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Author Topic: The worst ideas ever concieved for TV  (Read 1106 times)
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PEE Poll: The worst ideas ever concieved for TV
Reality TV   -26 (68.4%)
Soap Operas   -2 (5.3%)
The Christian Broadcasting Network   -7 (18.4%)
"New" episodes that slaughter a classic series   -2 (5.3%)
Most Sitcoms   -0 (0%)
Spin-offs   -0 (0%)
Other   -1 (2.6%)
Total Voters: 38


Bending Unit
« Reply #40 on: 04-01-2004 11:52 »

The Bachelor. Because there's a f***ing looser who is only interested to have sex. It's definetely not women friendly and it's stupid and tedious.
J.P. Diddy Wow

Bending Unit
« Reply #41 on: 04-01-2004 16:45 »

You pretty much discribed every reality tv show that there is.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #42 on: 04-01-2004 18:41 »
« Last Edit on: 04-01-2004 18:41 »

I voted for reality shows, because there's such an abundance of them, but I'd also like to say that I hate when they take a classic show you loved as a kid, and then bring it back with a new, younger cast and pass it off as "The Next Generation." And they always exploit one of the former cast members by making them the teacher, or something. Prime examples: Degrassi, Saved By The Bell.
Woodbot 2.0

Starship Captain
« Reply #43 on: 04-01-2004 19:56 »

It's tie between Soaps and Reality T.V
Soaps are terrible.My mom loves them and every time I pass by her I here"You had sex with my evil twin"or"I'm leaving you,adrion"
and I think:"WHAT IS THIS CRAP!?",
but reality shows suck too.

« Reply #44 on: 04-01-2004 21:46 »

Originally posted by M0le:
God, I hate Reality TV. The only one that could even be considered good was 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance'.    smile


[insert long rant about Reality TV here that you probably wouldn't read anyway]

Bender + Zoidy

« Reply #45 on: 04-01-2004 21:51 »

My Big Fat Greek Life and Full House and the other one with the Olsen twins when thier 15 in my opinion are the three suckiest shows on TV.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #46 on: 04-01-2004 22:16 »

Reality TV. God, I hope the fad dies soon...

« Reply #47 on: 04-02-2004 02:16 »
« Last Edit on: 04-02-2004 02:16 »

I had to go with CBN.

Those christian bands really know how to rock the boat!

Reality shows are crap but the SAS and army type ones where they beat the shit out of the contestants do make me chuckle sometimes.
its not like I watch 'em all the time..
canned eggs

Space Pope
« Reply #48 on: 04-02-2004 02:49 »

Reality TV sucks.  American Chopper rules, but the rest of it is just proof that the bar keeps getting lower.  I hate TV an awful lot these days.  The things worth watching can be numbered on the one hand.  So I would say all of the above.

Space Pope
« Reply #49 on: 04-02-2004 14:06 »

As I posted in another thread, some Reality TV is worth watching. Reality TV remember is just watching real people in (supposedly) real life situations, unscripted. Faking It is an excellent show which (if they go for a sixth series) I highly recommend watching.

Big Brother on the other hand is the death of entertainment and social interaction as we know it. Though I think I just hate it so much because you can not avoid it. It's on the TV for hours on end with nothing interesting happening, in the papers, on the news. Gah! Same goes for Pop Idol, except in that case I simply feel sorry for the contestents because they do clearly have a talent for singing, but once they get put through the pop industry clone-o-machine they'll be raped for all their soul and money, then their fameless corpse dumped by the side of the road in a few years/months time.


Soap Operas are great in the same way the Eurovision Song Contest is great. Eastenders and to an extent Corrie are getting pretty racy/violent now and it would be better if they went back to a more entertaining relaxed style of scripting, but shows such as Hollyoaks or Neighbours and pure brilliance because they are so bad, and about young fit people wearing not much. How can you honestly not like that?

Wouldnt it be ilegal to camera someone without them saying its ok?

Yes I believe it is. The way Trigger Happy TV got around that was to secretly film the unsuspecting victim of Dom Joly's prank, then afterwards accost them, tell them they were on TV and ask them if they'd like to be put into the final episodes. If they refuse then there is nothing the team can do no matter how great the prank was. Dom in an interview said that for every minute of show, 120 minutes were actually filmed, and he has tapes and tapes of unbroadcastable outtakes at home, including one man who refused because he was out with another woman and didn't want his wife finding out  laff

Urban Legend
« Reply #50 on: 04-02-2004 15:33 »

I think my family is backwards. Isn't it supposed to be the teenager who watches crap like Survivor and Real World and the father who yells at him for being a dumbass?

« Reply #51 on: 04-02-2004 15:37 »

O_O this many people agree that reality TV sucks.... I feel like I've finally found where I belong! ^_^

Space Pope
« Reply #52 on: 04-02-2004 22:17 »

I just remembered this now after seeing dozens of ads for..... (Drum-roll please)
Another Australian Big Brother (It's 5 now, isn't it?)
When will it end? Why must they test our patience?!    cry

Urban Legend
« Reply #53 on: 04-03-2004 05:24 »

I think it's 4... but y'know, after a while my thoughts on the topic all mould together in a razorwire mesh of hatred, and I can't tell where it begins or ends...

Space Pope
« Reply #54 on: 04-03-2004 08:23 »

Reality TV is already a violation of the Geneva Convention, but all those Casting Shows such as Pop Idol are just the worst fucking thing ever conceived.
Soap Operas are only slightly better. They acting sucks, the plot sucks, they're wasting airtime and energy and as if that wasn't enough, the actors also have to record music. Which also sucks.

I've never seen the CBN, but I guess I'ld get the dry heaves if I could. So I'm thankful they don't air shit like that over here.
The conclusion of my rant probably is that about 90% of the stuff on TV sucks. Why is that not an option?

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #55 on: 04-03-2004 22:22 »

Originally posted by Archie2K:
If they refuse then there is nothing the team can do no matter how great the prank was.
They probably do the same prank over until someone does give permission.

That's smart prankin'!!

Starship Captain
« Reply #56 on: 04-03-2004 23:19 »

Yes, reality TV needs to burn in the eternal pits of robot hell(even that may be to good for them).
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