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Author Topic: One shot Fanfiction  (Read 589 times)
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Starship Captain
« on: 03-19-2005 13:00 »
« Last Edit on: 06-09-2005 00:00 »

Well hello there.

I just made a small one page one shot Fanfic for all of you boys and girls here at PEEL.

This is a small story that I had in my head for almost 4 months now. It was supposed to be included in my main fanfic but I cut it out to save time and to get to the action faster.    wink
If you did not read my first fic, don't worry. I change it enough so it could be a story on its own.

You can read my original fic (not finish yet) here:

Okay here we go.
By: Nic2001 (N.R.)

It was dark, very dark. The steam pipes passing over them were red hot. The heat was crushing them but they had to stay hidden behind the old rusty control panel. Fry got hit in the leg and could not run away. Leela was looking after him when they heard them coming there way.

- (Fry) - Leela, take cover over there. Don’t stay near me; I’m too slow to move away.

- (Leela) - No Fry, I’ll cover you and…

- (Fry) - Leela, please go take cover near those boxes over there. If we’re lucky, we could get them in a cross fire.

Leela give him a kiss and runs for cover were Fry told her to go. She looks back and sees Fry reloading is old M16. She looks at her guns; she has two MP5 and a desert eagle. Fry told her that those old weapons were very deadly in is time. They found them in an old wooden crate a few minutes ago.

- (Leela to herself) – I still don’t think that those things will be of any help. They are over 950 years old! And those guys that shot Fry are using class5 Laser Riffles and are wearing full body armor. This is hopeless… 

Leela loads them and peeks over the side railing of the platform. She sees 5 of them coming there way, Leela looks at Fry and see him taking defensive position behind the panel and he signal her to get ready to move on is command. She checks her guns again to be sure that they were fully loaded and she turns their safeties off.

- (Soldier Zeta leader) - Zeta leader to team, secure the perimeter and eliminate all intruders.

- (Soldier Zeta 2) - Roger that Zeta leader, Zeta 3 and Zeta 4, follow me.

Fry observes them coming from the stair way, there was 3 of them.

- (Fry whispering) - Shit, were did the 2 others go…

Leela saw them too, she looks back and sees Fry telling her to stand down until he make is move.

- (Leela to self) - I hope you know what you’re doing Fry.

The trio stops and looks around; Fry has the perfect position to hit them. He shot the first one in the chest but the bullet bounce off his armor. The soldier turns to face him but Fry fires all the remaining bullets at him and finally take him down. The soldier falls down the stairs. The 2 others men start firing toward Fry who was still hiding behind the rusty control panel. Leela jumps out of her hiding place and shot the 2 soldiers with her 2 MP5. Most of the rounds did not penetrate their thick armor but still they got hit a few times each. One of them falls on the ground but the other one aims is weapon at Leela. She jumps in the air and do a spinning kick, the guard is struck in the face and collapse over the railing. He fell 2 stories and landed head first on the concrete floor.

- (Fry shouting) - Leela watch out… behind you…

The other soldier that was shot by Leela got on his knees and aims at her. She rolls on the side, takes her desert eagle and blasts the men in the head. The bullet went thru is head and he fall on the floor dead. She looks back at Fry with a large smile on her face. The two others soldiers fire at her from behind, she fall on the floor but manage to crawl away from the stairs way.

- (Fry) - NOOOOOO!!!

Fry come out of his hiding place and shoot the first one he sees, 30 bullets later he drop off the stair well. The last guard was still hiding somewhere but Fry did not care, he limps toward Leela as fast as he can. She was lucky! She only got hit on her right arm and in the lower part of her left leg.

- (Fry out of breath) - Leela, your okay! I’m so glad you…

Leela look at him with an angry look and aims her gun toward him. She fires 3 times and… hit the last soldier in the chest, sending him flying to the other side of the platform.

- (Leela angry) - Fry, are you crazy or what? Exposing yourself like that, what were you thinking?

Before Fry could respond, his vision turn to black and he could read: GAME OVER red team win. 24698 points. Thank you for playing Old New York survival ver2.5.

He takes his V.R. helmet off and smile at her.

- (Fry) - Well I think I was couth in the action and forgot that we were in a game. Sorry.

- (Leela) – Its okay, we did great this time, now let’s get ready, or break time is over.

- (Fry) - Awwww!

- (Professor) - There you are, I told you before that you have an urgent delivery to make to Urectum. So off you go and don’t forget to bring you anti-odors masks again…

So did you like it?     confused
Please leave me feedback if you read my fic.
Bye for now.


Delivery Boy
« Reply #1 on: 03-19-2005 23:25 »

Grettings Nic I read your fic and it was very excellent i hope you plan on continuing this story because i would like to read more of it and i also if you can give me name for the sequel of my fic i will appreciate it very much because as i stated in my thread i will not ask you or any body else for help on wrighting my fic because i'am going to wright the reast by my self. any way's enough about me keep up the good work.

« Reply #2 on: 03-19-2005 23:49 »

It was a good little read, nice twist ending.

I think the fight scenes could do with some more suspense though, they seemed a little too rushed and overly descriptive - it's easy to lose track when there's too much going on (for example you mentioned that there were 5 soldiers, but Fry and Leela killed 6 of them  wink ).

Keep writing and you'll improve your English, and develop your style, I like how it's similar to a script-style fanfic, but with long paragraphs in there too.

Starship Captain
« Reply #3 on: 03-21-2005 14:30 »

Originally posted by *Zmithy*:
*(for example you mentioned that there were 5 soldiers, but Fry and Leela killed 6 of them  ).

Well I just check my fic again and Fry shot 2 of them and Leela shot 2 and kick one off the platform. So 2+2+1=5. (Maybe there was a glitch in the game when you read it   big grin   laff   big grin )

Thank you for your reply, don't forget to check out my other fic too.

Hey Jubei, are you duck taped to my fictions???  tongue  You are really my #1 fan. Sorry but this was a one part story but maybe I will write more small fic in the future. Oh and btw, I find it easier to write my title after I write the story. Just look for a line your character say or a sentiment… You’ll see that once your story is in front of you on paper or on the screen, is title will pop up for you. I hope this help.

Bye for now.

Starship Captain
« Reply #4 on: 03-21-2005 14:51 »

Just read this story. Very nice work, the ending added a nice little twist, I actually thought they were fighting. Write some more soon!

Starship Captain
« Reply #5 on: 03-21-2005 16:04 »

Thanks a lot for your reply Philp_J_Fry.
Don't worry, I will write more of these little story.(my head is full of them) I am actuly starting to take note for the next one.

Bye for now

Delivery Boy
« Reply #6 on: 03-21-2005 18:53 »

Greatiings NIC I'am glad that you are still wrighting can't wait for the next one i bet that one will be good as well.  i have also came up with name for the sequel to fry's destiny and the name of it is called the chronicles of the quiet one so tell what you think and if you like it i might use it or if you have a better one you can post it on my thread. later day's

Starship Captain
« Reply #7 on: 03-22-2005 18:54 »
« Last Edit on: 06-09-2005 00:00 »

Hey Jubei I like it. I knew you could do it.        big grin

Hello everyone. (Faint sound of a fly passing over head)

Anyway, here is a very small story that I once wrote in French and I translate it in English for all of you guys... (Same fly passing over head)

Non mais!!! PAF!!! Quin maudite mouche!!!

Ok now that this is out of my system, here is my very small fic.
By: Nic2001 (N.R.)

She was alone, she was always alone.
She was alone even with everyone around her.
They were mocking her, they were hitting her and they were hurting her.
No one was on her side, no one was helping her up, no one cared, she was alone.
At night, things were different. At night she had dreams. In her dreams, she had a family, she had friends… in her dreams.

Time has past, she changed, she had move up in her life, but still she was alone.
She had few friends, she had an average job, she had her routine but still she was alone.
Things did not change until that day. That day… the day that changed her life for ever.
Dec 31 2999. The day he came into her life. She saw the “ONE” that would change everything.

He changed her, he changed her life, he changed everything.
At first, he made her angry and kept deceiving her but he changed to the better over time.
He helped her make new friends, got her a job she liked, found her family and never left her alone.

Now they were working together, they lived many adventure, they still had many more to live. Now, she was not alone anymore. Now she was almost complete. Now…

- (Fry) - Leela???

- (Leela) – Uh? Oh! Sorry Fry, I’m coming.

- (Fry) – Okay then, let’s do this!

They steps out of the ship to face a new adventure.

So was it good or bad.        smile         frown
Please leave me a reply if you read my fic.
Bye for now.

Edit: I change the last few line of this fic because I always hate the way I wrote it in the first place. Sorry if you don’t like it but I think this way is better.

Starship Captain
« Reply #8 on: 03-22-2005 19:10 »

Very good, it was a nice little read, Write more soon, the only thing I saw that you needed to fix is this quote you wrote: At night, thing were deferent when it should of read At night, things were different.

Starship Captain
« Reply #9 on: 03-22-2005 20:10 »

Hey thank you for your reply Philp_J_Fry

I fix it.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #10 on: 03-22-2005 22:27 »
« Last Edit on: 04-02-2005 00:00 »

Greattings Nic I read your fic very and it is very interesting and i'm glad that you like the name and i plan on wrighting the reast of my fic really soon. the sequel will be written in about oh say some time after i get through with chapter's 8-20 and if you whant me to i wil e-mail you to tell you when it is up on FM:TLZ so tell me what you think by posting on my thread oh i almost for got to tell you that i will be wrighting the reast of my fic and the sequel to it on monday because i am going to new mexico this sunday and i will begone all week but if you have any questions you can leav apost on my thread or drop me an e-mail. later day's

Starship Captain
« Reply #11 on: 04-20-2005 18:56 »

Wow this was lost at page 3.
I am now taking note for another small one shot fanfic including Leela and Zapp. Stay tune, It may be up by Saturday.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #12 on: 04-20-2005 19:59 »

Greating's glad to hear that you are still wrighting your small fic's.  i was wondering if you had any idea's for chapter's 8-20 of my story and for the sequel and if you need help in coming up with any idea's just reread chapter's 1-7 of my story and if you do just let me know via e-mail or post them on my thread ether way i will be shure   to take a look at them. later day's

Starship Captain
« Reply #13 on: 04-25-2005 15:22 »
« Last Edit on: 04-25-2005 15:22 »

Just to tell all of you that my next "small" one shot fic is coming realy soon. (Sorry but I did not like the version I had last Saturday ) It should be up in maybe 2 or 3 days.

Bye for now

edit: Jubei, Look at my main Fic topic for my reply to you're qestion.

Starship Captain
« Reply #14 on: 04-27-2005 16:17 »
« Last Edit on: 06-09-2005 00:00 »

Okay, here it is. This is my next small one time fic. But this time, it's a prequel to my main fic “When the two became one” that you'll find here: http://www.peelified.com/cgi-bin/Futurama/4-001005-1/

 It is not necessary to read my main fic first but it help. (And you can always read my main fic after reading this.        big grin )


By: Nic2001 (N.R.)


Dec 7th 3003

Things could not be better; for once her life had a meaning. It was not like she imagined it years before but still; it was the greatest thing that happened to her. In the last few months, she found out who her parents were, she finally accepted to date with this delivery boy from the past and now they were living together.

- (Leela’s mind) – It’s Monday, time to get up and get ready for work. Still, the bed is comfortable, hot and Fry for once is not snoring very loud. Maybe if I open my eye I’ll see how great this day looks and it will motivate me to get up.

She opens her eye and … she froze in place. Where was she, that was not her bedroom, this was not her bed, and velour sheets what the… She fear to turn to her side but she had to look. She turn to her left and looked to the person lying to her side. Tall… Fat… Blond hair…

- (Leela screaming) – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

- (Zapp) – Good morning lover! So you found a new way to wake me up today. But you know that I prefer when you do it the sexy way.

Leela tries to flee, seeing that she was naked, she hide herself under the blankets and look around her.

- (Leela) – Where are my clothes? What am I doing here?

- (Zapp) – What’s wrong baby, did we did “it” too hard last night. You were on fire. It’s still warm to the touch.     

Leela has a repulsive look on her face. She sees a women’s DOOP space navy uniform on the floor and put it on. She scratches her hand on one of the badges, she look at it. It read: Lieutenant Turanga Leela. She sit down on the bed, it could not be possible. What was happening to her? Last night she went to bed with Fry and now she wake up beside Zapp. Did he…

- (Leela mad) – You kidnapped me!!!

- (Zapp) – Yes my dear, I kidnapped your heart… that night… 4 years ago. (He sits beside her) You came to me and never left. It’s true that time goes by faster when you are not alone and in love.

- (Leela) – What..? Wait, if I staid here, were did my friend go?

- (Zapp) – They left after you told them what we did that night. You told them to carry on their mission. But they did not make it back.

- (Leela) – They died?

- (Zapp) – Well yes of course! The planet imploded and they did not come back. Then one year ago we lost Earth too. She exploded after we received a S.O.S. message from headquarters about flying Brains.  But because we were “busy”, we arrived too late.

- (Leela crying) – Fry… What’s all this? It’s not real. It can’t be. No I won’t believe this. Tell me the truth Zapp, this is just a bad joke right. Tell me…

- (Zapp) – That’s no joke, you and me are the most sexy space captain couple in the universe and … 

Zapp was interrupted by the intercom beep.

- (Kiff) – Captain, you need to see this, (a small screen beside the speaker turned itself on) we are being chase by a wall of fire and we can not outrun it for long.

- (Zapp) – Kiff my good old friend, like always you are showing sign of weakness. Just send wave after wave of my men’s in space with fire extinguishers and stop bothering me.

- (Kiff) – But sir we can’t …

Leela is now looking outside the ship thru a window and fully see that wall of fire caching up with the ship. Zapp and Kiff were stiff debating on what to do. Leela get up and walks to the window. She presses herself against it and keeps looking out side. She only sees fire coming their way. She sees a bunch of men in spacesuits jumping out of the Nimbus and trying to stop the firewall with small fire extinguishers. They all died. Death, it looks good now. Maybe in death she would find Fry again? Maybe she would escape this? Was this her life or was it the other one? She did not care anymore, it would be over soon.

The ship was hit hard. The hull rip open and a huge explosion destroyed the ship. Leela was ejected in space. She did not understand why she was still alive. She was moving out of the firewall path and saw what was left of the universe. Most of it was gone, everything was burn down. What was happening to her? Why was she the only one left? No she was not alone. She saw him floating away from her. He was looking strait at her.

- (Leela) – Fry? Fry! FRY!!!

She kicks her feet trying to “swim” in his direction, but she’s not able to move. She’s stuck in place. Fry was moving closer now. He was not smiling, he looked sad. He looks at her again and speaks in a deep voice fill with echoes.

- (Fry) – Leela, I’m glad that you did not take that path back then. Look around you. If you had chosen to stay with Zapp or any one else, that is what our universe would look like by now. You and me must work together to keep what we like and who we love safe.
Don’t forget that Leela.

- (Leela crying) – Wait Fry! (He was fading away) Don’t leave me here. FRYYYYY!!!

Leela wakes up in her bedroom beside Fry. She was back. She looks around, got up and checks if every thing was ok in the apartment. Fry was sleeping like a rock, snoring like an old Beta-5 star cruiser on idle. She looks around the apartment for anything wrong or out of place but everything is fine. She gets back to bed. See looks at Fry for a good 10min before she take him in her arms and kiss him. He did not wake up but he had a stupid smile on his face now.

- (Leela’s mind) – It was just a dream. Thank god… Don’t you worry Phillip J. Fry, I’ll not leave you. Never…

Sticking his 3rd eye out of the laundry basket, Nibbler sees her fall asleep again.

- (Lord Nibbler) – It worked. She has received the coded message from the elders. Now it’s time for the “one” to do is part. All we have to do now is wait.

 So was it good? I hope so. Please, leave feedback if you like it.        smile  (or not)

Edit: Oups! I fogot to check if I got replys before posting this. Sorry about the double posting.       hmpf

Bending Unit
« Reply #15 on: 04-27-2005 19:22 »

That was quite good... And it is a nice prequel to your main story - Keep up the good work...

Delivery Boy
« Reply #16 on: 05-02-2005 12:12 »

I really liked that part of the story.  I like your other parts, but this one seemed the most in character.  Zapp was very Zapp.

Starship Captain
« Reply #17 on: 05-09-2005 12:21 »

Hey! Sorry guys, I should have responded to this sooner but I was really busy last week. hmpf

Nice to see you back Swidzi.  smile
Thank you for your reply. I am glad that you like it. I am in a prequel mood right now. (Can't wait for SW ep III in 1 week.) I hope that you are still reading my main Fic.

Well Jacoby, that part was on my mind for a long time now. It was part of my fic once but I cut it out to keep the action going. I always liked that part a lot. I was starting to miss it so I decided to rewrite it and voilà. I really like the way it turn out. I think that its one of my fav part so far.
Oh and yes I think I wrote Zapp very well in it. He’s so stupid and unaware of the danger surrounding him. I also like the way I wrote Leela in this. She feels so sad and full of remorse.

Anyway now I am working on another Leela small fic. It won’t be part of my main fic this time. It should be up this week.

Bye for now.  smile

Starship Captain
« Reply #18 on: 05-18-2005 12:32 »
« Last Edit on: 05-18-2005 12:32 »

Hi guys.
I hate to do this but I have to double post this.

This is my new small Leela Fanfic.

Enjoy.     smile
By: Nic2001 (N.R.)

Dec 31st 2999 / New New York / Apartment 1I 

Leela was sleeping peacefully in her bed. The heavy blankets were keeping her warm. Outside, the wind was cold, the streets has been clean up after Santa mad rampage. The sun was shining and everybody was getting ready for tonight festivities. Leela decided to pass on the action outside and catch some sleep. She tried all week to find a date or someone to be with her during the New Year all night party but everyone was taken or repulsed by her look. All those long nights in bars and dance joints exhausted her. Since it was New Year eve, her boss told her that she could come in late today since she only had one defrosty to take care of. After that she plans to go back home and watch TV all night. 

Her alarm clock begins to beep.

- (Leela sleepy voice) – Awww! It can’t be 10am already. Better get myself ready. I’ll be back here in 4 hours anyway.

She turns off the alarm clock and went in the shower. She got out, grabs a towel and start drying her hair. It was her last chance to find someone to be with tonight.

- (Leela looking at herself in the mirror) – (Sigh!) Maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll find the one who will change my life today! Yeah right, like this could happen to me…

Once dry, she puts on her cryogenic counselor uniform. She love the way the pants were looking on her. They were fitting perfectly on her hips and did not make her butt look big. She loves them so much that she could wear them every day. She left the bathroom and went in the kitchen to fixes herself a small snack and sat in front of the TV to eat it.

- (TV voice) - …You can have all this for only 4 easy payments of 154.75 Earth dollars. But wait there is more, if you call now we will send you this superb book to help you …

She changes the channel.

- (TV Elzar’s voice) - …Also you will want to let it cool for about 10min. Then you’ll need to slice 3 Venusian’s apples into thin slices and lay them in the…

Channel change.

- (TV Malfunctioning Eddy voice) - …For only 30,000$! Argh! BOOOM!!!

Channel change.

- (TV voice) - ...Happy New Year to all Earthicans.

- (Linda’s voice) – That was Earth’s President McNeal. Now in other news, Morbo went to the street in front of our studios to report about a strange gathering of peoples around one very loud man.

- (Morbo’s Voice) – Yes Linda, I'm now with this puny human and I'll ask him what he’s shouting about. Excuse me sir but could you tell our viewers what is the problem here. I have being told that you have an important message to say…

- (Male human voice) – Dude, its coming, the new beginning is coming. The end and the start of all stuff will happen today. I'm telling you men, the new “one” will come to save us all.”

– (Morbo’s voice) – That’s it? You just made me waste my time for this. I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!

- (Linda’s voice) – Ha ha ha ha!!! Now for today’s weather...

Leela shut the TV off.

- (Leela) – Why is everyone going crazy every 100 years? (Sigh!) Ok let’s go. I better get going, the streets will be full of peoples.

She left her apartment and went to the nearness tube access and commands it to take her Downtown. She could see all the people that were preparing themselves for the big party tonight. There were also some very long lines at all the suicide boots.

- (Leela) – At least I’m not that depress. I still think that someday I’ll meet someone that will change my life forever. But for now I must do what I have to do… Like everyone else.

She arrives at work and went strait to her office. She saw Greg and Terry on there way to the old cryochambers room.

- (Terry) – Hey Leela! Do you want to catch a beer with us after work? It’s on me.

- (Leela) – I’ll think about it. I only got one defrosty to handle today. It won’t take too long to process him. Yeah ok I’ll go.

- (Terry) – Great! Meet us at 5:30pm outside. We'll wait for you.

They hear a ding coming from the old cryochambers room. Terry and Greg went in to welcome the new defrosty in this world. She enters her office and prepares the official files to register the new defrosty in the system. Leela took one last look outside before they arrive. She hears the door open. She took a deep breath and she turn around to face him.

So how was it?
I am still working on part 7 of my main fic. It should be ready soon.     wink

Bye for now.

Urban Legend
« Reply #19 on: 05-18-2005 12:55 »

I think it was a cute concept. But what does Sight! mean? Was that supposed to be sigh? sight is related to vision sigh is when you take a deep breath and let it out audibly.

Starship Captain
« Reply #20 on: 05-18-2005 15:41 »

Awwwwwww!  eek   eek
I got a reply by Venus.
I'm not worthy.  tongue

Hey thanks for the reply Venus.
Oh crap…  It’s a typo it was supposed to be “sigh”.  hmpf

I changed it.

Thanks again for your reply Venus.
Maybe I’ll do a shipy small fic next time.  wink 

Bye for now.
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