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Author Topic: The worst thing about TV.  (Read 985 times)
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Goose Patrol
Space Pope
« Reply #40 on: 05-02-2003 18:44 »
« Last Edit on: 05-02-2003 18:44 »

My Big Fat Greek Life.... worst. show. ever. so. bad. can't. watch. more. than. one. second. stupid american wog humour, leave it to us Aussies.

*Does extremely annoyed TOPD, while listening to fat beats through his huge subwoofers in the back of his car*

Otis P Jivefunk

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #41 on: 05-04-2003 13:58 »

Another thing I hate about TV is that it's almost impossible to watch, or tape anything without an anoying logo in the corner.

Urban Legend
« Reply #42 on: 05-04-2003 23:41 »

Jay leno. As apposed to conan.

Starship Captain
« Reply #43 on: 05-06-2003 15:31 »

Reality TV. Cheap, insulting lower common denominator programming. May all Reality TV executives have their own circle in Hell reserved for them.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #44 on: 10-25-2005 21:45 »


My mom was randomly selected to be part of some sort of test audience for some TV council.  Being avid TV watchers, my dad and I agreed to help do our civic duty.  A tape arrived a few days ago and we all sat down to watch it.  It contained a sitcom called "Dads."  I don't even know how to describe how terrible it was.  The dialog, the laugh track, the complete absence of any moments where anyone who wasn't a laugh track would actually laugh, the acting...

I don't know what they were testing, but that show blew so hard it mussed my hair.

Bending Unit
« Reply #45 on: 10-26-2005 04:41 »

there arnt many films at nights just dumb series like CSI, casualty and stuff like that, i wanna see movies

Starship Captain
« Reply #46 on: 10-26-2005 04:41 »

Originally posted by Juliet:
I hate it when MTV just show pointless things like repeating The Osbunres all the time which puts me off on Buying The Osbunres on DVD.

What are a few things that you don't like about TV?

The Osbournes does.

"Ozzy where's the fuckin fuck bulshit computer".
"Your on your fuckin rags Sharon go fuck the fuck fuckin dog.


Bending Unit
« Reply #47 on: 10-26-2005 09:16 »

1.  Reality shows.
2.  Commercials - and especially how they heap 'em on towards the end of a movie 'cause there's no way you're gonna tune out when you're engrossed.
3.  Movies on TV that are either censored to fit a time slot or for the sake of being "non-offensive".   roll eyes
4.  Telethons.    sleep

Bending Unit
« Reply #48 on: 10-26-2005 11:50 »

t.v makes you fat....
unless you watch one of those exercise programs, but those give me nightmares

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #49 on: 10-27-2005 15:54 »
« Last Edit on: 10-27-2005 15:54 »

Originally posted by pojy

t.v makes you fat....
unless you watch one of those exercise programs, but those give me nightmares

Thatís only if you eat as you watch TVÖ

A lot of people are commenting about commercials. As we pay for extra digital TV programmes I don't really watch commercials because I only watch digital channels. They do advertise what programmes they will put on but there are no other commercials.  Well, unless you want to count the ones on CNN's 24 hours international news channel, but itís not really that much. At least the commercials they put on are not annoying and it's the only channel I watch that has commericals.


« Reply #50 on: 10-28-2005 05:35 »

When they squish the credits into the bottom right hand corner so they can advertise for other shows. stupid fox.

"Why am I sticky and naked? Did I miss something fun?"

"Hey, wait! I'm having one of those things. You know, a headache with pictures."

« Reply #51 on: 10-28-2005 06:00 »

Adverts and when nothing goods on and adverts and adverts and makes you fat and adverts

Bending Unit
« Reply #52 on: 10-29-2005 10:52 »

The top 5 bad things about television
1. Reality 'television'  mad
2. Car and mobile phone adverts
3. Other adverts
4. Daytime televison
5. Educatinal televison (it manages to make interesting things about as fun as watching Pop Idle *shudders at the thought*).

The top 5 good things about television

1. Futurama
2. Sometimes they show good movies at 2.00 in the morning
3. Urm...

« Reply #53 on: 10-30-2005 21:33 »

I can't stand the amount of commercials on cable television.

Network television is free (in most countries), it needs sponsors to keep on the air and whatnot, but the whole original concept for cable was that you pay to get more stations with no/little ads.

That idea was shot to hell, huh? You turn on the idiot box and they somehow manage to stretch a half-hour show into a one hour time slot with ad after ad after ad... Especially on channels like VH1.

Speaking of which, what ever happened to music on music stations? Most of the music these days sucks, sure, but I'd still rather watch a music video than watch Danny Bonaduce cry for 10 minutes with an ad every three seconds.


And reality TV. I remember watching every episode of the first season of Survivor. It was awful then, and it is awful now. Who watches this crap?

Then there are bad sitcoms. "Okay! Guys! Okay! What... if we made this show, right? About a family- but not just any family- a family OF QUINTUPLETS!"

I love infomercials, though. They're the best. My favourite is the one for the Magic Bullet. At least they're entertaining.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #54 on: 10-30-2005 21:37 »

I love the Weather Channel, but I hate it when they go all in depth on a hurricane for 48 hours.

I hate those cell phone ringtone and backround commercials also. Do people really do those things?

Other than those, I hate Fox's sitcoms and reality and much of reality in general.

Bending Unit
« Reply #55 on: 11-01-2005 15:37 »
« Last Edit on: 11-01-2005 15:37 »

Originally posted by SB:
SKY TV here in England hogging all the Football League matches.

SKY can be in Scotland too!!!
I hate the BBC.... they charge us to buy TVs.... even for BBC America!!!

Oh! And channels which show old stuff from the 1970's.... only my Mum watches those...

Delivery Boy
« Reply #56 on: 11-01-2005 18:41 »

I'm so addicted to TV I can't turn it off.  I have it on all the time.  I think the only way I would stop watching it is if my roommate unplugged it from the wall and chucked it off the balcony.

I think the worst part of TV is that it has made me stupid.  I can't concentrate on anything anymore, and I have lost the ability to remember what happened more than 30 seconds ago.

Starship Captain
« Reply #57 on: 11-01-2005 19:12 »
« Last Edit on: 11-01-2005 19:12 »

"Everybody Loves Raymond", maybe with a nice side helping of "Friends".

Urban Legend
« Reply #58 on: 12-17-2005 20:12 »

Local advertisements with shitty singing
RS 2thou

Urban Legend
« Reply #59 on: 12-17-2005 22:21 »

TV? Isn't it that screen with the moving pictures on it?
A good thing about TV is the 'OFF' button and the DVD player
I no longer watch TV
Lee Roberts

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #60 on: 12-17-2005 22:29 »
« Last Edit on: 12-17-2005 22:29 »

You know *looks back through pages* after learning about adverts, you can easierly take the right pee out of about 75% of them, those that ain't Drink Driving Adverts, Smoking Warning Adverts etc.

Worst Thing '05: Seeing the Pussycat Dolls repeatedly, over and over and flecking over on the Music channels, please get rid of them... please.. PLEASE!

Bending Unit
« Reply #61 on: 12-18-2005 15:19 »

Rap Music.
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