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Author Topic: Does Yivo Have Mind Controlling Powers?  (Read 2039 times)
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PEE Poll: Does Yivo have mind controlling powers?
Yes, he does.   -7 (70%)
No, they loved Yivo!   -3 (30%)
Total Voters: 10


Bending Unit
« on: 02-24-2010 18:04 »
« Last Edit on: 02-24-2010 22:11 »

Note: There is a tread exactly like this in Futurama Madhouse Massage Board "Here!" but there was not to many people putting their thoughts towards it, so I thought I'd post it here. I've also searched the board and no one seems to have ever been talking about it. Plus I've had this thought in my head since I first saw the movie to it's end.

Does Yivo have mind controlling powers over his victims (in other words the power to brainwash his victims), and a slight mind controlling power in the air itself around him to make Leela kiss him near the end of The Beast With Billion Backs? He must have just look how the characters were acting like Fry scene.

So yes, I believe Yivo does have mind controlling powers. Do any of you?

Fry: So we got her, huh? Bring her in!

Zoidberg: Do it already!

[Smitty and Scruffy drag in a resisting Colleen]

Fry: Hello, Colleen.

Colleen: Fry, please! If this is about your futon, I dold it to pay the 'phone bill that you skipped out on!

[Cut to copy of telephone bill showing $6,421.12 of calls to Dial-A-Joke.]

Fry: Colleen wasn't satisfied with me. Were you, Colleen?

Colleen: Come on Fry, this isn't cool!

Fry: She had to have four other boyfriends! I guess she never thought I'd become tentacle pope of the world!

Colleen: You know what? It's true. You weren't enough for me! No one man is! You were great, but you weren't Chinese, you weren't Cameroonian, and you certainly were not the "king of karaoke" as you so often claimed. And if your ego can't take that, then you don't deserve to be tentacle pope of anything!

Fry: Oh yeah, Colleen? Well, I've got one thing to say to you. ... I completely agree!

Colleen: You, you ... What?

Fry: Why should you be satisfied with one man when love needs to share itself with the whole universe?

Colleen: Wow, Fry. You know, that's really ...

[Fry shows her a tentacle. She screams. The tentacle attaches to her neck.]

Fry: Love the tentacle, honey.

Colleen: I do love the tentacle.

[Fry and Colleen hug]

Fry: Come on out, guys! There's enough love for everybody!

[Group hug with other four boyfriends]

Zoidberg: Aw. [Vomits into two buckets]

Fry mustn't of been himself he couldn't of been, Fry was turned into Yivo's puppet using mind control there must be no other explanation to the way Fry acted here, for the real Fry free from Yivo's mind control would never do anything like this, even if he had the power to do so. And among other characters the way they acted, it has to of been mind control just to the way everyone was acting and being stupid idiots.

"Yivo: Infoshere".

at which the apparent brainwashing forced them to like it—this quickly turned out not to be the case, as they had actually fallen in love.

That can't be right they must be so brainwashed and so under his influence that they think they have freedom of thought even though they don't really have it.


A theory (so it's not within canon): "Jakabird Infoshere" look exactly like Humans only with wings and halos over their heads perhaps they are slaves from other universes? For when he's done having his sexy fun, he then turns them into his cleaners giving them immortality so that they can do that forever for him, taking their intelligence and freedom of thought away turning them mindless (yet not zombie like), but once in away he gets sexually bored so he needs to have sexy fun with a new universe.

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #1 on: 02-24-2010 20:33 »

I am pretty sure that was mind controlling.  While it may already be completely out of touch with reality, I am sure even within the canon the writers would prefer, it should be seen as mind control until the revelation.

However, I believe that the mind control remained even after the revelation right up until the Anomaly closed.  Otherwise the actions of the universe would not make much sense.  And I am going to say that within Futurama canon, that connection between the universes allowed an establishment of the mind control, until it finally vanished (and people seemingly forgot all about it).

As for your theory, I am not entirely sure, the whole Heaven explanation seems rather... dim.  If Yivo's description is true, then Heaven would look the same in all cultures, but even on Earth it doesn't.  But even disregarding that, Yivo may have referred to humans alone.

Or another possibility is that the Heaven is actually how it is perceived by the beholder.  So the description of Heaven by Leela is accurate from her point of view, but the Jakabirds may look different to other species; something the audience was unable to see, as the writers and producers most likely the majority of the audience was human.

Sir Rank-a-Lot
Urban Legend
« Reply #2 on: 02-25-2010 14:45 »

His mind-controlling powers can't have been very strong if Leela's genticle* revelation was enough to cause everyone to break free of them.

* Given that Leela has no training in extra-dimensional xenobiology it's hard to see how, with nothing more than a low power microscope, she was able to deduce the biological function of an appendage from an alien from another universe. But that's another issue.

Its worse than that, its physics, Jim.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #3 on: 02-25-2010 16:05 »


What would happen if/when Yivo put a genticle tenticle to HypnoToad? confused

I'll just... ooze... back out under the door now...

Starship Captain
« Reply #4 on: 02-25-2010 22:17 »

I confess to only watching the movie once, but I think Yivo had some limited mind controlling power. Hypnotism works better (or perhaps only works at all) if the subject is already fairly relaxed and willing to undergo it; Yivoism only works until there's some sort of external shock/intervention (genticle!). There is a power, but it's not infinite, is what I'm alluding to.

More likely, Yivo had the power of Horrific-Lapse-In-Judgement-By-The-Writers. The rest of the movie was just... awful, and Yivo was no exception.

Urban Legend
« Reply #5 on: 02-25-2010 22:28 »

Of course Yivo had mind control powers.   Look how he controlled Fry. 
I.C. Weiner

Bending Unit
« Reply #6 on: 02-26-2010 03:45 »

In my opinion Yivo's mind control powers were a lot like a drug's power over an addict's mind. It just feels too good to let go.

Sir Rank-a-Lot
Urban Legend
« Reply #7 on: 02-26-2010 12:42 »

Except that at one point everyone did let go, in spite of Yivo's intentions.

Its worse than that, its physics, Jim.
I.C. Weiner

Bending Unit
« Reply #8 on: 03-06-2010 23:18 »

Addicts do occasionally quit drugs.

Urban Legend
« Reply #9 on: 03-07-2010 01:45 »

My opinion on this was stated nearly a year ago.


Bending Unit
« Reply #10 on: 03-07-2010 18:58 »

My opinion on this was stated nearly a year ago.


Oh jeezs, sorry. Is there anything you want done to this thread?
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