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Author Topic: Violence on TV?  (Read 1216 times)
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PEE Poll: Violence on TV?
Yes   -2 (6.9%)
No   -27 (93.1%)
Total Voters: 28


Bending Unit
« Reply #40 on: 09-09-2003 19:19 »
« Last Edit on: 09-09-2003 19:19 »

Murdock is the only person I remember getting shot on the A-team. If you'll notice every time a car would flip over the would make a point of showing the bad guys crawling out of the car without a scratch.
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PCC Fred

Space Pope
« Reply #41 on: 09-09-2003 19:30 »

There's too much violence on TV, it takes precious air time away from the frontal nudity and explicit sex scenes we all tuned in for!

Space Pope
« Reply #42 on: 09-09-2003 19:43 »

Originally posted by AnarchyBoy:
Are video games being censored? I'm not aware that they are, in the US at least. They are regulated (given ratings, some are not sold to minors, and so on) but that's very different from censorship, something liberal democrats like myself often lose track of.

Well you could say games manufacturers would remove certain elements because they want to get it the next rating down, then more people can buy it.

Perfect Dark is an example of censorship though. There was an ability to put your head on a bot in the game using the GameBoy Camera. However weird people complained that you'd start shooting your friends in the head with a Farsight rifle...  roll eyes

(Ok, maybe not the farsight rifle bit, but the rest is correct)
« Reply #43 on: 09-09-2003 20:05 »
« Last Edit on: 09-09-2003 20:05 »

Originally posted by Rage Dump:
We're doing stuff like this in Yr12 media. Without boring you all with the details, we've been tought that no viewer is completly passive, and just takes the info in regardless of what it is. As soon as we started this topic our teacher gave us an example...
He asked whether we thought TV and other media influenced peoples decisions, most of us said yes or sort of, he then asked a person at the front of the class to go outside, look for a knife just outsode the door, and thrust it into their chest.
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Which i thought was a funny and effective way of telling us that people aren't effected my the media as much as we think, it is just the easiest to blame, which is why people do so.

you know, i know some morons who would do that...and I am NOT joking....but they would do it because they're stoners, not because TV affected them...

EDIT: and i wish we had that teacher in high school...those morons i talked about earlier would probably bet me at least 5 bucks they could do it...

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The Names Nick

« Reply #44 on: 09-09-2003 21:10 »
« Last Edit on: 09-09-2003 21:10 »

I think TV, in the past few years, has become less violent in some ways. I remember during the early to mid 90's TV seemed to be at its worse in terms of max blood. It seems that now TV is not as violent. A big reason behind this might be the fact they show fewer violent movies on TV then they used to.

Bending Unit
« Reply #45 on: 09-10-2003 00:17 »

I'm surprised that a country that has "and the home of the brave" as part of their national anthem is shocked by violence on tv. I just get 2 north american tv channels here (in english) and they pass ads for joining the military more often than vice city ads, and the military is real. I'm not saying that the military are just a bunch of psychos but aren't they supposed to kill for a living? isn't that worse than any teenager with vice city?

Plus i notice some kids use videogames, music and tv as scapegoats, which is not surprising. But then i see those parents whose children killed themselves making a bomb or something blaming the media and i think they are way worse than those kids, at least the kids got a reason for being immature and stupid.
Slurm Guy

Starship Captain
« Reply #46 on: 09-10-2003 21:37 »

Can never have too much violence. There's nothing better than seeing a good ass kicking.

Starship Captain
« Reply #47 on: 09-11-2003 12:52 »

im with PCC Fred. i think that there should be more sex on t.v., and not just the one night stands on those reality shows, nor the getting married type. just show a real realtionship for once, one that has a beginning a middle and an end.

Starship Captain
« Reply #48 on: 09-14-2003 16:14 »
« Last Edit on: 09-14-2003 16:14 »

They should start airing violent animes uncut at night to satisfy our needs. Also those fucking soccer moms and those wusses that think there is too much violence on tv should stop ruining tv for us people who think it's fine. (and it is.) In Japan they show violent things on tv every day (I assume) and no one over there complains. We could learn something from them if we wanted to.

« Reply #49 on: 09-15-2003 14:23 »

yes, There is Violence in real life....shealding someone from it is wrong.

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