Oxygen...

Fry: Alot!

Leela: Everything else...

Fry: Else?

The ship sinks right away.

Commercial Break #3 (The last commercial break)

[Scene: Somewhere in space 100 000 miles away from Groborge 11.]

We see the replica of the Planet Express Ship.

Amy: Professor, how did you make this ship so fast?

We see the inside of the ship where the Professor is driving.

Zoidberg: He's my hero! Ohh, that professor, professor, professor, profressor....

(In reality.)

Hermes: Professor? Professor?

The Professor wakes up.

Prof: What, oh that's stupid...I wasn't day dreaming...what's going on?

Hermes: We're done the ship!

Prof: Oh, it's wonderful! (Whips Hermes.)

Hermes: (Yelps.)

We see the spaceship in the middle of space zig-zagging.

Amy: Professor! Let me drive!

Prof: Forget it! You go zig-zaggy!

We see inside the ship where the Professor is driving. Amy punches the Professor.

Amy: Sorry Professor, but you needed that!

Amy takes over the steering wheel.

[Scene: Groborge 11.]

We see inside the space ship.

Fry: Well, this isn't all that bad, thank God we've got beer again!

Bender: Amen to that!

Leela: You idiots! We're stranded in the middle of a planet and all you care about is beer!

Bender: Oh yeah!

Fry: You should come join our world!

Leela: Okay, I'm sold! Pass me a beer!

Fry: (Throws Leela a beer) Now you're joining the real world!

The ship shakes and everyone is pushed forword.

Bender, Fry and Leela: What the he** was that?

We then see that the other P.E.S. is right above the planet and Amy is on a rope with a huge hook that's caught on to the actual P.E.S. Amy then tugs on the rope.
We then see inside the ship, the Professor is still knocked unconcious and Hermes is driving.

Zoidberg: Zoidberg want to drive, Zoidberg want uppy!

Hermes: Will you get lost already! You're a pest to society! (Hermes then slaps Zoidberg's claw.)

Zoidberg: (Gasps. Zoidberg then squirts Hermes with his ink.) Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop! (He runs away.)

Hermes: (Wipes his face and tastes it.) Hmmmm, chocolately! Oh no!


Amy: Hermes, I tugged on the rope, pull up!

We see that Hermes went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Zoidberg enters the driving room and looks around. He then goes to the steering wheel and pulls up, to make the spaceship go up.

Amy: Finally!

Meanwhile...inside the real P.E.S.

Leela: Whoo, this life is the greatest, Bender, my fellow friend Bender! You're great!

Fry: (Gasps) The real Leela wouldn't say that, she'd go shut up, and you suck! And-(gasps again) You're drunk.

Leela: If I was stuck on a water island I'd take you with me! (She leans towards Bender, falls on top of him and falls asleep.)

Bender: (Scared) Uh, yeah..ha, ha...yeah...(He flicks Leela off of him and she falls to the floor.)

We see inside the other P.E.S. Hermes comes out of the bathroom and the Professor is waking up. Hermes sees Zoidberg driving.

Hermes: (Gasps and runs towards Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: (Takes his hands off the steering wheel and points to Hermes.) Ah-HA! And you thought I couldn't drive this, well I should you and I-----

Anywho, while Zoidberg is "talking" to Hermes the Professor takes over and Zig-Zags again.

Meanwhile....where Amy is.

Amy: Hey, what's going on?

Amy climbs up the rope and into the ship. She sees the Professor driving again, she goes up and punches him again, then takes over the steering wheel.

Hermes: (Gasps) Amy, what did you do to the Professor? (Looks down at the Professor to see that Zoidberg is sucking on the Professor's head.) Zoidberg, what in God's name are you doing?

Zoidberg: (Stops sucking on the Professor's head) Uh, well, uh...you see, um...We lobsters can tell whether somebody is dead or not by sucking on their heads...

Hermes: That's gross!

Zoidberg: (Continues sucking on the Professor's head.)

Prof: (Starts to giggle) Oh stop, that tickles.

Zoidberg: (Stops sucking on the Professor's head. He starts to walk away slowly and sadly.) Awww, he's not dead!

Meanwhile....inside the actually P.E.S.

Fry: What's going on, why are we actually moving?

Bender moves towards one of the windows.

Bender: Well I don't know what's going on...the window's foggy.

Fry walks over to the window and wipes it.

Bender: Oh, now I know what's going on!

Fry: You do? What's going on?

Bender: (Little scream) I-I-I-I----

Fry: You what? You can tell me!

Bender: Look!

Fry looks through the window to see another P.E.S.

Fry: (Little yelp) Hey look, there's Earth!

Bender: Yes Earth...(Maniacal laugh.)

Fry: Bender, what's wrong with you? (Little girly voice.) I want my mommy!

Fry runs over to Leela and slaps her across the face a couple times to wake her up.

Fry: Leela, Bender's creeping me out!

Leela: Oh my God! It's always with the mommies for guys!

Leela walks over to Bender and slaps him. His head spins around 10 times and finally Bender stops it.

Bender: Woah, I feel dizzy.........ahhhhh..

They all look out the window to see that they were getting closer to Earth.

[Scene: We see Planet Express and we see the 2 Planet Express Ships landing at Planet Express.]

Fry, Leela and Bender get out of the real P.E.S. The others get out of the replica P.E.S.

Prof: (To Fry, Bender and Leela.) So, did you deliver the candy like you were ordered to do?

Fry: What candy?

Bender: That's an outrage!

Leela: Of course we didn't, you know we got stuck in the pla-

The Professor walks away.

Prof: Oh silly me, I forgot to give you the Candy! (He pulls out 10 giant cases of candy.) Here you go, good luck.

Fry, Bender and Leela walk away saying different stuff.

Fry: Yah I gotta do....

Bender: Watch TV and...

Leela: Stuff, bye!

The Professor turns towards Amy, Hermes and Zoidberg.

Prof: Looks like you're going to have to be my delivery crew and deliver this candy!

Hermes, Amy and Zoidberg: Oh no!

Zoidberg: (Squirts ink at the Professor) Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop! (He runs away.)

Prof: (Licks the ink off his face) Hmmmmm, minty goodness!

                                               The End!

Leela: Don't say that about Nibbler! Now pet him and make up... PET HIM!

Bender: I'll pet him, I'll pet him with BOTH HANDS!

Brian: Peter did you even read the fine print?

Peter: If by "Read" you mean imagine the naked ladies then yes.

Urban Legend
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nice work.  It's very good for a first try.  A couple of remarks though:  First, the story is very simple.  Try to build a bit of a scene around the characters.  You want your readers to be able to picture your story like they are actually there with your characters.  Also, dont get carried away with the exclamation points (I know its tempting ).  Still, your fic was good enough to make me laugh!

Bending Unit
« Reply #2 on: 10-22-2005 17:19 »

I agree, but everyone seemed just a little out of character.

« Reply #3 on: 10-23-2005 11:56 »

K, The next time that I make a Futurama FanFic, I'll try to make everyone more into character. Thanks for the good feedback!

« Reply #4 on: 10-27-2005 13:07 »
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Here's my newest Fan Script:
Please enjoy it and post comments about it and/or my first one.

             The Monkey Claw of the Living Dead (It’s a halloween episode.)

A Futurama script by: Stephen (Nibbler_01)

Caption: Soon to be a classic adventure.

TV Screen: The TV is off.

Chapter 1:

Act 1:
[Scene: P.E. Fry and Bender are watching TV.]

Linda: And the cost of milk just went up another 6 billion percent! Now then, on a more serious note, a new street fair just opened up. We forced Morbo to give us the behind the scenes on it. Let’s watch!

[Picture in the background goes up to fill the screen. Morbo is standing there with a microphone, the street fair is behind him.]

Morbo: Now Morbo will give you a 70 second behind the scenes feature…ette on the new street fair. For your entertainment (mumbles) and not Morbo’s! (Talks normal) Morbo will go up to some of the workers and/or co-workers to see what’s really going on.

[We see Morbo standing next to a manager.]

Morbo: So tell Morbo, what do you do around here?

Manager: Well, I’m the manager.

Morbo: (Nods head) Hmm-mmm, mind if Morbo eats you?

Manager: What?

Morbo: Nothing.

[Morbo sees a person walk by; Morbo then eats the person.]

Morbo: So tell us, Manager, can you show us some of the stuff you’ve got here?

Manager: Well sure Morbo, (points to something) over there we’ve got a pony ride. (Points to something else.) Over there we’ve got a kiddie pool. (Points to another thing.) Over there we’ve got the food stands! (Looks at Morbo.) Don’t touch! There we’ve got the big kid swimming pool. Over there we have the antique stuff! Over there we have-

[We see the picture disappear; we see Linda again.]

Linda: Fun-ny stuff!

[We see Fry and Bender sitting again; we see Leela is there too.]

Leela: Hey, do you guys want to go check out that street fair?

Bender: Nah!

Fry: No… Besides, it’s too far away!

Leela: No it’s not. I can see it right now!

Bender: You’re lying!

Fry: Quit lying to us, Leela!

[Leela turns their heads to be facing the window. We see that the fair isn’t even 13 feet away.]

[Scene: We see the whole P.E. crew at the street fair now. We see the antique shop. We see Fry walk up to it. The person who’s managing the store looks like he’s a bum. The antique seller is the one who’s managing the store.]

Fry: Cool an antique store, what do you buy here?

Antique seller: How should I know? Now just pick something and get out of here or I’ll blow your head off.

[Fry chuckles nervously.]

Fry: Heh, heh, heh… That’s a good one!

[The antique seller pulls out a rocket launcher.]

Fry: Ok, ok, I’ll pick something out!

[Fry looks around, he sees a Monkey Claw. Fry then picks up the Monkey Claw.]

Fry: Hey, this looks cool!

Antique seller: Ok, that’ll be $250.50!

[Fry chuckles nervously, again. The antique seller pulls out the rocket launcher again; we hear it squeel as it’s getting ready to shoot Fry.]

Fry: Ok, ok, here’s your money.

[Fry pays the guy and then walks away.]

Fry: (Mumbles) Man, with that stupid rocket launcher! Man, I wish he didn’t have his stupid rocket launcher.

[We see that the man shoots the gun at Fry, Fry hears the loud boom and turns around to see that there’s a rocket coming right at his head, pretty darn fast. We see that one of the fingers on the Monkey Claw goes down, we see Fry, the antique seller and the rocket launcher and its rocket. All of a sudden the rocket launcher and the rocket just disappear.]

Fry: Whoa, what happened? Did I just do that?

[Fry looks down to see that one of the fingers on the Monkey Claw is down.]

Fry: Wow, so that’s what that does!

[Scene: P.E. We see the whole P.E. crew is at the meeting table. Fry is holding the Monkey Claw.]

Fry: And then for no reason at all he launched a rocket at me! And I turned around to see it was coming for me pretty da** fast!

Zoidberg: What did you do already? The suspense is killing the nervous system in me!

Fry: Ooooook… Anyways, and because I made that wish-

Leela: What wish?

Fry: The wish about him not having a rocket launcher.

Prof: Da** it Fry! You didn’t tell us about the wish!

Fry: I made the wish about him not having a rocket launcher… And because I made that wish this monkey’s rear-end granted it for me, and so I didn’t die!

Bender: Fry, I know I’m your friend and all but that’s not a monkey’s rear-end it’s its hand!

Fry: Hand?

[Fry then screams and throws the Monkey Claw into the air. It then lands on the table. Fry then shakes his hand in a grossed-out way.]

Fry: Eww, eww, eww! I touched a monkey’s hand! Why didn’t anybody tell me it was a monkey’s a**?!

Amy: It wasn’t a monkey’s a**! It was its hand!

Fry: Oh, well in that case!

[Fry then picks up the hand and walks away like nothing happened.]
[Scene: Robot Arms Apt. It’s nighttime. We see Fry is sleeping; the Monkey Claw is right beside him. Fry wakes up gasping.]

Fry: Huh?

[Fry sees the Monkey Claw is right beside him. He then gasps in relief as he picks up the claw.]

Fry: For a second or two, I thought I lost you… Which reminds me, I wish I had a tuna…fish sandwich!

[The tuna sandwich appears out of nowhere, Fry eats it in one bite, he notices that he’s only got one wish left; he then screams.]

Fry: Oh no, only one wish left. Oh why did I let Bender wish for a solid gold body?

[We see Bender sleeping; we see that he has a shiny, solid gold body. We see Fry again.]

Fry: Ok, I know, I just won’t make another wish… For the rest of my life!

[Fry then falls asleep instantly. We see inside of his dream. We see zombies, mummies and mutants are chasing Bender, Leela and Fry. We see the real Fry again.]

Fry: (Mumbling in sleep) Mummies, zombies, mutants… I wish… zombies, mummies, mutants, everybody except… Leela… Bender… Me!

[We see the Monkey Claw; we see the last finger go down as Fry’s wish is being granted.]

[Scene: We see a cemetary; we see a bunch of hands come up from the graves. We see a different cemetary, the same thing happens. We see Egypt on the other side of the world. We see inside a tomb; we see tourist taking pictures of ancient mummies, they all come to life and kill them. Because they’re dead they’re now zombies. We then see inside the sewers of NNY we see all the mutants. We see some dust come down and sprinkle on top of them; nothing happens to them.]

[Scene: P.E. The next day. We see everybody sitting around the meeting table. The professor turns on the TV.]

Linda: And so, the total once again comes to 4. Now then our top story, when KILLER CREATURES ATTACK! Strange things have been happening all over the world! From Egypt to China; from New New York to France…

[We see everyone again.]

P.E. Crew: Ugh, no, what?

Bender: Aww crap, why’d we had to be paired up with France?


Chapter 1:

Act 2:
[Scene: Outside of P.E. We see a bunch of zombies and other creatures walking around the streets of NNY. The camera zooms into one of the windows to see Fry and Leela.]

Leela: Oh man, this is not good!

[We see inside the room that Fry and Leela are in, we see that the professor is there also. He’s sitting at a desk doodleing.]

Prof: Oh my yes, as luck would have it, we’re all going to die!

Fry: (Turns around and points to the professor.) Don’t say that! We’ll find a way to stop this… I know! I’ll just go back to my apartment and wish that the zombies and mummies were gone… The mutants were already mutants and they’re not attacking us!

Prof: By god, that’s it!

Fry: What? You liked my idea?

Prof: Dear god no! I finished my drawing of what will happen when you go outside!

[We see the picture. It’s a picture of the zombies eating Leela, Bender and Fry’s brains. The professor turns towards the desk and continues doodleing.]

Prof: And add the finishing touches… Annnnnnnnnd, there!

[We see the drawing again. We see that the professor is now there and he’s laughing at Fry, Leela and Bender.]

[Scene: P.E. We see Fry run into the meeting room where everybody else is.]

Fry: Guys, I’ve got some bad news!

P.E. Crew: What is it?

Zoidberg: Tell us Fry!

Fry: I know how the zombies and creatures got to New New York!

P.E. Crew: Really? How?

[Fry goes down onto his knees and puts his head towards the ground. He then shows them the Monkey Claw; they see that the last finger is now down.]

Prof: Fry you ungratful oaf!

Hermes: That’s a new low, Mon!

Zoidberg: Even I’m disgusted!

Amy: How could you?

Bender: Yeah you stupid bast***, even Zoidberg’s disgusted!

Zoidberg: He’s right!

Fry: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

[We see Bender come up behind Fry with a chair and smack the chair on Fry’s head. Fry gets knocked out cold.]

Bender: That’ll show that bast*** not to mess with the almighty, all-powerful bending unit known as, BENDER THE ALMIGHTY, ALL-POWERFUL BENDING UNIT!

[Scene: Robot Arms Apt. Mid-Afternoon. We see Fry is quietly sobbing on his bed. Leela comes bursting through the door.]

Fry: Go away!

Leela: Come on Fry, cheer up.

[Leela goes over to Fry’s bed and sits next to him.]

Leela: Do you want to tell Leela what happened?

Fry: (Still crying) No!

Leela: Come on Fry, I know you do!

Fry: (Slowly starting to stop crying) Well, I was having this dream last night that you, Bender and I were being chased by zombies, mutants and mummies! And I don’t know what I said but it made the finger go down and grant my wish.

Leela: So it wasn’t entirely your fault.

Fry: Hey… You’re right! I should stop crying and punch those gay bast*** zombies!

Leela: Uh, Fry, let’s not get caried away!

Fry: Why not? I can take ‘em!

Leela: Uh, Fry… No offense, but, uh… No you can’t!

Fry: Yeah… Yeah. I guess you’re right!

Leela: Thank you. Now let’s get back to Planet Express. Just before I left I think the professor said something about delievering a package to some planet I think is called, Little Miss Know It All!

[Scene: P.E. Launch room. We see the whole P.E. Crew except for Leela and Fry. Leela and Fry then enter.]

Leela: Look who I found.

Prof: Dear god no! I mean, uh, um, thank god no! (Pauses) Um yeah, that one will do!

Fry: So you said something about a delievery?

Prof: Um, uh, yes! Leela, Bender, I’m sending you two on a delievery!

Fry: (Looks up at the professor angerly.) Hey! What about me?

Prof: Um, what? What do you do around here? Who are you? Who am I? Why is the sky round?

[The professor walks away doing the coo-koo thing around his ear.]

Fry: Uh, what just happened?

Bender (O.S.): You got a football in the groind!

Fry: What?

[All of a sudden a football comes out of no where and hits Fry in the groind. He goes to the ground holding his crotch; we see Bender.]

Bender: (Laughs.)


Chapter 1:

Act 3:

[We see the P.E.S. in space. We see Bender and Leela at the control panel.]

Leela: (To Bender) I’ve got to go check on the cargo. I put the space ship on cruise control so don’t touch it!

Bender: (To self) Cruise control… Is that thing still around.

[Leela leaves and Bender runs to the controls.]

Bender: Oh I’m going to love this! (Shouts so that Leela can hear him.) Ok Leela! I won’t touch the controls!

Leela: (Shouting back.) GOOD!

[He then starts pressing all the buttons.
We see the cargo room. Leela walks into it, we see one of the boxes move. The lid pops open. We see that Fry is in there.]

Fry: Ah-Ha! Now I’m in the ship!

Leela: Fry, get out of that cargo box.

[The ship starts shaking.]

[Scene: P.E. (I could just go on and on with this. But now I have to get back to the story. So I’ll give you the gist of what happened. Leela and Fry go run out to the controls; they knock Bender out and get the ship working again. They delievery the package safely and return back to P.E. There! Now I’ll get back to the story.) We see inside the meeting room. The whole P.E. Crew is watching the news.]

Linda: And so it turns out once the zombies or mummies kill you, you turn into a zombie! Isn’t that interesting Morbo?

Morbo: Hardly. Morbo think that aliens should have taken over earth! Morbo think alien would do a much better job at killing humans… And it’d be much quicker too!

Linda: (Laughs) I agree too!

[We see the P.E. Crew again.]

Fry: This is horrible.

Zoidberg: Ack, are you still here? I got to go use the john, I do!

Fry: (Turns to everybody else.) What are we going to do?

Amy: What do you mean we? It was you who did it!

Fry: Look, I already apoligised! Can’t you guys forgive me?

Hermes: No way Mon! We usually could, but now you have criss-crossed the line!

Fry: No I didn’t! I just stepped over the line!

Prof: Fry; we’re saying that you did it, so you have to figure your own way out of this!

Fry: Quit using BIG words! I get confosed easily!

Leela: Don’t you mean confused?

Fry: Quit it!

[We see Fry run away out of the room. Everyone looks at the door for a couple of seconds; then the professor turns towards everybody else.]

Prof: So, uh, what are we going to do about the zombies and mummies?

[Scene: P.E. We see Fry is sitting by himself in the living room holding the Monkey Claw; he’s not watching TV.]

Fry: I wish the zombies and mummies were gone! (Nothing happens) I wish the zombies and mummies were gone! (Nothing happens again) I WISH THE MUMMIES AND ZOMBIES WERE GONE!

[Fry then looks at the Monkey Claw. Stareing at it… Concentrating on it. We see one of the fingers start to move. Fry gasps but then continues looking at it. One of the fingers go up.]

Fry: Huh? What the he**? I wish the mutants were gone!
[The finger goes back down; Fry then realizes what he just said.]

Fry: Wait no! I meant the zombies and mummies! NOOOOO!

[Leela then comes running into the room.]

Leela: Fry… What is it?

Fry: Leela you’re still here!

Leela: Fry, what are you talking ab…

[Leela then dissapears. We see the NNY sewers, we see the mutants. All of a sudden they dissapear.]


[Scene: The Land of Forgotten Creatures. We see Leela appear there. We then see all the other mutants appear there.]

Leela: About? (Leela looks around) Huh? Where am I?

Dwayne: The real question is… Where are we?

[Scene: P.E. We see the meeting room.]

Hermes: Now you wished away Leela?

Amy: What are you going to wish for next?

Fry: A baloney sandwich! No wait! A baloney sandwich with ham!

Bender: Forget Fry! I don’t think we should buddies, friends or even roommates anymore!

Fry: But, but, but… We’re a trio!

Prof: Fry you idiot! You mean DUO!

Fry: Uno?

Zoidberg: That’s it! You pick up 8 cards!

Fry: Huh?

[They all get up and leave.]

Fry (Thoughts.): What have I done? Now I’ll never be able to tell Leela how I really feel about her! I need to find a way to get Leela back! But how, how? How is the real question!

Fry: I’m sorry Leela!

To Be Continued…

Thought up by: Stephen (Nibbler_01)

Futurama created by: Matt Groening.

Futurama characters by: Matt Groening.

I do not own any of the Futurama characters.

This fan script was created by: Stephen (Nibbler_01)

I hope you enjoyed the script!  smile

Bending Unit
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t.v and beer are the 2 greatest things

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #6 on: 10-27-2005 22:39 »

  • Are you under 15 years old?
  • Is English your primary language?

« Reply #7 on: 10-28-2005 19:14 »

How did you know my name?

Yes, I'm 12 years old!
Yes... English is my first laungage.

And, uh, one more thing... Who are you?

« Reply #8 on: 10-28-2005 19:20 »

Originally posted by Nibbler_01:
How did you know my name?

Originally posted by Nibbler_01:
Episode title: Groborge 11 by: Stephen K

« Reply #9 on: 10-28-2005 19:21 »

Oh yeah... lol! I forgot about that! How silly of me!  smile

« Reply #10 on: 10-29-2005 21:45 »

Here's one that I started and finished today. It's not the same style as my other two, but tell me what you think of it, please!

                               "Beezlebot Strikes Again." By: Stephen

Act 1 (Chapter 1):

(We see Bender whistling and going into the kitchen. He opens up the fridge and takes out a beer. He drinks it in one gulp and throws it behind him.)

Fry(O.S.): Ow!

(We see Bender is watching All My Circuts.)

Calculon: Tell me the truth doc. What's wrong with my circuts?

Doctor: Nothing is wrong with your circuts!

Calculon: Oh thank god!

Doctor: You're dying!


Bender: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

(Fry enters)

Fry: So, what's going on?

Bender: You're just in time, Calculon is dying!

Fry: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Sweet.

(Fry sits down. We see Calculon is sitting at his couch watching TV (In the show). We see the TV that Calculon is watching.)

Calculon: Tell me the truth doc. What's wrong with my circuts?

Doctor: Nothing is wrong with your circuts!

Calculon: Oh thank god.

Doctor: You're dying.

Calculon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Calculon: Wow I'm good.

Narrator: All My Circuts will be right back after-

Beezlebot: After a quick message from Beezlebot!

Fry & Bender: (Gasp)

Fry: It's the robot demon.

(Bender smacks Fry.)

Bender: That's the robot DEVIL! Jerk!

Beezlebot: That's right, now by noon tomorrow you'll be bowing down to me or else you won't get to watch the ending to All My Circuts... Which I hear is good! Only I, Beezlebot, will get to watch the ending to All My Circuts! Moo-wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Fry: Oh my god! NO!

(We see some dust come out from the TV and we see Beezlebot appear in front of Fry and Bender.)

Beezlebot: Why, hello Bender!

Narrator: We're experiencing some technical difficulties!

(Beezlebot turns around to face the TV.)

Beezelbot: Moo-wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Bender: Fry! You do not be mean to the guest!

Beezlebot: Thank you Bender. I suppose some people aren't used to having guests in their work place!

Fry: Hey! I only work to get paid... Although I haven't been getting paid that much...

Beezlebot: That's right Fry, and why do you think that is?

Fry: Because the professor's a dumba**?

Beezlebot: No idiot, it's because you're a terrible employee!

Fry: Hey, I might not be a model employee but at least I'm not some jerk who's made of metal!

Bender: Hey bast***! I'm right here you know!

Fry: What if we don't bow down to you by noon tomorrow?

Beezlebot: Then you lose all  TV shows!

Fry: You fiend!

Act 2 (Chapter 2):

(P.E. The very next day.)

Prof: Good News everyone, today's the day that we bow down to Beezlebot! Hmmm, yes hmmm!

Fry: No, da** it! No! I'm not bowing down to any one!

Leela: Not even me?

Fry: Well maybe you... But I would never in all my life bow down to a 'Beezlebot'.

Prof: Well if you don't then we'll never see that ending to All My Circuts.

Bender: Fry, it's times like this that I'm sad I'm about to punch you.

Fry: What?

(Bender then punches Fry in the stomach.)

Fry: (Holding his stomach) It's times like this that I'm mad at you for being made of metal!

(We see the middle of New New York, we see Beezlebot's on top of a stadium and everyone who lives in New New York is in front of the stadium.)

Beezlebot: Now is the time for you all to bow down to me!

(We see evrybody bow down except for Fry. Fry looks around and sees everybody's bowing down.)

Beezlebot: Why hello Fry, how kind of you to- BOW DOWN TO ME!

(Beezlebot aims his staff at Fry and he gets zapped; he then bows down.)

Beezlebot: Moo-wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Crowd: (In monotone, and while they are bowing) Bring back A.M.C. Bring back A.M.C. Bring back A.M.C.

Beezlebot: I will when I become ultimate ruler of New New York.

(We see Fry break free of Beezlebot's spell.)

Fry: Never! I won't ever let you become ultimate ruler of New New York or even a small country like Canada.

Beezlebot: Oh my, you really have no brains! Canada isn't a small country you dumba**! In fact, it's from far small.

Fry: Shut up, I'm never going to bow down to you and that's final! Well, not including the three bows I just did.

Beezlebot: Oh, really? We'll see about that!

(Beezlebot then aims his staff at Fry again and fires at him.)

Act 3 (Chapter 3):

(We see Beezlebot fire his staff at Fry. Fry then jumps out of the way and Beezle bot misses him. Fry keeps running and Beezlebot keeps shooting at Fry. Beezlebot then jumps off of the stadium and starts flying while trying to shoot Fry. The whole crowd follows Beezlebot as they bow to him.)

Fry: He can fly too?

Beezlebot: I can do many things Fry. For I am the robot devil!

Fry: I know, I got it the first time!

(We see P.E. Fry dives through the front door.)

Beezlebot: Da** it! Well, looks like I'm going to have to surprise him.

(We see Fry is still running, then Beezlebot comes through the floor right in front of him.)

Beezlebot: Hello Fry, looks like you can't get away from me!

Fry: Oh yes I can!

(Fry then grabs onto Beezlebot's staff and starts pulling. They get into a tug-o-war fight.)

Beezlebot: What the he** are you doing?

Fry: Teaching you a lesson at your own game!

(Fry then yanks the staff out of Beezlebot's hands. Fry aims the staff at Beezlebot.)

Beezlebot: Now, now Fry, calm down... You're going a little overboard... calm down!

Fry: SHUT UP! Take this!

(Fry shoots Beezlebot and beezlebot dissapears. We see the whole crowd, they become normal again. The P.E. crew goes inside P.E. We see Fry zap the TV and All My Circuts goes back on.)

Narrator: And now back to All My Circuts.

(The everyone high-fives each other and congratoulate Fry.)

The End. 

« Reply #11 on: 10-30-2005 14:53 »

There were a few spelling errors but other than that  it is a very good short story. The characters seem more like the characters from the TV show.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #12 on: 10-31-2005 03:58 »

Sorry if that seemed weird.  I didn't ask your age and language preference because I'm a creepy, stalker-type guy.  I usually always ask those questions in order to make my reviews better.  Plus, I'm a creepy, stalker-type guy.

The major flaw of your stories is that your writing isn't as mature as that of many other (and older) fanfictionists.  I think that's because of your age.  The only way to improve your style is by reading well-written stories by other people and by practicing your own.

Every so often the characters are pretty close to the way they were written in the show.  The dialog isn't as sophisticated as it should be, but it occasionally sounds like the characters.

Some things in the stories didn't make sense, though.  I don't get the flavored Zoidberg ink, why building a new ship would make more sense than other strategies, the physics on Gorborge, or how Gorborge's gasses can be used to power a ship fueled by dark matter.  Also, I don't know why Amy, Hermes, and the Professor would rather sit around and wait for the zombies and mummies to get them instead of helping Fry stop them.  I don't know if you're familiar with the expression "cutting off the nose to spite the face," but it would seem to apply here.  The premise of the last story is pretty weak.  It's hard to believe enough New New Yorkers watch All My Circuits and like it enough for it to be an effective hostage.

Your last two stories also rely heavily on magic (or science you just haven't explained).  This is a big problem for me.  The difference between science fiction and fantasy is the believability.  You have a monkey "claw" that seems to be able to draw on supernatural powers and a Robot Devil that can transport himself through space and matter.  If you listen to the commentary on "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings," the producers actually talk about having to show the Robot Devil sneaking away in the background to make it more "realistic."

Just so you know, it's "Beelzebot," not "Beezlebot."  And you don't don't have to censor yourself here.  None of us bastard-ass bitches give a damn crap what the hell we read so long as it fits in with the story.
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