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Author Topic: Dr.j's Fan Ficition  (Read 598 times)
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Starship Captain
« on: 10-17-2004 12:44 »
« Last Edit on: 10-18-2004 00:00 »

Hey guys,
AS you all know I'm not the best at drawing. But im told I can write! So I decided to write a bit of Fan Fiction and If you Like it ill continue. And i know some of the characters act defferetnly but it is not supposed to be comedy, but drama.    big grin

Here goes:

23rd October 3002
The Thunder cracked across the sky, why had Fry decided to go alone? How Foolish, Leela regretted letting him go. She paced the perimeter of the PE Ship's cockpit. She stopped. Sat. And Cried. Bender was asleep and hence would not hear her, thank god.
"That's it!" yelled Leela, she jumped out of her chair and sprinted to the Armory. She grabbed two laser pistols, one for her, one for Fry. She ran to her room for some paper and a pen and wrote Bender a note wondering if he would actually be awake before she got back. Proberly Not. Leela crept to Bender's room and left the note on the pedestal. Then once again sprinted, to the airlock.
She took a deep breath and opened the door; laser in hand ready for the oncoming surprises of her little escapade. Slowly, ever so slowly Leela crept thought the undergrowth and vegetation of this god forsaken rock. There! No, There! Something flashing around her with tremendous speed, bang! She fired. Miss! Damn! Again Bang! HIT! Yes.
"You go Girl!" She whispered, if only Fry could hear. Creeping over to the corpse Leela raised her weapon and aimed at the corpse, hoping and hoping it was dead. Wait! Nibbler! No! Leela had shot Nibbler! No! She fell to her knees and cried, hugging the little guy's body. She remembered her true mission and quickly dug a shallow grave for nibbler, rested him in it, and re-covered it. Gone. Leela would not be sad to see this Hell-Hole behind her. She carried on, the ship's navigation had said the lair was dead ahead. She walked, and walked, and walked. Never ending. She must have gone round this rock five times, must she? She stopped, something was not right. Leela just stood still, still as Nibbler was now. Then there it was, El Chubinebrae! It walked straight past her! Never even giving her a glance. Leela just froze even after he had gone. Frozen.
1 week earlier, 16th October 3002
There she was the light of his life! Just sitting there, watching and sipping her coffee. His heart must have skipped a beat or two. She looked over.
"Hey, what do you want to watch? All that's on is Gorilla Wrestling"
"Don't Mind. I’m happy with what you're watching" Even if Good Morning Earth was boring as long as he could be with her. He sat, slumped on the couch, legs stretched out.
"Just going to get another cup, I’ll be right back" He nodded. As she got up she tripped over his legs spilling her coffee, it landed in his lap burning his Genital. He screamed, as she got up from the floor. She grabbed the mug from his laugh and laughed, "You need to toughen up!" And walked up. Why was she being this mean? That's it! Fry decided to show Leela how manly he was on their next Mission!
18th October, 10:30am
Now Fry was going to prove himself.
Maybe Next time.
20th October, 11:00am
Now was Fry's Time to Shine.
Maybe Next Time.
23rd October
"This is pathetic" she thought "Lets get going" And so she did. She stalked through that Jungle like a sexy, professional lion or puma. On she went. Now it started to rain, a slight drizzle, and harder, pouring, driving rain. In 10 Minutes it was an onslaught. She could not continue in this. She ran for cover in a big hollow tree. And hid under it. Waiting for this nightmare end, she cried for her friend. Wanting him back. Leela lay her head down on the dry, hard ground. Dozing in and out of Sleep. And she finally fell into a very deep sleep.
Drip, Drip, Drip. She Woke and immediately pulled out her laser gun, pointing it around to scare anyone who might be there. No one, what had woken her? She looked at the top of the log, Oh, dripping water from last night's rain. Rolling out from under the log she got up with her pistol still in her hand. Had Bender woken yet? Maybe. He had proberly seen the note and used the back to write the score of the Martini Drinking contest he always has with the Auto Pilot. She continued on her way, through the jungle. Once again assuming the stalking position. Where are you Fry?

And that's it for now, I'll have more tommorrow folks!     big grin
Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #1 on: 10-17-2004 17:56 »

First off, I like how you used my nickname for you(dr.j.)in the title of the thread wink Also you are doing pretty good, you may want to do better on your spelling though

Delivery Boy
« Reply #2 on: 10-17-2004 22:04 »

Nice story  smile . You should try and write a fanfic for TLZ(The Leela Zone).

"Wow,its like heaven,only they found out I wasn't dead and sent me here!"-Peter Griffin

Related to FuturamaNerd and Bender2.0!!!

Starship Captain
« Reply #3 on: 10-18-2004 02:32 »

I took your advice and I have spent this morning doing spelling checks and grammer checks, but how do you spell proberly?
Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #4 on: 10-18-2004 08:28 »

Well if you are using appleworks or something like it to write your fic like I am on mine,there should be a spellcheck option. It will tell you if you spelled a word wrong and will show you the correct spelling (it will tell you that Leela,Zoidberg, Farnsworth,etc.are spelled wrong but just skip those.)

« Reply #5 on: 10-18-2004 09:20 »

Originally posted by Dr.Jerkbird:
but how do you spell proberly?
See, spelling mistakes can be funny, like when you gave 'genital' a capital G.

You've got an interesting style, dr. J, very quick.

Starship Captain
« Reply #6 on: 10-18-2004 11:09 »

Thanks everyone
I type my story in the quickpost box at the bottom! but sometimes i type it is microsfot word and then paste it in the quickbox. but thanks for your positive feedback. is there anything you felt i should change?

Starship Captain
« Reply #7 on: 10-18-2004 13:40 »

Here is the next installment ending the story. But I will write another story or add something else on the end.
Here we Go again  big grin :

Something was wrong. But what? Leela could not quite put on finger on it. To get a better view of the area she climbed a tree. She broke a few branches on the way up, but made it up the sticky, ugly, green tree. Dead ahead. The Cave was Dead Ahead! She jumped out the tree shaking some of the leaves so water fell on her already damp clothes. Leela grunted as she hit the ground and ran towards the cave. After about 5 minutes of running Leela reached the cave. She Breathed deep.
“Here we go, time to kill the tossers who hurt Fry.” She slowly edged into the cave, laser ready. It was lit though, lights going across the top of the grotto. She saw an eye peek out and shot at it! Hit! Leela was pleased that she had got a little bit of revenge and that she hit the little bugger! She ran to the corpse, but there was nothing there! No clothes or anything, but she heard a cry and a thud as the creature hit the floor. Now more confused than before she started sprinting through the cave to get to Fry. Whoa!
“That was close!” Leela had almost fallen down into a ravine! There was a small path along the middle, gradually Leela made her way across the chasm. Made it! There he was! Fry! Sitting in a chair! Slumped as usual! Leela ran over to him and hugged him, but he did not return her affection. She assumed he was tired and scared so did not return it because of it.
“Come on Fry!”
“Come on!”
Silent, sitting, staring.
“Follow me now Fry! That’s an order!”
Silent. Now Leela was pissed off! She simply grabbed him and put him over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. And once again she ran, and ran. All the way back to the ship. During everything Fry was silent, Leela assumed he was scared. After what seemed like an age of running they reached the ship. Leela ran into the airlock and locked the door behind her. Safe.
Bender, where was he?
She ran throughout the ship checking the boy’s bedroom first, still with Fry on her back. She made it to the cockpit and there was Bender reading about his Big Bummed Fembots.
“Bender! I got Fry! Now let’s get out of here!”
“Oh you’re God! What happened to Fry?”
“What do you mean? He’s fine. Quiet but fine.”
“Leela, can’t you see it?”
“See What?”
“Leela, Fry’s dead!” Leela swung Fry onto his seat and he was now a skeleton!
“What the hell happened?”
“I don’t know, but… he’s gone”
Fry was gone.

Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 10-18-2004 13:49 »

That is the end of the story? That is so sad,why did you make Fry die? cry You should make the story longer if you could. I also like that you put in the word "bugger" heheh I like that word  and don't get to hear it much because I live in America big grin (I know you live in England)

Starship Captain
« Reply #9 on: 10-18-2004 14:59 »

Ive got an idea to extend it, it turns out it was all an halluncination! haha or something along those lines.
Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 10-19-2004 07:47 »

Whew! That's good, you had me worried for a second big grin Don't you scare me like that again no no

Starship Captain
« Reply #11 on: 10-19-2004 11:03 »

I would never want to scare you  big grin
Benderfan 1230

Bending Unit
« Reply #12 on: 10-20-2004 12:12 »

Thank you smile
[zoidy] "Why with the no writing?"

C'mon, you said it would be longer!

Starship Captain
« Reply #13 on: 10-20-2004 12:24 »
« Last Edit on: 10-21-2004 00:00 »

Fry was gone.
Leela sat there and cried, it seemed like an age. Bender Simply sat there staring, what was he thinking? After he lifetime he crying Leela dragged Fry's corpse to the Fridge to preserve it. It was fairly light and she wanted to preserve it until the furneral. She found the freezer and placed him inside, whispiring
"Goodbye" as she closed the door. Leela shuffled back to the cokcpit only to find Bender in pieces and a microwave with smashed glass next to him! No! Not another friend!
"Those little buggers have to be in here somewhere!" She withdrew the laser pistol and pointed it at black space while jumping round and checking corners. Maybe Bender dismantled himself. Yeah. That must be it!

But Bender had a few chips missing, his memory and brain. once again crying (yet this time not so hard) Leela collected Bender's remains and put them in the corner. That's it! It's pay back time. Big Time! She launched the ship above tree level and fired 3 torpedos into that godforsakken cave.

"DAMN YOU BASTERDS TO HELL" She ran to the laser on the top of the ship and fired into the cave screaming! Hoping maybe to hit something. As she fired and screamed she slowly started to calm down and ended up crying. And eventually stop firing. Leela  slumped down to the cockpit and set a course for Earth, and she set it on auto-piloet and went into Hibernativenaptosis so she could get some sleep. Maybe that would make her feel better.

Leela slouched back to her cabin and changed into her pyjamias. Climbed into bed. And just dropped off to sleep.

"Help... Please Leela... Help me..."
What was that? Leela fully woke up and jumped out of bed, running to the teleasonic transmission machine. It was the professer! "Please Leela...here...they've come...us...Help!...NO! NO! NO!" A Sunset Squad robot appeared on screen and then it blurred out and went.

"I've got to get home now!" Leela ran back to her cabin and changed to her normal clothes. Then jumped back into the driver's seat. Leela took the auto Piloet of and flew home the rest of the way herself. She came into the atmoshpere only to find New New York in a burning blaze! What was going on here? She landed in the remains of the planet express building. Before Leela ran out the airlock she remembered her laser pistol.
"Better take it just in case, alright you little buggers. Leela is onto you now. You better watch the shadows, 'cos im taking you out!"

Starship Captain
« Reply #14 on: 10-20-2004 13:45 »

Originally posted by Dr.Jerkbird: You better watch the shadows, 'cos im taking you out!"
I love this line! WHat do you think of my 3rd installment, later i will do another story. but this one as romantic thing where fry and leela cna down together  flirt

Starship Captain
« Reply #15 on: 10-20-2004 16:15 »
« Last Edit on: 10-20-2004 16:15 »

Hey guys, i was bored so i drew a picture of Leela getting the message from Farnsworth. It aint good but hey!

Edit:I put up the picture but i need edit it and redifine the lines. itll be here soon

Starship Captain
« Reply #16 on: 10-21-2004 14:23 »
« Last Edit on: 10-21-2004 14:23 »

What do you guys think of my new episode? it sucks dont it!

Starship Captain
« Reply #17 on: 10-21-2004 14:41 »
« Last Edit on: 10-21-2004 14:41 »

Leela ran to the airlock and made sure the PE Docking bay was ok.
"Clear" she jumped out and ran up to the board table. Crouching behind it.
"Clear, Next the Lounge!" She ran in, and there was a sunset squad robot leaning over the couch! Bam! Bam! Bam!
"Score" the motherf***er was down and staying down!
"Better make sure" She ran up to it and opened it's access panel. She shot it and pulled out any remaing wires.

"Got you!" The Leela saw what the robot was looking at. Hermes had been mutilated! His face was ripped off and his right leg had been ripped off. And it had stopped bleeding. She found a ripped a cloth on the floor and laid it over what was Hermes. Now she moved onto the PE Lobby, there was one of the Little buggers was facing out.

Leela shot the robot in the back of the head. It fell backwards and a few sparks went up. But what was this? The robot had Amy's face over it's own like a mask! Now Leela was pissed off and would kill the next moving thing she saw! Leela moved onto attic, bound to be something up there. She moved up and perpared herself for what was inside. She aimed her laserpistol at the middle of the door and walked through. What the Hell? There was a spinning vortex! Changing colour! What Was this? Fry's face. It was forming in the middle! It was mouthing out something.

"Leela, Can You hear me? Leela" Fry's body slowly started to take form. And Leela Blinked. There he was standing in front her. Clear as day. Smiling and Hugging her. Fry was alive?

WHat do you think? I apologise for any offense language but i wanted to express leela's anger!   mad what do you think?

Next story is a love story!   flirt
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