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Author Topic: Thoughts on [4ACV12] - The Sting  (Read 13326 times)
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Bending Unit
« Reply #320 on: 08-04-2003 15:37 »

Originally posted by Erdrik:
Crap Hole! I missed this episode, and so many others from the 'McSeason' 5   mad

And now that I know how good an episode it was, I just feel like crying!!

*takes off BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform)*
   cry    cry    cry    cry
I'm not allowed to cry in unifrom in the military.   hmpf

 Thats waht Win MX is for.   You don't have to MISS it.  wink

Urban Legend
« Reply #321 on: 08-04-2003 16:36 »

yes. aquire it. right now!

« Reply #322 on: 08-05-2003 12:57 »

If I had access to my PC I would aquire it right now! But I don't so:   cry   cry   cry

Call me Erdrik

Boycott Fox!! Down with the Evil OverLords!!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #323 on: 08-06-2003 03:45 »

I hope this is the right place for this.
I was re-watching my tape of TS & noticed something: In the scene where the crew has just looked in Fry's locker for Leela's present, when Bender walks in and (finally) gives Leela the present, her arm thingy dissappears for several frames.
Vintage Dave

Bending Unit
« Reply #324 on: 08-06-2003 21:24 »
« Last Edit on: 08-06-2003 21:24 »

Good try, but it belongs on the Re-Check/Weird Scenes board.

« Reply #325 on: 09-14-2003 16:47 »

Yay! I finaly got to see it!  big grin

me so happy. It was exellent! I loved it. It is actualy my new favorite episode. I like it better than even Love & Rockets.
Fav Eps list:
1.The Sting
2.Love & Rockets
3.The Why of Fry
4.Time Keeps on Slipping
5.The Devils Hands
6.Parisites Lost
7.A Flight to Remember
8.The Luck of the Fryish
9.A biclops Built for Two
10.Anthology of Interest I

Goose Patrol
Space Pope
« Reply #326 on: 09-14-2003 20:04 »

Ahhh, a shipper!

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #327 on: 09-14-2003 21:51 »
« Last Edit on: 09-15-2003 00:00 »

Sorry if any of this has been mentioned before.

The Sting is actually a fairly good episode for being shippy (if you havent figured it out I'm not a big shipper). I managed to figure out she was alseep by the second dream (midnight sleigh ride part) and got the rest of the episode...

I also noticed the "three spoonfuls" symbolism at the moment it was spoken. She was in so much mental pain over killing Fry, she would rather die and be with him (dream forever) than have to live life without him. Though when she wakes up she doesn't mention it, I think she figured out that Fry was really the man for her.

As for the "it got through", I am pretty sure it meant that Fry's voice did keep her semiconscious. I doubt she'd make a joke, because it sounded like a response to Fry.

My mom pointed out for me (cause shes smarter) that perhaps the dreams-within-dreams meant she was sinking away from consciousness and was prone to die, but the dream-Fry (memory image of the Fry who was babbling nonstop, hoping Leela could hear him) that told her to wake up was preventing that.

I always love confusing, psychological episodes that really show you the way someone's mind works, and this was definitely a great one.

It's made my top ten list, but not quite to the top...

1) Insane in the Mainframe
2) Parasites Lost
3) Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
4) The Farnsworth Parabox
5) The Why of Fry
6) The Sting
7) 300 Big Boys
8) Time Keeps On Slippin'
9) The Series Has Landed
10) I, Roommate

Bending Unit
« Reply #328 on: 09-14-2003 21:59 »

I know that Leela kept on eating space honey, but I wonder what would have happened if she ate the royal jelly.  I would like to see that.  I agree that it was a sweet episode and that they did some good script writing.  I want to also refer to The Farnsworth Parabox comparing parts in this.  When the Frys and Leelas went out for dinner, Fry acted less stupid after that one date.  He was actually quite the player.  I think that Fry has grown throughout the series to the point where he was like that.  In the last season, Fry did so much for Leela.  He was so romantic and has matured so much.  When thinking about Fry a few years back in the future, he was such a bufoon.  I feel since the potential of the stupididy and nieveness finally came to its use, I feel it was about time Fry became what he is now.   smile
1 of the gang

Starship Captain
« Reply #329 on: 09-27-2003 01:37 »

I totally agree but he still has to have some of his stupidity or else it becomes a soap opera.lol

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #330 on: 02-26-2004 11:34 »
« Last Edit on: 02-26-2004 11:34 »

Wow....Saw this ep for the first time on dvd today...Watched it a second time to make sure I wasn't dreaming....  eek
Where do I start, The Sting was so damn brilliant from start to finish....It kept me guessing, sort of....I guessed that there was a dream involved but I didn't know who or how....

Not a lot of laughs, (I think I laughed out loud 3 times) but who cares it was so amazingly written all I could do was watch in awe....
When Fry keeps asking Leela to wake up, I didn't pick the meaning until the end, and when she does wake up through the ep and you think it's real and it's still the dream....man that is brilliant....

And then the ending, Fry begging for Leela to wake up had me in tears....  cry

The only part I didn't get was when the bee exploded near the start....were they robots or what....?

All the past references were great and used well....

Lastly I just have to once again say how sad it is that Futurama died an early death....there seemed to be so much the writers had in store for us but had to cut it short and rush a lot of it....(although it has been done well)

Brilliant....just brilliant....

Edit, also the avatars I finally saw, HJS (old and new), Sarge, Spice Weasel....

Let me break....let me break you down....for your sake....I will break you down...."[/small]
David A

Space Pope
« Reply #331 on: 02-26-2004 11:55 »

Originally posted by Gleno:
The only part I didn't get was when the bee exploded near the start....were they robots or what....?

Nah, that was just a throwaway gag.  You know how in action movies, when there's a chase scene, whenever a car crashes it explodes in a huge fireball?  It's like that.

Speak softly. Drive a Sherman tank.

Bending Unit
« Reply #332 on: 02-26-2004 16:40 »

Yes, I love The Sting. It has great jokes (Why am I all sticky and naked?), and on top of which, it showed the romance between Leela and Fry, but in a totally new perspective. All together, it's my favorite episode of all time.

1. The Sting
2. The Why of Fry
3. The Luck of the Fryrish
4. Amazon Women in the Mood
5. Roswell That Ends Well
6. Parasites Lost
7. The Farnsworth Parabox
8. Jurassic Bark
9. A Big Piece of Garbage
10. Love and Rocket

Bending Unit
« Reply #333 on: 02-27-2004 04:47 »
« Last Edit on: 02-27-2004 04:47 »

The Sting

Absolutely fantastic. The best episode ever, no question. It dealt with so much stuff: with guilt, mortality, loyalty, suicide, insanity and love, but in the most intriguing, mind-blowing, seamless, suspenseful way possible. The spoons of space honey thing was great, and the way we never knew whether Leela was awake or not, especially when she woke up from dreams within dreams... the "Wake up, please, just wake up!" thing was really clever and well thought out and I thought it was so well done when we didn't find out what was happening until the end. In my opinion, it's ridiculously underrated at 18/72 (by the CGEF rankings), but I suppose it might not be the sort of episode that has the same impact when watched twice: the ending was so amazing that if you already knew it, it might not really have worked so well. So I guess I'm saying: remember back to when you first saw it, because it was really an amazingly powerful, clever and moving episode. I thought it was brilliant. It also had some hilarious moments, like Bender playing virtual golf and the "Bee Happy" song, but what really got it there was its brilliant storyline. I give it and A+++, or however many pluses you can give an episode, and put it on the top of my list.


Delivery Boy
« Reply #334 on: 02-27-2004 09:44 »

Nothing beats the return of the radiator (woman).  I loved that little bonus there.  And I know someone probably mentioned it already, but I had to at least toss that out as one of my favorite visual jokes in the series.

I did really like the episode.  Moreso the first time I saw it over a year ago, but its been good all the same the last couple times I've seen it.  Definately one of my favorite episodes overall.

Space Pope
« Reply #335 on: 02-28-2004 18:38 »

This is one of the excellent season 4 episodes. It's definitely Mr. Verrone's greatest contribution to Futurama.
To add to what Spineless said, though, the episode can be watched over and over. But in my opinion, it loses something after you've already seen it. The suspense and the anticipation for the ending is gone. Still 5/5 though.
Digital Dragon

Bending Unit
« Reply #336 on: 02-28-2004 20:06 »

I think it didn't have quite the same impact for me when I watched it on Dvd because I had been so desperate to see it when it first aired I downloaded it as an audio file. But still, a very moving episode and an important progression of Fry and Leela's relationship.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #337 on: 03-01-2004 15:08 »

The Sting Ep. is like so WEIRD! First time I saw it, I wasn't _really_ paying attention, and I was like what the fuck with all of Leela's paranoid thingys... Especially the song  smile

Delivery Boy
« Reply #338 on: 03-01-2004 15:11 »

This is pretty much my favourite Futurama episode, as it has jokes as good as almost any other and it deals with a lot of psychological stuff, which I love. And at the time I watched it on TV I had never been on a Futurama website and knew nothing of it, I really wanted to see where the episode was going after Fry "died" at the start. It's as moving as a cartoon can get.

Urban Legend
« Reply #339 on: 10-14-2004 02:29 »

If you don't like The Sting, then you must not like Fry and Leela's relationship.  That episode makes you feel all warm inside, and then you cool off after the episode's over.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #340 on: 10-14-2004 02:58 »

That's my favorite episode ever. I must have seen it on DVD more than 10 times. (Absolutely no exagerrating.) In fact, most of my favorite episodes are from Season 4. Will post in more detail later.

Urban Legend
« Reply #341 on: 10-14-2004 03:08 »
« Last Edit on: 10-14-2004 03:08 »

You all know I adore this episode.

Leelaholic, I challenge you to a flame duel!

EDIT: Vodka + Fencing Class != Politeness
Seriously, though, someone give me a reason other than an overused plot device - that was somewhat less of a copout here than in other shows - that The Sting is not the greatest episode ever.
And no, losing to Samurai Jack for the Emmy doesn't count either.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #342 on: 10-14-2004 03:25 »
« Last Edit on: 10-14-2004 03:25 »

Originally posted by Nerd-o-rama:
Vodka + Fencing Class != Politeness= Me Dead!

I think the sting is by far the wierdest episode and one of the coolest.

Urban Legend
« Reply #343 on: 10-14-2004 03:54 »
« Last Edit on: 10-14-2004 03:54 »

To adequately explain just how awesome The Sting really is, even after a hundred viewings allow me to perform this interpretive shipper dance.

You really need a lot of hair to fully capture the Fry/Leela dynamic.

Urban Legend
« Reply #344 on: 10-14-2004 11:04 »

Bollocks to all the shippiness, this episode rules for it's general hilarity. In particular, the prof. That guy kicks ass.

And the motor cycle.

And Leela proving that she's not crazy.

And Bee Happy.

And probably a bunch of other stuff I've forgotten.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #345 on: 10-14-2004 11:13 »

The Sting is one of my favorite episodes in the series. Definatly a good story, you gotta like how the Producers pulled off "killing" one of the main characters without really doing so.

Delivery Boy
« Reply #346 on: 10-14-2004 11:49 »

Gotta confess, I don't like this episode much!  I have nothing aganist the fry/leela pairing, and the ending is very touching.  Also I like that for once it's almost like leela is chasing fry instead of always the other way around.  I even like everything upto where Fry/Leela gets stung, but then I find it goes completely weird.  I guess it's meant to be like that, but I don't find it enjoyable.  Then again I guess i'm in that group of people that like futurama cos they like to laugh, I don't get many laughs out of this one, same with Luck of the Fryish or Jurassic Bark - but I like them more than the Sting.  But yeh, just my opionion - please don't kill me!!!

Urban Legend
« Reply #347 on: 10-14-2004 13:27 »
« Last Edit on: 10-14-2004 13:27 »

Yeah, it was a dramatic ep, but I say the gags were still hilarious.  Who can say no to characters randomly bursting into song?

Or, for that matter:
Did I miss something fun?
Local Jerseyan

Bending Unit
« Reply #348 on: 10-14-2004 13:54 »

I just saw for the second (and third) times yesterday. It never wears thin, that's for sure. And I'm no weepy person by any stretch, but it gets me a bit choked up every time I see it.

Urban Legend
« Reply #349 on: 10-14-2004 14:33 »

Originally posted by SlackJawedMoron:
Bollocks to all the shippiness, this episode rules for it's general hilarity.

That's why I liked it. Act 1 was very funny with no shippiness
Nasty Pasty

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #350 on: 10-14-2004 15:31 »

Ah, I just saw the episode last night on Adult Swim. And I am once again reminded why that is my favorite episode. Always a pleasure to see it.

Starship Captain
« Reply #351 on: 10-14-2004 23:55 »

Originally posted by Nasty Pasty:
Ah, I just saw the episode last night on Adult Swim. And I am once again reminded why that is my favorite episode. Always a pleasure to see it.

My sentiments exactly.  About the only thing I would have changed is that I would have gone a bit longer before Leela "woke up" after Fry reformed from the royal jelly.  Not sure where I would have found the time, however.
Ralph Snart

Agent Provocateur
Near Death Star Inhabitant
DOOP Secretary
« Reply #352 on: 10-08-2005 01:07 »

Originally posted by Nixorbo:
Remember back when I said that Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles was the most bizzarre 30 minutes of television I've ever seen?  Yeah, this blew it away.  Bizzarre, but fantastic.  The 2001 reference - GREAT.  Scruffy - YAY.  Morgan - SEXXY WOOHOO.  I made myself sad - done before, but still good.

Just got to reading this thread.  I have to agree with ya, Nix.  It seems that Matt, David and company were pulling all the stops out for the last season.  TMLH, TS, LH and TFP are all tops in animation, script writing and character portrayal.


Okay you cunts, let's see what you can do now.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #353 on: 10-08-2005 03:23 »

Originally posted by Ralph Snart:
Fight'em down, Ralphie!
You kick the butts, and I'll take the names.
  big grin
Security'd have us outta' there faster'n Bender could pick yer' pocket!  laff
Writer unit32

« Reply #354 on: 10-26-2006 16:08 »

The Sting is my fav!
Here are my other favs
1 three hundred big boys
2 I roommate
3 Hell is other robots
4 30% iron cook
5 Futurestock
6 Fry and the slurm factory
7 Where no fan has gone before
8 Love labour lost in space
9 The problem with poplers
10 The day the stood stupid
11 Where buggalo roam
12 Lesser of two evils
13 Jurastic bark
14 The why of Fry
15 A fishful of dollars
16 Mars university
17 The devil's hands are idle playthings
18 Parasites lost
19 Roswell that ends well
20 Love and rocket
21 The honking
22 Insane in the memfraim
23 Roswell that ends well
24 The Farnsworth parabox
25 Bender should not be allowed on TV(I don' agree with that but I like the episode)

« Reply #355 on: 11-09-2006 07:10 »

The Sting is my favourite episode without doubt. The emotion it deals with is brillient and it has me in tears everytime I watch it. I also have to say that I especially love the way Katey Sagal voiced Leela in this one  - the bit where Leela says something like "You mean I'm going...crazy?" (I might not have the exact words- mental block) has me in hysterics! Brillient voice acting - as always! Fantastic shippy episode without a doubt.  love
Solid Gold Bender

Urban Legend
« Reply #356 on: 12-18-2011 20:00 »

On a scale of Epicness TS>300. A well brewed pot of emotions. (Also, some humor)  love

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #357 on: 12-18-2011 21:24 »

Good. You can stay.

Is there anyone here who doesn't like The Sting? I mean, not everyone is like "omg best thing ever," I get that, but I feel like everyone falls somewhere on the scale between "that was okay I guess" and "I never want to stop watching this twenty-two minute splendor. Loop it and play it on a screen six inches from my face AT ALL TIMES."

Space Pope
« Reply #358 on: 12-19-2011 02:37 »

I like this episode. However, I still think it's the most overrated of the entire series. I'm not much of a shipper and the whole "it's a dream" thing came across as a bit cheap.

I still enjoyed it though, and it had some great humor, but yeah. 7/10
SpaceGoldfish fromWazn

Urban Legend
« Reply #359 on: 12-19-2011 03:02 »

Its one of my favorites.  Its also nice to see an episode which puts Leela in the driver's seat in the Fry/Leela situation, and for once, it actually shows that maybe Leela does deserve Fry's affections, and he loves her for a reason.    Need more eps like this, and less bitchy cyclops malcontent please.
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