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Author Topic: Thoughts on 7ACV23 - Game of Tones - SPOILERS  (Read 13260 times)
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Bending Unit
« Reply #200 on: 11-24-2013 20:42 »

So, I watched this episode last night and its plot holes and failed emotional ending couldn't be overlooked for me. It's probably the most overrated episode of Season 7 to be honest.

I mostly agree with you, Stephen (also totalnerduk). I rewatched it again not too long ago and it didn't do much better for me on second watch. I know people say you shouldn't focus on plot holes or things that don't make too much sense in an episode, but this episode always felt a bit lazily written for me and it really bothers me. They also try to go for that sappy ending at the end but it's not really built up well throughout the episode and just comes out of nowhere and still doesn't work for me. I also think this one doesn't deserve all the praise it gets either. Sure, the concept is great and there are some good jokes dotted around the episode, but I think even an 8/10 is pretty generous for this episode and consider it really overrated too.

Space Pope
« Reply #201 on: 11-26-2013 11:03 »

The ending was "not really built up well throughout the episode?" Fry spent a great deal of screentime trying to have a moment with his mother again. And given that the whole damn episode was blurring the lines between dream and reality in the first place, the ending was the perfect way to bring the two together. The writing was just fine. It certainly wasn't up to the standard of, say, The Luck of the Fryrish, but as far as "poorly tacked-on sappy endings" go, Cold Warriors is still far and away the worst offender.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #202 on: 12-29-2013 21:45 »

I think this episode was the send-off for the true fans of the show, whereas Meanwhile was the true finale. I say that because of how much fanservice was applied to this one; Things like the parody of the fan-favorite Nibbler stories, having a very long flashback to Fry's life, letting Fry's new friends interact with Fry's past associates, and giving us an emotional ending with Fry's mom, wrapping up the stories about each one of Fry's main family members (Fryrish, Roswell, Bark, Warriors, and this one) all make fans of the show get more of what many have wanted to see for some time. It's nice that they revisited or acted out these ideas, to give the series a more 'final' feeling. Do you guys agree?
If this didn't make sense to you, sorry. What I'm trying to say is a little hard to put into words. facepalm

DOOP Secretary
« Reply #203 on: 12-29-2013 22:16 »

I understand, and I agree in some regards.

Game was great for those who aren't big fry/Leela shippers. It explored some more of Fry's family and past, and even got the PE crew into the mix. The fact that Fry is a man unexpectedly torn from his place in time isn't always treated seriously, but there would obviously be a lot of turmoil involved, and Game helps resolve that a little.


Let's add Stench and Stenchability to the pile shall we?

I think the writers all had an understanding that it might really be the end this time for Futurama and they focused on giving the long-time fans some closure. These final episodes weren't laugh riots (though they certainly had their funny moments) instead they were to wrap things up. I feel like the series really has ended now, where earlier cancellations felt too soon.

Liquid Emperor
« Reply #204 on: 12-30-2013 00:07 »

Even Murder on the Planet Express could be added, in a lesser way..
I like that they made the last few episodes served as finales to specific characters or even ideas, as like you said, it made this really feel like the final season, where everyone gets a happy ending and it's all wrapped up in a nice bow.

Space Pope
« Reply #205 on: 07-21-2014 13:25 »

So, I don't think we've really talked about how the Nibblonians (or at least, Nibbler) have the ability to place someone's subconscious into not only someone else's dream, but the dream of someone else who has been dead for over 1000 years. That seems pretty powerful to me, I wish they would have explained it a little more, but oh well.

Urban Legend
« Reply #206 on: 07-21-2014 14:49 »

I guess there's only so much you can explain in a 21 minute episode. On the other hand, I don't remember them ever explaining Nibbler's other ridiculous powers. Remember when he teleported out of the universe and came back a couple of movies later with no explanation? I remember being annoyed with that back in 2008.

Space Pope
« Reply #207 on: 07-21-2014 22:46 »

That still annoys me, too!
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