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Author Topic: The Finite Bond Poll  (Read 1020 times)
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PEE Poll: The Finite Bond Poll
Sean Connery (6)   -25 (64.1%)
George Lazenby (1)   -1 (2.6%)
Roger Moore (7)   -6 (15.4%)
Timothy Dalton (2)   -1 (2.6%)
Pierce Brosnan (4)   -6 (15.4%)
Total Voters: 39


Urban Legend
« Reply #40 on: 06-19-2004 18:01 »

What if Collin Farrel was offered a chance to play Bond?  Would it be a good idea?  I see him more as a Bond villain's henchman.
Klumsy Kitty

Bending Unit
« Reply #41 on: 06-19-2004 19:02 »

If Colin Farrel gets the Bond legacy then let it die I say, I could not stand to see him in that role. A Bond Villian,sure...

I like Moore and Connery best; I just voted Moore because to me he was just more suave and carried that Bond bravado off better. Just liked his style better I guess.

I also liked Dalton since as it was already pointed out, he is much more 'true' to the Bond in the books and I've read several. He is a real jerk in the books but maybe Dalton actually did a little research before he took the role.

« Reply #42 on: 08-03-2004 08:14 »

What does everyone think of the news getting around that Eric Bana is tipped to be playing the next James Bond?

Sure he was good in the Hulk and Chopper and damn good in Troy. But as an Australian, I could never take him seriously in the role due to his previous work in comedy here.

His days as "Poiter" on skit comedy show full frontal would expect him to be saying "Oi! VB! Shaken, not bloody stired, mate!"

What do you guys think?

Urban Legend
« Reply #43 on: 10-24-2004 22:41 »
« Last Edit on: 10-24-2004 22:41 »

Pierce is Bond no more.  I find this recent article on sci fi.com stating that Brosnan won't be coming back to be play Bond in the 21 installment to the Bond franchise.

Brosnan: No More 007

Pierce Brosnan confirmed to the Toronto Sun newspaper that he did not quit his most famous role as agent James Bond: He was fired. And there is no going back, he told the newspaper. "It's over. It's over. It's absolutely over," Brosnan said.

Brosnan said that he was willing and eager to do a fifth and final Bond, adding that 007 producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson had asked him to return, although no contracts were signed. Brosnan's last Bond movie, Die Another Day in 2002, was the 20th official installment in the franchise, which started with Sean Connery in Dr. No in 1962, the newspaper reported.

"They invited me back right before I went to present that film, before I went on the road with Halle Berry to sell the movie," Brosnan said. "They said: 'We're so happy with the success. We want you to come back!' I went on the road a happy man, you know? I thought we'd get a fifth and no more. That would be it, really. I'd done it. You get bored. You get older. You give of yourself to something and then you have no more to give. But I thought a fifth would be good. And then one day the phone rang—I was here [in Nassau, Bahamas, shooting After the Sunset]—and my agents told me that the goalposts had moved and that they had changed their minds."

Brosnan added, "It's very hard to find the truth in that town [Hollywood] or in this business at times. But it was their prerogative to change their minds. They can do it." And they might have done it "to go younger," Brosnan added. "It was disappointing. It was surprising. And I accepted the knowledge after 24 hours of being in shock."


Urban Legend
« Reply #44 on: 10-24-2004 22:47 »

FFSoR, thanks for telling us what we already knew, Dr. Three-Months ago.

Originally posted by DrThunder88:
At any rate, I did read that Brosnan claimed that the last debacle (Die Another Day) was his final Bond film.

It's been pretty well covered that Brosnan won't be coming back.  I liked him a lot as Bond, second to Connery, but he's done his time.  Personally, I think they should end the Bond series on a high note.  DAD wasn't bad or anything, plus it had a lot of really neat references to previous movies. Plus, going out on movie 20 is classy.

The Cold War is over, and James Bond seems kind of like an anachronism.  Bond can't fight Al Qaeda believably.  I would be properly embarrassed if that happened.  The last few Bond films have been weak in the villian department because the Russians and SPECTRE are gone.  "Goldeneye" was believable, but the rest of the villians are just rehashes of the Soviet-era.

Urban Legend
« Reply #45 on: 10-24-2004 23:01 »
« Last Edit on: 10-24-2004 23:01 »

This article was dated Oct 14, 2004.  Before it was thought he didn't want to come back.  This article proves that he wanted to do another Bond movie, but was told no.

Also, I understand the reason why SPECTRE hasn't been used in recent Bond films is because the rights to SPECTRE are own by different people, than the people who own the rights to Bond.  From what I understand the people who own the rights to SPECTRE had an arguement with the Bond people, thus refuse to let them use SPECTRE in Bond films.

True Lies had Arnold fighting Middle Eastern terrorists, though not actually Al Qaede, but that film was a hit.  I can imagine, if they had Bond fighting Middle Eastern terrorists, it'd be something like True Lies.

The Bond films basically reflect the times they are released.  Die Another Day had a few things on N. Korea, for example.

Urban Legend
« Reply #46 on: 11-05-2004 15:41 »
« Last Edit on: 11-05-2004 15:41 »

I just read an article that P. Diddy himself wants to play Bond in the next Bond movie.

Daily Hip-Hop News:
P. Diddy Wants To 'Bond'
Friday - November 5, 2004
by Carl Chery   

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Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has declared that he wants to play James Bond in the next 007 flick.

After small roles in "Monster's Ball," "Made" and a lead role in the Tony Award winning "A Raisin In the Sun," Diddy has announced his desire to become the next James Bond.

"The world is ready for a black James Bond," Combs revealed.

Diddy also said he would want actress Angelina Jolie to play his Bond girl. Reports have already surfaced that Jolie wants to play a villain in the franchise's next installment.

"We would make a hot, sexy couple," Diddy offered.


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #47 on: 11-05-2004 15:49 »

The words 'When hell freezes over' spring to mind.

As to who the next bond will be, who knows. But somewhere it was mentioned that Colin Farrel may be in the running.

Space Pope
« Reply #48 on: 11-05-2004 15:56 »

Originally posted by Coilette:
The words 'When hell freezes over' spring to mind.

I concurr, i just don't see it working. I really liked Brosnan as Bond, it's a shame to see him leaving the role, he was the Bond of "my era" (Goldeneye->Die Another Day).


Urban Legend
« Reply #49 on: 11-05-2004 16:05 »

Nice poll.  I voted Sir Sean, because he really pulled off the suave smartass aspect of the character the best, and Mr. Brosnan always struck me as sort of a douchebag in his actual dealings with the producers.  Also, Peter Sellers and his Casino Royale associates were (inexplicably) not on the list.  Also, what facetious muthafucker voted for Lazenby?

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #50 on: 11-05-2004 18:23 »
« Last Edit on: 11-05-2004 18:23 »

I vote for Sean Connery cos he is the original, first impression lasts.

Urban Legend
« Reply #51 on: 11-06-2004 20:27 »

I support having someone of a different color skin to play Bond.  P. Diddy, isn't on the top of my list for potential actors to play Bond.
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