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Author Topic: Figuring out the Quantum Plot Holes in "Why of Fry": My theory  (Read 1136 times)
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« on: 04-13-2003 06:18 »
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I just saw "Why of Fry" the other day and was confused by all the plot holes and time paradoxes that the episode brought up. I decided to sit down and try to figure it out. I thought I'd share it with you guys and in order to validate my efforts in making sense of the quantum mechanics of a cartoon show.
Thanks for reading if you do so. Be warned, it's long. Hopefully this will make sense to you.
_____________________________ _______

Here we go. I’ve realized that the Quantum Mechanics don't seem to work in the episode “Why of Fry”. Nibbler says it was foreseen by there sages that Fry, because of his missing delta wave pattern, would defeat the Brain Balls. But how could the Fry in the first episode be without the delta wave if he had not yet gone back in time to father his father? The answer is that the Fry we know in the cartoon is actually the second or third alternate timeline version of the Fry we see in the Pilot. The following theory is not perfect, but this is the only way I can make it make sense. Hope it makes sense to you.
Timeline A:
- The Fry we know in Space Pilot is Fry (A). He cannot have the missing deltawave because Ennis is his grandfather. He belongs to timeline (A) where he never went back to Roswell. Also, because he never went to Roswell 1947, Zoidberg never went as well and, in this reality, no aliens were ever discovered.
- Nibbler (A) freezes Fry (A) in December 1999 (A) because his sages have forseen all I will describe. Fry (A) is frozen until the future. Everything goes along as we have watched it on the show until we get to “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid”. Because Fry (A) does not have the Missing deltawave he cannot defeat the Brain Balls. Somehow, Fry(A) has to survive somehow and assumingly, with his friends, go back in time to Rosewell 1947 (A) for the rest of this to work. For the sake of argument, he and his friends get to 1947 similiar to how they do in the episode
- When Fry (A) and gang make it to 1947 (A, here Fry (A) doesn’t kill his grandfather. If he did he would disappear from time before having sex with his grandmother. Jus as Farnsworth says, “If, for example, you were to kill your grandfather you’d cease to exist”. Somehow Fry (A), in the end, has to have sex with his Grandmother to conceive his father. Because of the events Fry (A) sets in motion --creating his father who will in turn father a young Fry with the missing deltawave-- Fry (A) is a paradox and cannot exist. Fry (A) will never be born because Fry (B), the product of Fry (A)’s actions, will take his place in time. To solve the paradox as best as I can figure it, at the moment Fry (A)’s sperm combines with his Grandmother’s egg the universe blinks Bender (A), Fry (A), Leela (A), Farnsworth (A), Zoidberg (A), and Planet Express (A) out of existence totally. They cannot exist because they have prevented Fry (A) from being born and, since Fry (A) caused them to get to 1947 (A), they cannot exist. They come from an impossible future so the universe destroys them. The only existing echo of timeline (A) is the baby created by Fry (A)’s sperm and his Grandmother’s egg. The baby is half impossible future and half possible present so it cannot be destroyed without damaging the possible present of 1947. Timeline (A) no longer exists and is replaced with timeline (B).
Timeline B:
It continues from 1944 (B) onward until Fry (B) is born and the Nibblonians (B) see his birth and recognize his missing deltawave. They make sure to send Nibbler (B) to make sure Fry (B) is frozen because the key to defeating the brain balls is his lack of delta wave. Fry (B) is frozen in December 1999 (B). Everything goes as we see in the show except that Fry (B) is now able to defeat the Brain Balls because of his missing deltawave. Everything mostly continues as we have seen it on the show after “Stupid” until “Roswell”. Because Fry (B) defeated the Brain Balls, his deltawave is an X factor that causes the events taking him to Roswell to not happen exactly the same as those from (A) timeline. Here, Fry (B) has to do something different that takes the gang back to 1944 (B) before Fry (A) would arrived and conceived his father.
- Gang (B) has to arrive before Gang (A) did because, in 1947 (B), the physical damages caused by Gang (A) and the memories of Gang (A) before they disappeared would still exist. Arriving before (A) allows Fry (B), without deltawave, to conceive his father. This action makes any possibility of Fry (A) from coming to Roswell 1947 also impossible. Then shouldn’t Fry (B) and his gang blink out of existence since they depend on timeline (A) to get them there?Not so!
- Because Fry (B) has the missing deltawave, the father he conceives will give birth to a son also with the deltawave. This ensures that the new Fry that Fry (B) helps create will do the exact same things that Fry (B) did to get to Roswell 1947 (B). Fry (B) is therefore not a paradox because young Fry (B) will grow and perpetuate the chain of events into infinity. Time is not harmed. When Fry (B) and gang get back to the future that is not compromised by Fry (B)’s existence it as if they never left, and they go to Future Roswell and digs up Bender (B).
- Again, everything goes as we have forseen it up to “Why of Fry”. Nibbler (B) again recruits him for his missing delta wave. Fry (B) sends the Brain Ball sphere into another dimension with him inside, and then is sent back to 1999 (B) by the brain balls. Fry (B) is now in the same time as the younger Fry (B) who is his grandson thanks to messing around in Roswell. As long as Fry (B) makes sure that young Fry (B) is frozen he will not be a paradox. He’ll be stuck in 1999 and die but he’ll exist because young Fry (B) will end up in Roswell to be his own grandfather. However, since Fry (B) mention the crappy scooter to young Nibbler (B), he creates another paradox. He cannot exist with young Nibbler (B) and young Fry (B) if Nibbler (B) will go forth and give him a better scooter that allows him to escapee the Brain Ball sphere, thus never to travelling back to 1999 (B) to give news of a crappy scooter. Fry blinks out of existence as we see in the episode. Because of the way young Nibbler (B) will act with the new information, he and The young Fry (B) will now act out different events than those we saw happen to old Fry (B). Time is altered again, timeline (B) ceases to exist, and Nibbler (B) and young Fry (B) become Nibbler (C) and young Fry (C).
Timeline C:
- For Fry (C) everything takes place EXACTLY as we have seen it on the show minus the first episode. He is able to defeat the brain balls and conceive his father. The flashback in “Jurassic Bark” that shows Fry’s shadow under the desk is from Fry (C)’s point of view and the shadow was Fry (B) who ceased to exist the moment Fry (C) was frozen. Fry (C) is recruited by Nibbler but given a better scooter and makes it out of the Brain Sphere (C) and saves the day!
 I know this is not exactly perfect, but it’s the best I could do. The whole thing would have been so much easier if “Roswell” came chronologically before “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid”. As you can see, Fry really is the linchpin of the universe. There’s still some possible paradoxical quantum holes in this theory, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.
Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think.

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The first question- how could fry lack the delta brain wave before he did the nasty in the pasty, is easier explained that he always lacked the brain wave, because his future self was always his grandfather. Enos was never Fry's grandfather, Fry's existence is a paradox in itself.
Fry's grandfather is fry, he came back and existed in 1947 for 24hrs, inwhich he impregnated Mildred, then went back to the future.

I cant stand parallel  timelines, I like Doc brown's time line sqewing explanation better. Something exists even though it came from a point that doesnt exist on the new sqewed time line.

I spose I only support Back to the future style timetravel, makes the most sense IMHO

Edit: My explanation-
1999- Fry (who lacks the delta brain wave because his future-self is his grandfather) is frozen by Nibbler, because of aforementioned lacking brain wave, almost interupted by Fry from 3002 (1) (see below).
3000- Fry is awoken
3001- Fry fights brains
3002- Super Nova + metal inmicrowave
Goes back to 1947.
1947- Enos, who is not fry's grandfather, is killed in nuclear blast. Fry impregnates his grandmother mildred, fulfilling his own existence and returns to the future.
3002 (1)- Fry detonates Quantum interface bomb, events take place that return him to 1999. Almost interupts freezing...

now this is the tricky part. the timeline would continue, all the way to the quantum interface bomb, and fry coming back. at this point the timeline is sqewed. The Fry who comes back can still exist to **almost** interfere, but only for those moments, as although he exists, the time he came from doesnt.

3002 (2)- this is the sqewed event, fry escapes quantum interface bomb, and they all live happily ever after... or do they...
Australian Guy

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......................Welcome to Peel

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