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Author Topic: Under- and Overrated Films  (Read 1934 times)
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Iron Chef
Bending Unit
« Reply #120 on: 03-06-2004 09:28 »
« Last Edit on: 03-06-2004 09:28 »

Overrated Film
Titanic is the most overrated film that I have seen. The directing is inconsistent, the acting is mediocre and the love story is very poor. The onyl redeeming feature is seeing the ship sink. How it won Oscars is beyond me

Underrated Film
There are a lot of great silent films that are now greatly overrated. I have had the pleasure of seeing such titles as
Birth of a Nation
Broken Blossoms
The Big Parade
The General
These are all fantastic films. Yet they are barely recognised today. Silent films should be seen for how marvellous they really are. Modern viewers would get a shock to see these titles, as they are often much better than anything produced now.

TOTPD jitterbugging

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt- Bertrand Russell
rule brittannia

Bending Unit
« Reply #121 on: 03-06-2004 09:30 »

the matrix was overated for me
Frank Horrigan

Delivery Boy
« Reply #122 on: 03-24-2004 17:32 »

Heres my list that I just come up with as I go:


Kill Bill
The Matrix
Pirates of the Caribbean (Or perhaps every Jerry Bruckheimer movie)
Battle Royale
We were soldiers
A Beautiful Mind
Black Hawk Down
This list just go on and on...I better quit right now.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre
American Psycho
Futurama(hehe, not exatly a movie but I had to put it in)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...2!
Jason and the Argonuats
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Beach
Bringing out the Dead
Rules of Attraction

« Reply #123 on: 03-24-2004 19:07 »

A Beautiful Mind, Matrix and Titanic were very overrated, as were Chicago and Shrek[both charming, but hardly of 'best picture' caliber]. Underrated.. Hmm. Triplets of Belleville, Haiku Tunnel, Shadow of the Vampire and Ed Wood.
Kill Bill got very little acclaim except for its high violence level, but even if you hated the movie, you had to admit it deserved recognition for costumes and sound editing at least. Oh, Elle Driver <3.<3
canned eggs

Space Pope
« Reply #124 on: 03-24-2004 19:12 »

The Mighty Quinn is underrated.  It's Denzel Washington's best film.  His accent comes and goes, but the movie is as nearly perfect as Hollywood films get.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #125 on: 03-24-2004 19:18 »

Titanic, is definately over-rated. I saw it 4 times, when I was impressionable, now I have a more sensible choice in films!

Urban Legend
« Reply #126 on: 03-25-2004 02:58 »

Fear and Loathing? Underated? NEVER! Unknown, perhaps, but not underated.

"We were driving through Nevada, in the middle of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold."  laff

Best movie opening ever.

« Reply #127 on: 03-25-2004 03:18 »
« Last Edit on: 03-25-2004 03:18 »

Originally posted by Frank Horrigan:


Bringing out the Dead

Hell yeah! Bringing out the Dead was a cool film, morbid with a black humor running through it, I'll have to put it on my DVD wants list...

Frank Horrigan

Delivery Boy
« Reply #128 on: 03-25-2004 09:11 »

Originally posted by SlackJawedMoron:
Fear and Loathing? Underated? NEVER! Unknown, perhaps, but not underated.

"We were driving through Nevada, in the middle of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold."   laff

Best movie opening ever.

Well most of the people I've heard reactions from said something like: It was ok but a bit too strange. Maybe it's not underrated in terms of reviews, that I don't know anything about. It's just how I felt considering how people around me reacted to it.


Urban Legend
« Reply #129 on: 03-25-2004 10:10 »

Too strange? Losers. wink
I know nothing of revierws, but everyone who I know who has seen it (all four of them) think it's great.
I have no idea what critics have said of it. I don't care too much.

Urban Legend
« Reply #130 on: 03-30-2004 13:37 »

Pirates of the Carribean is an overrated movie.  I have heard good things about this movie since it came out, but after seeing it, I can say it's not a good movie.

Did we really need the main charcters to go to the secret pirate island, escape from the secret pirate island, then return to the secret pirate island again?  No, I don't think so.  If they would have condensed a little the film would have only been boring.  Instead it was both boring and drawn out.   sleep

Starship Captain
« Reply #131 on: 03-30-2004 15:18 »

Originally posted by Ricky:
Also overrated: Memento.

Backwards, man... I mean, wow...
The only reason it made a lot of money was because people had to go see it two or three times to figure out just what the hell was going on.

In fact, the movie was pretty easy to understand.

Or maybe I'm just too intelligent.   laff
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