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Author Topic: Your DVD collection?  (Read 10376 times)
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« Reply #480 on: 12-01-2004 03:36 »

I just got 'Cheaper by the Dozen' from Pizza Hut.
Starship Captain
« Reply #481 on: 12-01-2004 21:48 »

I bought Smallville Season 3 a week or two ago.  It's really good.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #482 on: 12-01-2004 22:25 »

Just bought KING KONG the remake and Pirahana 2- The Spawning.
Starship Captain
« Reply #483 on: 12-01-2004 22:38 »

When does the new King Kong come out?  The one made by Peter Jackson.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #484 on: 12-02-2004 02:27 »
« Last Edit on: 12-02-2004 02:27 »

Originally posted by Lrrr_2004:
When does the new King Kong come out?  The one made by Peter Jackson.

They only just started shooting like a month or 2 ago. So not for a while.

And here'a a list of cast, and yes that is School of Rock's Jack Black...

Naomi Watts....Ann Darrow

Jack Black....Carl Denham

Adrien Brody....Jack Driscoll

Andy Serkis....King Kong/Lumpy the Cook

Jamie Bell....Jimmy

Kyle Chandler....Bruce Baxter

Lobo Chan....Choy

Thomas Kretschmann....Captain Englehorn

Evan Parke....Hayes

Colin Hanks....Preston

John Sumner....Herb.

« Reply #485 on: 12-02-2004 03:02 »

And the Jack Black in Shark Tale, is that 'the School of Rock's' Jack Black?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #486 on: 12-02-2004 20:59 »

Yeah its the same one. Wonder what he'll be like?
Starship Captain
« Reply #487 on: 12-02-2004 22:05 »

I thought he would be King Kong.

Will there be an Old School two?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #488 on: 12-04-2004 10:23 »
« Last Edit on: 12-04-2004 10:23 »

Originally posted by Lrrr_2004:
When does the new King Kong come out?  The one made by Peter Jackson.

Dec. 14th, 2005.  (It's easy for me to remember because that's my birthday.)

Originally posted by Lrrr_2004:Will there be an Old School two?

Not for a while, if ever.  Apparently, the guy who did Old School and Road Trip was upset that Dreamworks used those films to promote Eurotrip, which he had nothing to do with, and he left Dreamworks.  So, now Dreamworks still holds half rights to Old School and he has the other half, and since they're not working together anymore, a sequel seems unlikly unless everyone's willing to forgive and forget.

And on topic, I recently bought:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Spider-man 2: Collector's DVD Gift Set
Aqua Teen Hunger Force vol. 1-3
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete Season 2

« Reply #489 on: 12-04-2004 16:43 »

I personally own:

Spongebob Season 1 and 2 and Bring it On. I have Futurama and Family Guy on my Christmas list though
Mr. Potter

« Reply #490 on: 12-04-2004 20:52 »

I recently ordered:

The Return of the King Collector's Gift Set
Arrested Development Season 1
Rushmore Criterion Collection
The Royal Tenenbaums

I'll also be getting (hopefully) Collateral for Christmas.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #491 on: 12-04-2004 21:39 »

Just now bought The Ren & Stimpy Show UNCUT: The First and Second Seasons.

« Reply #492 on: 12-05-2004 04:05 »

I got Harry Potter 3 yesterday!! smile

Urban Legend
« Reply #493 on: 12-05-2004 05:31 »

I'm gonna uodate my DVD collection as I have quite a few more from the last time I posted in here:

Futurama Season 1
Futurama Season 2
Futurama Season 3
Futurama Season 4
Blackadder All Series Box Set
Toy Story 1 & 2 Special Edition 3 DVD Box Set
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
Disney's Emperor's New Groove
Disney's Hercules
Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Pirates of the Caribbean
Meet The Parents
Jackass The Movie
Notting Hill
Bruce Almighty
Linkin Park - Frat Party at the Pancake Festival
The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror
The Osbourne's Series 1
Tom & Jerry Collectors Edition Part 1
Spiderman 2
The Matrix + The Matrix Revisited
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
Kill Bill
Kill Bill Vol.2
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


« Reply #494 on: 12-05-2004 05:40 »
« Last Edit on: 12-05-2004 05:40 »

I got "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for free with some game tickets that a kid was throwing around. I also got Arrested Development Season One and Friends Season Eight recently.

EDIT: JDB, from Pizza Hut? What did you order?

DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #495 on: 12-06-2004 15:57 »


Blood Simple, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy and The Big Lebowski box set.

I might get this if Blood Simple and Barton Fink are worth it? I haven't seen 'em yet.
Hudsucker hasn't been available on R2 yet.  smile

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #496 on: 12-06-2004 16:04 »
« Last Edit on: 12-06-2004 16:04 »

If Blood Simple has the commentary track that's on the R1 disc, it's beyond worth it!  (It's by some guy who claims to be a representitive of "Forever Young Films", and he gives a hilarious stream of fake background on the film.)  If it doesn't, well... the movie itself isn't bad (in fact, most people would say it's really good) and there are some good individual scenes, but it's never been able to hold my interest all the way through.

Barton Fink is probably my least favourite of the Coen's films, but I've been told that's because I completly missed the point.  I should probably watch it again myself.

« Reply #497 on: 12-06-2004 18:01 »

Originally posted by bender&fry:
EDIT: JDB, from Pizza Hut? What did you order?

Here in Australia it comes free if you order two pizzas, a drink and garlic bread (I think that's it) from a voucher.
The other DVD's you could get were Stuck On You, Master and Commander and Daredevil.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #498 on: 12-07-2004 18:52 »

Here is my list :(very long)

-Jurassic Park
-Absence Radar
-Moulin Rouge
-Final Fantasy
-Alien 3
-Alien: Resurrection
-Point Limited
-2010 l'année du premier contact
-The 5th element
-Harry Potter (part1)
-Sonic Impact
-La ligne des gentlemen extraordinaires
-Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon
-Danger Immédiat
-Red Dragon
-Event Horizon: Le visée au de l'au delà
-La princesse du désert
-Perdu dan l'espace
-24 hours
-Air Force One
-Artificiel Intelligence
-L'odyssée de l'espère
-007 Tomorrow never dies
-Le Tombeau
-Sur la terre des dinosaures
-La fin des temps
-We were soldiers
-Vertical Limit
-Mission to Mars
-Coyote Girls
-Star Wars 1 & 2
-Homme aux mineurs à la mine et au charbon de Merlebach
-Les archives couleurs: les étapes décisives
-The scorpion King
-28 days later
-La conquête de l'espace VI
-Hollow man
-Saving Private Ryan
-Bridget Jones Diary (Part1)
-Terminators 3
-What women want?
-Lord of the rings (Part 1, 2 & 3)
-Le Jour plus long
-Pearl Harbour
-Sleepy Hollow
-Van Helsing
-The last Emperor
-Planet Apes


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #499 on: 12-07-2004 19:05 »
« Last Edit on: 12-07-2004 19:05 »

Damn, my pc tells me my post did not go through, but it did. I had no choice but to double post. I hope they can let us delete unwanted post/s in the future, that way it's easier.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #500 on: 12-07-2004 19:33 »
« Last Edit on: 12-08-2004 00:00 »


About A Boy
Alien Resurrection
Ali G Indahouse
Almost Famous (Untitled)
American Pie
American Pie 2
American Pie: The Wedding
Analyse This
Austin Powers
Austin Powers 2
Austin Powers 3
Battle Royale
Big Trouble In Little China
Blair Witch Project
Bourne Identity
Bridget Jones Diary
Bruce Almighty
Donnie Darko
Drop Dead Gorgeous
End Of Days
Enemy Of The State
Final Destination
Human Traffic
Independence Day
James Bond 007: The World Is Not Enough
James Bond 007: Die Another Day
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Kevin & Perry Go Parge
Kill Bill Vol.1
Kill Bill Vol.2
LA Confidential
Lord Of The Rings (Fellowship)
Lord Of The Rings (Towers)
Lord Of The Rings (King)
Lost In Space
Love Actually
Matrix Revisited
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
Men In Black
Men In Black II
Mike Bassett: England Manager
Mighty Wind
Mission Impossible 2
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life
The Mummy
Mystery Men
Natural Born Killers
Orange County
Road Trip
School Of Rock
Shallow Hal
Shaun Of The Dead
Sixth Sense
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Starship Troopers
Starsky & Hutch
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Episode 2
Star Wars Episode 4
Star Wars Episode 5
Star Wars Episode 6
Taxi 2
Ten Things I Hate About You
This Is Spinal Tap
Toy Story
The Wall
X-Men 1.5
X-Men 2

Black Sabbath - The Last Supper
Depeche Mode: One Night In Paris
Foo Fighters - Everywhere But Home
Incubus: Morning View Sessions
Korn - Live At Hammerstein
Linkin Park - Frat Party At The Pancake Festival
Linkin Park - Live In Texas
Metallica: Cunning Stunts
Metallica: S&M
Metallica: Metallica (Classic Albums)
New Order 3:16
Oasis: Familiar To Millions
Pantera: 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell
Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon (Classic Albums)
Queen: Live At Wembley
Rammstein: Lichtspeilhaus
Rush In Rio
Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks
U2: Elevation 2001 (Live In Boston)
Roger Waters: In The Flesh
The Who: Live At The Albert Hall

Ali G: Aii
Big Train: Series 1 & 2
Black Books 1
Black Books 2
Bo' Selecta (Series 1)
Brass Eye: Series & Special
The Day Today
Futurama: Season 1
Futurama: Season 2
Futurama: Season 3
Futurama: Season 4
Friends: Season 1
Friends: Season 2
Friends: Season 3
Friends: Season 4
Friends: Season 5
Friends: Season 6
Friends: Season 7
Friends: Season 8
Friends: Season 9
Have I Got News For You (The Best Of..)
Men Behaving Badly: Season 6
The Office: Series 1
The Office: Series 2
The Office: The Christmas Specials
Peter Kay: That Peter Kay Thing
Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights - Series 1
Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights - Series 2
Peter Kay: Live At Bolton Albert Halls
Red Dwarf I
Red Dwarf II
Red Dwarf III
Red Dwarf IV
Spaced - The Definitive Collectors Edition
Totally Bill Hicks

You're like the fun vampire, but instead of sucking blood, you just suck...

STILL The Cuddly Face Of Heavy Metal

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #501 on: 12-08-2004 10:52 »
« Last Edit on: 10-03-2005 00:00 »

Repost of my collection, complete with new purchases:

About Schmidt
The Adventures Of Robin Hood
The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad
The Age Of Innocence [1993]
Alice In Wonderland [1999]
All About Eve
Almost Famous Untitled: The Bootleg Cut
Amadeus: The Directors Cut
American Splendor
Anchorman Deluxe Gift Set (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Unrated, Uncut & Uncalled For/Anchorman: Wake Up Ron Burgundy! The Lost Movie)
Angels Hard As They Come
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 1
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 3
Arrested Development: Season One
The Art Of Action
Assault On Precinct 13 [2005]
The Aviator
Baby Snakes
The Bad News Bears
Bad Santa: Unrated Edition
Band Of Outsiders: Criterion Collection
Basket Case
*batteries not included
Batman The Animated Series: Volume 1
Batman The Animated Series: Volume 2
Batman The Animated Series: Volume 3
Beauty And The Beast [1946]: Criterion Collection
Being John Malkovich
Being There
Ben-Hur: 4-Disc Collector's Edition [1925/1959]
The Ben Stiller Show: Complete Series
Better Off Dead
Big Fish
Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)
Bill Hicks Live
The Birth Of A Nation
Blackadder: The Complete Collector's Set
Blazing Saddles
Blood Simple
The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition
Blue Velvet
Bob Hope - Road To Comedy (My Favourite Brunette/Road To Bali)
The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete First Season
Boogie Nights
The Brak Show: Volume One
Brazil: Criterion Collection
Bubba Ho-Tep
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete Sixth Season
The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
Cannibal! The Musical
Cape Fear (1991)
Casino: Anniversary Edition
Castle In The Sky
The Castle Of Cagliostro
Catch Me If You Can
Cecil B. Demented
Chicken Run
Chris Rock: Never Scared
Chuck Jones - Extremes & Inbetweens: A Life In Animation
Citizen Kane
Clerks. X: 10th Anniversary Edition
Clerks: Uncensored (the animated series)
Clone High: The First Complete Season
Club Dread Unrated
The Comedy Of Terrors/The Raven [1963]: MGM DVD Double Feature
Contempt: Criterion Collection
Corner Gas: Season One
Corner Gas: Season Two
The Corperation: Special Edition
Crash [2005]
The Critic: The Complete Series
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
The Crying Game: Collector's Editon
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004
Dancer In The Dark
Dark City
Dawn Of The Dead [1978]: Ultimate Edition
Dawn Of The Dead [2004]: Unrated Director's Cut
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Dead Ringers: 15th Anniversary Special Edition
The Deer Hunter: Legacy Edition
The Detective
Diabolique: Criterion Collection
Die Hard: The Ultimate Collection (Die Hard: Five Star Collection/Die Hard 2: Die Harder: Special Edition/Die Hard With A Vengance: Special Edition)
Director's Label Box Set (The Work of Director Spike Jonze/The Work of Director Chris Cunningham/The Work of Director Michel Gondry)
Does Humour Belong In Music?
Dogma: Special Edition
Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut
Do The Right Thing: Criterion Collection
Dracula: The Legacy Collection (Dracula [1931]/Dracula: The Spanish Version/Dracula's Daughter/Son of Dracula/House of Dracula)
Dr. Strangelove, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb: Special Edition
Edward Scissorhands
Due South: Season One
8 Mile
Enter The Dragon: Special Edition
Errol Flynn: The Signature Collection (Captain Blood/Dodge City/The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And Essex/The Sea Hawk [1940]/They Died With Their Boots On/The Adventures Of Errol Flynn)
Escape From New York: Special Edition
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
The Emperor's New Groove: The Ultimate Groove
An Evening With Kevin Smith
Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story
Farewell: Oingo Boingo Live From The Universal Ampitheater Halloween 1995
Fargo: Special Edition
Fear And Loating In Las Vegas: Criterion Collection
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Fight Club
Fighting Elegy: Criterion Collection
Finding Nemo
Firefly: The Complete Series
A Fish Called Wanda
A Fistfull Of Dollars
The Flight Of The Phoenix [1965]
For A Few Dollars More
Forbidden Zone
Frankenstien: The Legacy Collection (Frankenstien [1931]/Bride Of Frankenstien/Son Of Frankenstien/Ghost Of Frankenstien/House Of Frankenstien)
Freddy vs. Jason
From Dusck Till Dawn: Collecor's Edition (From Dusk Till Dawn/Full Tilt Boogie)
From Hell
Futurama: Volume 1
Futurama: Volume 2
Futurama: Volume 3
Futurama: Volume 4
Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection
Get Shorty: Collector's Edition
The Ghost And Mrs. Muir
Ghostbusters 1 & 2
The Godfather DVD Collection (The Godfather/The Godfather Part II/The Godfather Part III)
The Gold Rush [1925/1942]
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
The Graduate
Great Expectations [1946]: Criterion Collection
Gremlins: Special Edition
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle: EXTREME
Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law: Volume One
Heaven can Wait (1943): Criterion Collection
Hellboy: Director's Cut
Historias Minimas
Home Movies: Season One
House, M.D.: Season One
The Howling: Special Edition
I Heart Huckabees: Special Edition
Ikiru: Criterion Collection
Insomnia [2002]
The Incredibles
Interview With the Vampire
Invader Zim Volume 1: Doom Doom Doom
Invader Zim Volume 2: Progressive Stupidity
Invader Zim Volume 3: Horrible Holiday Cheer
Invader Zim: Premium DVD Collector's Box
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers [1956]
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers [1978]
The Iron Giant: Special Edition
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Jackie Brown
Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
The Jerk: 26th Anniversary
Kagemusha: Criterion Collection
The Kids Are Alright (Special Edition)
The Kid Stays In The Picture
Kiki's Delivery Service
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
The Killers [1946/1954]: Criterion Collection
The King Of Comedy
Knife In The Water: Criterion Collection
Kung Fu: The Complete First Season
Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
The Lady Eve: Criterion Collection
Lady In Cement
The Ladykillers [2004]
The Lady Vanishes
The Larry Sanders Show: The Entire First Season
The Last Samurai
The Last Temptation of Christ: Criterion Collection
Leon The Professional: Deluxe Edition
A Letter To Three Wives
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou: Criterion Collection (2-Disc)
Lilo & Stitch
Looney Tunes Golden Collection
Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 2
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring: Special Extended DVD Edition
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Special Extended DVD Edition
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King: Special Extended DVD Edition
Love And Death
The Lower Depths (1936/1957): Criterion Collection
M: Criterion Collection
Malcolm X: Special Edition
The Magnificant Seven [1960]
Man Bites Dog: Criterion Collection
The Manchurian Candidate [1962]: Special Edition
The Manchurian Candidate [2004]
Man On The Moon
The Man Who Wasn't There
El Mariachi/Desperado: Director's Double Feature DVD
Martin Scorsese Collection (Goodfellas: Special Edition/After Hours/Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore/Mean Streets: Special Edition/Who's That Knocking At My Door?)
The Martin Scorsese Film Collection (Boxcar Bertha/New York, New York: Special Edition/The Last Waltz: Special Edition/Raging Bull: Special Edition)
The Marx Brothers Collection (A Night At The Opera/A Day At The Races/A Night In Casablanca/Room Service/At The Circus/Go West/The Big Store)
The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection (The Cocoanuts/Animal Crackers/Monkey Buisness/Horse Feathers/Duck Soup)
Mary Poppins: 40th Anniversary Edition
M*A*S*H: Five-Star Collection
The Mask
Matchstick Men
The Ultimate Matrix Collection (The Matrix/The Martix Revisited/The Matrix Reloaded/The Matrix Revolutions/The Animatrix)
Meet The Feebles
Melvin And Howard
Million Dollar Baby: Deluxe Edition
The Miracle Of Morgan's Creek
Minority Report
Modern Times
Modern Vampires
Monty Python And The Holy Grail: Special Edition
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Mr. Show: The Complete First And Second Season
Mr. Show: The Complete Third Season
Mr. Show: The Complete Fourth Season
The Muppet Show: Season One
My Blue Heaven
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume 1 (Catalina Caper, The Creeping Terror, Bloodlust, The Sky Divers)
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume 3 (The Sidehackers, The Unearthly, The Atomic Brain, Shorts Vol. 2)
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume 4 (Space Mutiny, Overdrawn At The Memory Bank, Girl in Gold Boots, Hamlet)
The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Collection Volume 7 (Hercules Unchained/Hercules Against The Moon Men/Prince Of Space/The Killer Shrews)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Beginning Of The End
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Eegah!
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Hellcats
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Red Zone Cuba
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 01
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 02
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 03
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 04
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 05
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 06
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 07
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
Night Of The Hunter
Night Of The Living Dead [1968]
No Direction Home Bob Dylan
Notorious: Criterion Collection
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Office: The Complete First Series
The Office: The Complete Second Series
The Office Special
The Office (US): Season One
Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Once Upon A Time In The West
One Two Three
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior
On The Road with Bob Hope And Bing Crosby (Road To Singapore/Road To Zanzibar/Road To Morocco/Road To Utopia)
The Outer Limits: The Original Series Volume 2
Out Of Sight
The Ox-Bow Incident
The Palm Beach Story
Panic Room: Special Edition
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! The Complete First Season
Philadelphia: Anniversary Edition
Platoon: Special Edition
Porco Rosso
The Princess Bride: Special Edition
Princess Mononoke
The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes
The Producers
Pulp Fiction
Punch-Drunk Love
The Purple Rose Of Cairo
Rear Window (1954)
Rebecca: Criterion Collection
Rebel Without A Cause: Special Edition
Red Dwarf I
Red Dwarf II
Red Dwarf III
Red Dwarf IV
Red Dwarf V
Red Dwarf VI
Reefer Madness
The Ren & Stimpy Show UNCUT: The First and Second Seasons
Repo Man
Resevoir Dogs: Ten Years Special Edition
The Return Of The Living Dead
The Ring
Road To Perdition
Robocop Trilogy (Robocop: Unrated Version/Robocop 2/Robocop 3)
The Rock: Criterion Collection
Rock 'n' Roll High School
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete Season 1
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete Season 2
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Royal Tenenbaums: Criterion Collection
Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Will Ferrell Vol 1-2
Scotland, PA
Schindler's List
SCTV Network 90: Volume 1
Sealab 2021: Season One
Sealab 2021: Season Two
Sealab 2021: Season Three
Series 7: The Contenders - Marathon Edition
Seven Beauties
Seven Samurai: Criterion Collection
The Seventh Seal: Criterion Collection
Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD
Shakespeare In Love
Shaun Of The Dead
The Shawshank Redemption: Special Edition
Short 2: Dreams
Short Cuts: Criterion Collection
The Simpsons: The Complete First Season
The Simpsons: The Complete Second Season
The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season
The Simpsons: The Complete Fourth Season
The Simpsons: The Complete Fifth Season
The Simpsons: The Complete Sixth Season
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
Sledge Hammer!: Season One
Sledge Hammer!: Season Two
The Snake Pit
Some Like It Hot: Special Edition
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Spaceballs: Collector's Edition
Spider-man 2: Collector's DVD Gift Set
Spirited Away
SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 1st Season
Sports Night: The Complete Series
Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams
Stand By Me: Deluxe Edition
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn (Director's Edition)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Special Collector's Edition)
Star Trek: First Contact (Special Collector's Edition)
Stop Making Sense
Storefront Hitchcock
strongbad_email.exe: The First 100 Strong Bad Emails
strongbad_email.exe: Disc 4 - emails 101-130
Sullivan's Travels: Criterion Collection
Sunset Boulevard
Superman The Animated Series: Volume 1
Super Troopers
Support Your Local Gunfighter
Support Your Local Sheriff
Suspiria: Limited Edition
The Sword In The Stone
Tanner '88: Criterion Collection
Tanner On Tanner
Team America: World Police: Uncensored
The Tenant
Terror Firmer (R-Rated)
Terror Firmer (Unrated)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974]: Special Edition
The Theif & The Cobbler
There's Something (More) About Mary
The Thing [1982]
The Third Man: Criterion Collection
3rd Rock From The Sun: Season One
This Is Spinal Tap
The Three Stooges In Color
The Tick: The Entire Series!
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
To Die For
Tony Rome
The Tox Box (The Toxic Avenger/Toxic Avenger II/Toxic Avenger III: The Last Temptation Of Toxie/Toxic Crusaders: The Movie)
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
Toy Story/Toy Story 2 Double Pack
Traffic: Criterion Collection
The Triplets Of Belleville
Tromeo And Juliet
True Romance: Director's Cut
The Truth About Charlie/Charade
12 Monkeys
24 Hour Party People
The Twilight Zone - The Definative Edition: Season One
The Twilight Zone - The Definative Edition: Season Two
The Twilight Zone - The Definative Edition: Season Three
Undercover Brother
Unfaithfully Yours (1941): Criterion Collection
Unforgiven: 10th Aniversary
Uptown Saturday Night
Waiting For Guffman
The Warriors
Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Donald Volume One [1934-1941]
Walt Disney Treasures: On The Front Lines - The War Years
Walt Disney Treasures: Tomorrowland - Disney In Space And Beyond
Warner Bros. Pictures Gangsters Collection (The Public Enemy/White Heat/Angels With Dirty Faces/Little Ceaser/The Roaring Twenties/The Petrified Forest)
W.C. Feilds - 6 Short Films: Criterion Collection
What's New Pussycat?
Where's Poppa?
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: VISTA Series
Wild At Heart
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
X-Men 1.5
X2: X-Men United
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Zatoichi [2004]
Otis P Jivefunk

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #502 on: 12-08-2004 13:26 »

I think boingo2000 wins the prize for largest DVD collection on Peel...

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #503 on: 12-08-2004 14:57 »

Yeah, and I thought my list was long...    laff

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #504 on: 12-09-2004 22:46 »

I bought The Simpsons, Season 4 boxset yesterday. Normally I wouldn't, but I saw it on sale for $30AUS (normally it's around about $70AUS), and just had to get it. Great buy, too (although Futurama's DVDs still beat it in extra material & audio commentary standards  tongue).

Starship Captain
« Reply #505 on: 12-10-2004 06:37 »
« Last Edit on: 12-10-2004 06:37 »

Just bought Return of the Living Dead II on a whim. I've never seen it before, and I heard it sucks, but since I like parts 1 and 3 a lot... uh well.   wink

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #506 on: 12-10-2004 16:22 »

I bought another DVD called Intruders, it's made in 1992 so it's an old movie about ETs, haven't gone ahead to watch it yet.

Dr. Morberg

« Reply #507 on: 12-10-2004 17:11 »

My Updated Collection:

Austin Powers
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers: Goldmember
Futurama Volume 1
Futurama Volume 2
Futurama Volume 3
Futurama Volume 4
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Mr. Deeds
Happy Gilmore
Big Daddy
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
The Ring
The Others
The Sixth Sense
What Lies Beneath
Pirates of the Caribbean
Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
Men In Black
Men In Black 2
Bruce Almighty
X-Men 2
The Animatrix
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
School of Rock
Bringing Down the House
Independence Day
Vegas Vacation
Scary Movie 3
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 1
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 3
Sealab 2021 Volume 1
Home Movies Season 1
The fry man

« Reply #508 on: 12-11-2004 20:50 »

All the star wars and futrama dvds ever made

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #509 on: 12-11-2004 20:52 »

Two more new ones:

They are 'Master and commander: the far side of the world' (Master And Commander - De l'Autre Côté du Monde) and 'A Beautiful Mind' ( un homme d'exception).


Avatar Czar
DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #510 on: 12-11-2004 21:37 »

I saw that today, and I own the other one....

« Reply #511 on: 12-12-2004 02:15 »

The Last Samurai
Bruce Almighty(sucked big time)
American Pie
Eight Crazy Nights
Just Married
Wolf's Rain - Leader of the Pack
Wolf's Rain - Blood and Flowers

Not very impressive, yeah

« Reply #512 on: 12-13-2004 12:41 »
« Last Edit on: 01-09-2005 00:00 »

Been on a DVD buying spree lately. Bad Lurrr! Anyway, my updated list:

Alien 3
Alien Resurrection
Back to the Future Trilogy
Dog Soliders
Donnie Darko
Dune- Collector's Edition
Ghost in the Shell
Groundhog Day
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Special Edition
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Special Edition
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Special Edition
The Matrix- Collector's Edition
Monty Python's Life of Brian Collector's Edition
Mullholland Drive
Mystery Men
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Death and Rebirth
Neon Genesis Evangelion- End of Evangelion
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Perfect Storm
The Shining
South Park- Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Star Trek 2- The Wrath of Kahn (Special Edition)
Star Trek 3- The Search for Spock (Special Edition)
Star Trek 4- The Voyage Home (Special Edition)
Star Trek 5- The Final Frontier (Special Edition)
Star Trek 6- The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition)
Star Wars- The Phantom Menace
Star Wars- Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Trilogy Box Set
Superman II
Terminator 2- Judgement Day
Time Bandits
Titan A.E.
Transformers- The Movie
X-Men 1.5

Babylon 5- In the Begining
Babylon 5- The Gathering
Babylon 5- Season One
Babylon 5- Season Two
Babylon 5- Season Three
Babylon 5- Season Four
Black Books
Doctor Who- The Aztecs
Doctor Who- The Seeds of Death
Doctor Who- The Tomb of the Cybermen
Doctor Who- Vengeance on Varos
Excel Saga Volume 1
Family Guy- Season One
Farscape- Season One Limited Edition
Farscape- Season Two Limited Edition
Futurama- Season One
Futurama- Season Two
Futurama- Season Three
Futurama- Season Four
Gasaraki- Volume 1
Martian Successor Nadesico- Volume 1
Martian Successor Nadesico- Volume 2
Martian Successor Nadesico- Volume 3
Neon Genesis Evangelion- The Perfect Collection
Red Dwarf- Season One
The Simpsons- Season One
The Simpsons- Season Two
The Simpsons- Season Three
Star Trek- Deep Space 9: Season Two
Star Trek- The Next Generation: Season Three
The Young Ones- Season One
The Young Ones- Season Two

Dream Theater- Metropolis 2000 Scenes From New York
Electric Light Orchestra- 'Out of the Blue' Tour Live at Wembley
The Flower Kings- Meet the Flower Kings
Rush- Rush in Rio
Spock's Beard- Don't Try This At Home Live in Holland/The Making of V
Sting- All This Time
Supertramp- The Story So Far
Threshold- Critical Energy
Transatlantic- Live in Europe
Yes- Symphonic Live

I caved in and bought the Star Wars Trilogy set, even though I'm still want the original, unfiddled versions of the films. I'm still looking for a copy of Star Trek 1 with the cool slip-case, since they've disappeared off the shelves. The Generations one comes out soon, so that will end up on my shelves quickly.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #513 on: 12-15-2004 12:31 »

Birthday DVDs!  smile :

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King: Special Extended DVD Edition
Blue Velvet
Wild At Heart

« Reply #514 on: 12-15-2004 19:42 »

My DVD collection consists of (not in any particular order):
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Usual Suspects
Finding Nemo
King of the Hill Season 2
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Ghost in the Shell
Star Wars: A New Hope
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Dawn of the Dead
The Pianist
The Matrix
The Animatrix
Gangs of New York
13 Going on 30
The Last Samurai
Kill Bill
Kill Bill:2
Pulp Fiction
Terminator 2
Blues Brothers
Seven Samurai
Citizen Kane
Starship Troopers
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Band of Brothers
Saving Private Ryan


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #515 on: 12-15-2004 20:06 »

Up Date

TV Series.

Futurama Season-1
Futurama Season-2
Futurama Season-3
Futurama Season-4
Star Trek- Voyager Season-1
Star Trek- Voyager Season-2
Star Trek- Voyager Season-3
Dark Angel Season-1
Dark Angel Season-2
StarGate SG1 Season-1
StarGate SG1 Season-2
StarGate SG1 Season-3
StarGate SG1 Seasonl-4
Black Books Season-1
Black Books Season-2
Black Books Season-3
Northern Exposure Season-1
Hack//Sign Vol-2
Happy Tree Friends


13TH Warrior, The
Air Heads
Animal House
Abyss (special edition)
At The Earths Core
American Pie2
Allen Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold
Blob, The (Remake)
Balzing Saddles
Big Hit, The
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure
Beverly Hills Cop 3
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The
City Of Lost Children, The
Creature, Peter Benchleys
Clash Of The Titans
Class Of 1999
Drunken Master (Jackie Chan)
Encino Man
Enemy At That Gates
Eight Legged Freaks
Eegah (first movie with the man that played Jaws in Bond was in)
Empire Records
Fierce Creatures
Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
King Kong (Remake)
King Kong Lives
Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of The Ring
Lord Of The Rings Two Towers
Lost World , The (ABC version)
Lilo And Stitch
Little Nicky
New Alcatraz
Predator (special edition)
Police Academy
Piranha 2, The Spawning
Power Of One, The
Patriot, The
Pirate Of The Caribbean
Planet Of The Apes (Tim Burton version)
Super Troopers
Sorority Boys
Sinbad, The Sevnth Voyage + Sinbad, The Golden Voyage Of + Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger - 3 Disc Set Collectors Pack.
Spider Man
Spider Man 2
Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home
Star Wars Episode I
Star Wars Episode II
Sandlot Kids, The
Teen Age Mutant Ninga Turtles
Teen Age Mutant Ninga Turtles 2
Teen Age Mutant Ninga Turtles 3
Three Amigos, The
Toom Raider
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
X Men (special edition)
X Men 2 (special edition)
X Men, The Phoenix Saga


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #516 on: 12-15-2004 20:07 »

I just got another one today, 'Dinotopia'.


DOOP Ubersecretary
« Reply #517 on: 12-15-2004 20:20 »

Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King Extended Edition Collectors Box Set.  big grin

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #518 on: 12-15-2004 21:37 »

Originally posted by mint:
I just got another one today, 'Dinotopia'.

hay I have that on VHS, and now that I remember I have it I just might watch it. Anyway its about time I dusted of the VCR.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #519 on: 12-15-2004 21:53 »

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