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Author Topic: Your top 10 favorite shows of all time  (Read 9776 times)
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Urban Legend
« Reply #160 on: 07-04-2005 14:34 »

Here's mine:

10.  Reno 911
 9.  King of the Hill
 8.  Hawaii Five-0
 7.  Get Smart
 6.  Chico and the Man (watched it on TV Land)
 5.  South Park
 4.  Futurama
 3.  Monty Python's Flying Circus
 2.  Mad TV
 1.  The Shield

And here's some shows that deserve a mention even though they're not on the list:

Robbery Homicide Division
Dragnet (New and old)
To The Manor Born (A British Sitcom)
Dad's Army (Another British Sitcom)
Night Court
Newhart (The one where he runs a bed and breakfast in Vermont.)
Kids in the Hall
Married With Children
Ren and Stimpy
American Dad (Sorry, people.  I like this show.)
Roy Bluth

Bending Unit
« Reply #161 on: 07-04-2005 17:27 »

Originally posted by KurtPikachu2001:
American Dad (Sorry, people.  I like this show.)

Don't be sorry. It's a good show.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #162 on: 07-04-2005 17:49 »

Originally posted by Roy Bluth:
Originally posted by KurtPikachu2001:
American Dad (Sorry, people. I like this show.)

Don't be sorry. It's a good show.


Liquid Emperor
« Reply #163 on: 07-04-2005 18:48 »
« Last Edit on: 07-04-2005 18:48 »

Not sure I can even get to ten, but....

Futurama: Well, I'm here aren't I? 

The Simpsons: The first 8 seasons are the best show ever, and even now it's among the best on tv.

The Twilight Zone: Extremely well written and produced.  Even at it's worst it's at least interesting, and at it's best almost nothing rivals it.  It could do drama, thoughtful satire, fantasy, even plain comedy.

The Daily Show: Not sure how the eventual reruns will age, but as it stands now, this is easily the best show currently on the air.  The writers are right about practically every issue, and I haven't seen an episode that wasn't funny for a long, long time.

Saturday Night Live: At it's best (which is every few seasons, before it inevitably hits a rut again) it's an undeniably funny show, and I have a soft spot for it since it introduced me to political humor and satire.  Even at it's best there's some other stuff that's honestly much, much better (The Daily Show, The Onion, satirical Simpsons episodes, etc) but when it's good it's still good.

South Park: I've warmed up to this a lot.  It's often crude, but it does have a lot to say, and has some nice alternative views on things while also remaining wickedly funny.  The earliest seasons aren't great, but the recent ones make it one of the three or four shows currently running that I religiously watch.  It also has the one good movie based off a tv show ever.

The Wonder Years: One of the best comedy/dramas ever on television.  Well written to the very end, and always both funny and touching.  Those dvds better come out, damnit.  They don't seem to rerun this show anymore.

Well, I tried.  Though I'm still working on sampling more of "Home Movies" (which I do really like) and "MASH" (ditto, though it's often a tad cheesy), as well as sampling some other classic shows I haven't seen nearly anything of yet, like Taxi and All in the Family.  And while I used to enjoy "Family Guy" for a while, it's horrid replay value and overuse of references in place of humor takes it off the list.

Space Pope
« Reply #164 on: 07-05-2005 02:17 »
« Last Edit on: 07-05-2005 02:17 »

      I think Gorky is my long lost twin. And I really am a twin. This list will alter sooner or later. But this is how I feel at this time in life.

    Top 10 Shows:

    Murphy Brown- How many show's main character is a bitch? Not many. And I love Murphy. I didn't like this show when Nick @ Nite first aired it. But once I actually watched an episode, I got very interested. Great show. I have season one already    tongue.

    2) Friends- I have no shame in admitting this, strictly cause I've admitted it before. Friends is a good show. I realize that it is very annoying but I still love the jokes and whatnot.

    3) Futurama- Well...what do you want me to say? If I didn't like the show I wouldn't be a memeber of 2520-something posts. And wouldn't be a fan artist and writer.

    4) Arrested Develpoment- For starters, Jason Bateman. He gets bonus points by himself. Second, this is so funny. And it's so good. I wish I knew when the new season would start.

    5) Late Night with Conan O'Brien- I laugh at myself seeing that it has like 5 minutes left as I write this. But none the less, my favorite talk show EVER. I die laughing everytime and it's one of the reason why I stay up very late. And I am someone who really cares about Hollywood gossip and movies and stuff so it's a resource and a good laugh at the same time.

    6) Whose Line is it Anyway?- I owe this show so much. This was the first adult show I watched. Before Futurama and Family Guy. I love this show so much. I crack up and I learn improv tricks from it. Kick ass majorly.

    7) Family Guy- Me likey. Good laughs, and very random. Good kick ass show.

    8) Harvery Birdman- Very very weird. But very very interesting. I love the one with Boo-Boo. It reminded me of a Lifetime suspense movie.

    9) 3rd Rock from the Sun- Love! I hardly see it anymore but I loved this show. I watched this with my mom. So this was Post-Whose Line? But I didn't understand a lot of the show and when I started watching Whose Line? I did. Still it holds a place in my heart.

    10) Seinfield- This is an interesting show. I have not seen much of it but I like it.[/list]

    Honorary Shows:

      Roseanne -It's fun to watch a dysfunctional family.

      Fresh Prince of Bel-Air -Good show.

      Saturday Night Live -I don't like it as much as others do. But I watch it when I can.

      Home Movies -I really like this show but there are more shows that I like better.

      The Simpsons -I know, I'm sick. But I don't watch that much of it. I like what I usually do see.

      Married...with children -It's worse than Roseanne but I love it.

      Daria -It's so farfetched but it's so cool.[/list]

      Space Pope
      « Reply #165 on: 07-05-2005 11:30 »

      Oh, Roseanne. Also daria. I used to be obsessed. Also, Sheep in the Big City. God, that was hilarious.
      In no particular order:

      1. Futurama
      2. The Simpsons
      3. Red Dwarf
      4. Blackadder
      5. Father Ted
      6. Black Books
      7. Little Britain
      8. Ab Fab
      9. Monty Python's Flying Circus
      10. Family Guy? The Kumars? Fawlty Towers? Aagh.
      At the moment, it's probably Family Guy. I used to hate it, but now I find it quite funny. I'm probably getting denser.
      Futurama Nerd

      « Reply #166 on: 07-06-2005 05:00 »

      1. Futurama- Of course.
      2. The Simpsons- Of course.
      3. FLCL- Sure it lasted only for like, 6 episodes, but I thought it was great.
      4. ATHF- Funny in a random sort of way.
      5. Family Guy- Once again, funny in a random sort of way.
      6. Friends- Copy and paste what Spacedal said.

      Um...that's all I can think of....

      salutatory committee member
      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #167 on: 07-08-2005 03:05 »
      « Last Edit on: 07-08-2005 03:05 »

      1. Futurama
      2. Seinfeld
      3. Arrested Development
      4. Desperate Housewives
      5. Malcolm in the Middle
      6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the first seasons, anyways)
      7. The Simpsons
      8. That 70's Show
      9. Late Night with Conan O'Brien
      10. Married with Children

      after 1-3, the shows might not be listed in order of importance, since I seem to weight all those equally.

      edit: oh yeah, I know you said only list 10, but here are a few more gems I like:

      BBC's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
      I Love Lucy
      Tru Calling

      Bending Unit
      « Reply #168 on: 07-10-2005 11:24 »

      In no particular order:
      Teen Titans
      The Simpsons
      Red Dwarf
      Doctor Who
      Have I Got News For You
      My Family
      Family Guy

      That's all i can think of. My favourite at the moment is probably Teen Titans.


      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #169 on: 07-11-2005 07:41 »

      Gee, really? I never would have guessed that.  eek
      Mr Fuzzywuvems

      Bending Unit
      « Reply #170 on: 07-12-2005 15:48 »
      « Last Edit on: 07-12-2005 15:48 »

      1. The Simpsons
      2. Freaks & Geeks
      3. Ren & Stimpy (Spumco episodes)
      4. Futurama
      5. Mr. Show
      6. South Park
      7. Father Ted
      8. Andy Richter Controls the Universe
      9. Seinfeld
      10. Rocko's Modern Life

      Urban Legend
      « Reply #171 on: 09-10-2005 12:14 »
      « Last Edit on: 12-03-2005 00:00 »

      2)Good Times
      3)Family Guy
      4)Full House
      5)Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
      6)All in the Family
      7)Cosby Show
      I don't have any more.
      Professor Zoidy

      Urban Legend
      « Reply #172 on: 09-10-2005 20:24 »
      « Last Edit on: 09-10-2005 20:24 »

      2)The simpsons
      3)8 Simple Rules
      4)Fairly Odd Parents
      6)Family Guy
      7)The Critic
      I don't have ten shows.. everything else on TV nowdays really wangs

      « Reply #173 on: 09-10-2005 20:28 »

      Have I posted here before, oh cosh!

      1. Futurama
      2. Spongebob Squarepants
      3. South Park

      I think thats about it really. TV sucks bummy!

      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #174 on: 09-11-2005 17:02 »

      Updated List
      not in particular order

      刀elrose Place
      丁everley Hills
      三he Bold and the Beautiful
      九verybody loves Raymond
      几ois & clark: the New Adventures of Superman

      Starship Captain
      « Reply #175 on: 09-11-2005 18:44 »
      « Last Edit on: 09-15-2005 00:00 »

      1 simpsons
      2 Futurama
      3 family guy
      4 any history channel program
      5 critic
      6 MST3K
      nothin else really

      FREEZE! Superfly agent of the F.S.B!

      Thou Shalt Not Spam-
      The 11th Commandment

      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #176 on: 09-12-2005 02:02 »

      1. Arrested Development
      2. South Park
      3. Futurama
      4. The Simpsons
      5. Family Guy
      6. King of the Hill

      There are plenty of other shows that I enjoy (eg. Whose Line), but these ones are the only shows I never miss, and watch all the time.

      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #177 on: 01-03-2009 22:19 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-03-2009 22:20 »

      I'm editing my list from the last page! In no order, a list of 12:
      Freaks and Geeks
      Night Court
      News Radio
      Arrested Development
      Boston Legal
      Saturday Night Live
      30 Rock
      Late Night With Conan O'Brien
      The Simpsons
      Whose Line is it Anyway

      Near Death Star Inhabitant
      Urban Legend
      « Reply #178 on: 01-03-2009 22:37 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-03-2009 22:40 »

      X Files
      Twilight Zone
      Kenny vs Spenny
      Unsolved Mysteries
      Whole Line whenever it's on..
      Always Sunny in Philadelphia
      Beat the Geeks
      The Office (both US and UK)
      Black Books although I haven't seen that much of it

      I'm sure theres some ones I'm forgetting..

      Edit: I've never watched MST3K ever...I should get on that.
      Edit 2: I should include Malcolm in the Middle and King of the Hill...

      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #179 on: 01-03-2009 23:02 »

      Andr廥 琄d og gengi
      Di Finna
      Fr彋tir R璭issj鏮varpsins
      Fjarl熚 framt艛

      Now those are not my real top 10, but try to find which one is Futurama big grin:D

      - Makes life funner.

      Near Death Star Inhabitant
      Urban Legend
      « Reply #180 on: 01-03-2009 23:14 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-03-2009 23:16 »

      Nevermind frown

      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #181 on: 01-03-2009 23:15 »

      Now those are not my real top 10, but try to find which one is Futurama big grin:D
      Fjarl熚 framt艛?

      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #182 on: 01-03-2009 23:20 »

      Yes Bend-err.
      My Own Grandpa

      « Reply #183 on: 01-04-2009 00:02 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-04-2009 18:26 »

      1. Futurama
      2. The Simpsons
      3. Seinfeld
      4. The X-Files
      5. South Park
      6. The Daily Show/The Colbert Report (I count them as the same thing. Sorry)
      7. King of the Hill
      8. M*A*S*H
      9. Monty Python's Flying Circus
      10. Arrested Development

      Note that this in no way represents my opinion of what the greatest shows ever are. These are just the ones that I personally like the most, in order.

      EDIT: Actually, I think I like the first two of this is equally. For a period I think I like Futurama just a tiny bit better, then for a while I think that The Simpsons is just too good to like anything better than it. So I guess they even out to being the same.

      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #184 on: 01-04-2009 00:18 »

      Wow, I really admire how you can just write that down like nothing would happen. Did you have to think a lot about it My Own Grandpa?

      Urban Legend
      « Reply #185 on: 01-04-2009 00:37 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-04-2009 00:40 »

      Arrested Development
      American Dad
      Veronica Mars
      It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
      South Park
      The Office
      The Shield

      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #186 on: 01-04-2009 00:39 »

      I thought Birthday Clown watched something more underground...

      Urban Legend
      « Reply #187 on: 01-04-2009 00:42 »

      Nah, I don't watch CW.

      Liquid Emperor
      « Reply #188 on: 01-04-2009 00:43 »

      I don't know what that is frown

      DOOP Ubersecretary
      « Reply #189 on: 01-04-2009 01:10 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-04-2009 01:14 »

      I wish to revise my previous list and categorize:

      The Simpsons
      Batman The Animated Series
      Robot Chicken
      Family Guy
      South Park

      Arrested Development
      My Name Is Earl
      Father Ted
      Black Books

      Sci Fi:
      Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
      Battlestar Galactica

      Serious business:
      Prison Break
      The Wire

      How many is that? Is my speech going to get cut of.... *band starts plays music*

      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #190 on: 01-04-2009 01:34 »

      1. Futurama
      2. Simpsons
      3. Family Guy
      4. Monty Python's Flying Circus
      5. MST3K
      6. Whose Line Is It Anyway
      7. Firefly
      8. Stargate SG-1
      9. Robot Chicken
      10. Mail Call
      Otis P Jivefunk

      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #191 on: 01-04-2009 01:41 »

      01) Futurama
      02) The Simpsons
      03) LOST
      04) Top Gear
      05) The IT Crowd
      06) Heroes
      07) fonejacker
      08) The Apprentice
      09) Damages
      10) 8 Out Of 10 Cats

      DOOP Secretary
      « Reply #192 on: 01-04-2009 02:16 »

      1 Futurama
      2 Skins
      3 Family Guy
      4 South Park
      5 Heroes
      6 The IT Crowd
      7 (10th) Doctor Who
      8 Ugly Betty
      9 Fonejacker
      10 The Simpsons

      Plus American Dad

      Bending Unit
      « Reply #193 on: 01-04-2009 04:04 »

      In no particular order (except the first two):

      The Simpsons
      Arrested Development
      The Office
      The Daily Show
      The Colbert Report
      Homicide: Life on the Street
      Six Feet Under

      I can't really order my shows... I'll marathon one, and then that suddenly becomes my new favourite show and I hate everything else, and then I'll marathon another one and that's my new favourite show and I hate everything else, and so on and so forth.

      Space Pope
      « Reply #194 on: 01-04-2009 05:56 »

      3) Futurama- Well...what do you want me to say? If I didn't like the show I wouldn't be a memeber of 2520-something posts. And wouldn't be a fan artist and writer.

      Shut- *slap* -the- *slap*- hell- *slap* -up! My obnoxious chattiness 'oh I'm such a good fan fictionist' bullshit drives me crazy now. I can see why Venus didn't like me.


      I'm surprised that I still like the same shows I did 4 years ago. Cept for Seinfield. And I would add The Office, American Dad, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I find it funny that when I was around 11/12 I thought Conan O'Brien was hilarious even though I can guarentee that I didn't understand 97% of the jokes and comments.

      Avatar Czar
      DOOP Ubersecretary
      « Reply #195 on: 01-04-2009 07:11 »

      I think I should start writing fanfiction.... One where Scruffy turns out to be a serial rapist and murderer.

      ...as the professor breathed his last breath, Scruffy pressed his moustache against the withering old man's trembling lips.  The janitor slowly pushed his tongue along Farnsworth's gums guiding them along the dentures.  His tongue caressed the cheeks and tasted the blood that mixed itself with saliva over the professor's own tongue...

      Delivery Boy
      « Reply #196 on: 01-04-2009 07:51 »

      1) The Simpsons
      2) Futurama
      3) South Park
      4) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
      5) Heroes
      6) 24
      7) The Daily Show
      8) The Colbert Report
      9) Seinfeld
      10) Scrubs

      Urban Legend
      « Reply #197 on: 01-04-2009 09:34 »

      1) Futurama
      2) The Simpsons
      3) Spongebob Squarepants
      4) Supernatural
      5) Rove
      6) Kappa Mikey
      7) Summer Heights High
      8) South Park
      9) House
      10) Cash Cab

      Bending Unit
      « Reply #198 on: 01-04-2009 09:51 »
      « Last Edit on: 01-04-2009 10:03 »

      In no particular order, here's my list!  ^_^

      Pokemon (the 4Kids dub only)
      Whose Line Is It Anyway?
      The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
      Pushing Daisies
      Eli Stone
      Family Matters
      The Golden Girls

      Urban Legend
      « Reply #199 on: 01-04-2009 09:53 »

      I loved pokemon, only the first 2 sets of pokemon. Everything else is crap.
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