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Author Topic: renewal of Family Guy  (Read 2737 times)
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Prowla RX7

Starship Captain
« Reply #160 on: 05-17-2007 19:13 »

Very interesting points, Winna.  Personally, I liked both Futurama and Family Guy when they first came out on Fox.  Equally, I was excited about both.  When Adult Swim first started airing episodes of both shows... after I had stopped watching them for a couple years (life happens), I found that I truly enjoyed Futurama more, but still enjoyed Family Guy plenty. 

In a sense, I don't care what's popular or not, I'll decide whether I like the show or not... regardless of what other people think.  If the show happens to be so popular, and there are plenty of people on the bandwagon, then so be it. 

Starship Captain
« Reply #161 on: 05-18-2007 09:15 »

Originally posted by winna:
I had the same experience when family guy first started getting aired on Adult Swim.  Maybe I'm a pompous arrogant tv watcher, but I generally have a thing about bandwagons: I don't approve of them.  So while everyone is yelling Family Guy is so GREAT!@1  I'm staring at them disapprovingly as I suggest that by watching that show they have the maturity of a snot-nosed second grader who revels in telling potty humor.  That's not entirely fair to the show.  I watched it when it first came on, and I admit, I liked it a lot.  I believe it first premiered after the premier of futurama, which I was wholly more interested in.  Futurama is definitely the better of the two, but Family Guy was witty, and in a way original; its flashback sequences which parodied popular culture from decades ago sparsed with a few randoms is actually quite entertaining and humorous, at least on the first viewing.  In a way it wasn't original though either; an analogy can easily be comprised about it of "it's the simpsons, only much more crazier".  To a certain extent, that is actually a pretty close description (you could also insert random sitcom family in place of "simpsons" ).  I think maybe one of the largest reasons I know have a such a strong negative reaction to family guy is that exploded into success off the bandwagon.... even though futurama seemed to not get the attention it deserved.  Then again, I suppose Futurama was better recieved in my mind, if only for the fact that I knew it was great and it was something I didn't have to share with lesser beings.  That will probably change in the future, if it hasn't already.  Maybe I should think twice about getting on my high horse... and I suppose I can still watch Family Guy and enjoy it... I think I'll always still have a little spite for the bandwagoners who now wear the merchandise and quote the show ad nauseum.  Afterall, where were they when the show got cancelled the numerous times it did?  No... they're the kind of people that follow things because its popular - I'll probably never have any respect for that kind of mentality. :sigh:

Definetly agreed. Although Lost has always been popular and that show is fantastic people who jump on the bandwagon do piss me off. It's the same with Borat. Now you've got annoying little 11 year olds thinking they're impression is the best and all these people going oh hey Borat thats a movie right? Not cool.

Urban Legend
« Reply #162 on: 05-18-2007 12:57 »

Yeah, it seems like Borat is getting the Napoleon Dynamite treatment, I saw Borat once in the theater, now I have co-workers who constantly talk in really Borat accents

Starship Captain
« Reply #163 on: 05-18-2007 19:40 »

Borat isnt that funny; it interesting but not funny. i hate people always choosing to like something because everyone else does. which is why people who watch family guy sometimes piss me off.

i enjoy the show and all but i cant stand some of the people who say they like he show because its usually on a fad basis. theyre always the ones who say "stewies awesome' and " i love stewie" and dont mention anything else except the more obvious references like the "chicken fight" which just shows theyre in to it mainly cuz its popular

« Reply #164 on: 05-18-2007 19:59 »

i see what you mean although i do watch family guy and love stewie!! mainly in later episodes not related to  killing louis, like when he mentions to brian about the novel hes been writing and the episode where he recruits brian to work in his pyramid scheme!

Space Pope
« Reply #165 on: 05-18-2007 23:30 »

Don't make assumptions, Frobot. Just because I like the chicken fight doesn't mean I'm into FG just because it's popular, not even close. I could reference SEVERAL other things from the show, but I tend not to quote or reference FG on the basis that it's so overrated and over-referenced. I mentioned the newest addition to the chicken fight just because it caught me by surprise and felt it was worth mentioning...I have enjoyed all three segments of those they've had in the show. The first time, because of the wittiness and parody of the entire scene, and the second two times become of the clever randomness and silliness of the situations.

In fact, my beliefs on Family Guy are pretty close to Winna's rant.

Starship Captain
« Reply #166 on: 05-19-2007 14:54 »

im not really making a assumption, you can be a real fan of the show and reference the chicken fight its funny, but it also happens to be one of the most popular things that have come out of family guy so it is easy to mention it because its popular. and most of the time Fad fans will mention it to sound like they been watching for years. just like the stewie thing.

stewie is funny when hes not in " damn you , victory is mine mode" any person whos gone to Hot Topic can by a shirt with those phrases and can say they are a real fan because they know a line, but its the real fan that can say something obscure from the show like "are  you gonna finnish that stapler" or " my black son" becaus ethey truly like the show

Urban Legend
« Reply #167 on: 05-19-2007 19:17 »

When Futurama and Family Guy came out in 1999, I liked both shows.  Though at the time, I liked Family Guy better and I was a little unsure of Futurama because I thought it was going to be another Simpsons.   Then as the series progressed, I like both shows the same.  Until around the summer of 2000, I got offended by Family Guy and stuck with Futurama.  It was then I began to like Futurama better, because it wasn't as vulgar, perverted, and depended on cutaway gags like Family Guy.  From then on, I favored Futurama over Family Guy.   That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Starship Captain
« Reply #168 on: 05-21-2007 03:17 »
« Last Edit on: 05-21-2007 03:17 »

what made you offended on family guy, i mean that has been their main point to offened people hoping that it takes the sting out of it.

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #169 on: 05-21-2007 11:54 »

Heheh, Beverley Hills theme tune.
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